The world is crazy. 1.28 million PLN for a virtual tiara to be installed in the metaversion alone

Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) is a French company based in Paris and owned by many famous luxury brands. His portfolio includes several dozen items – from Hennessy cognac and Dom Perignon champagne, TAG Heuer and Hublot watches, to Louis Vuitton, Dior and Givenchy clothing and leather goods. Recently, the company’s CEO Bernard Arnault said that LVMH is closely following the NFT and metaverse segment, but is very skeptical. So far, it does not sell virtual products of its brands and watches from the outside how this sector will develop.

But we will not say the same for other players. Last year, another French holding company, Kering SA, tested the oil sector with its Gucci brand. Instead of looking outside, he chose to get involved. Thus, Gucci Roblox introduced 400 digital versions of Dionysus bags on the gaming platform.. Price? Only $ 6 for art. However, when players saw that they could buy a branded bag and use it in the game, they quickly wanted to decorate their avatars accordingly. This is how the boom happened – one player sold Gucci accessories to another, even until a certain person was in a situation. He bought a virtual bag for $ 4,000. It cost more than the original in the real world (more expensive Dionysus models are about $ 2,500).

Gucci released 400 digital bags for the Roblox platform and immediately realized it was a great job. The brand is not yet sure that the digital world will be as profitable as the physical world, in February of this year. Presented a collection of 500 NFT (non-working mark) called “Supergucci”.

The customer received a physical, 8-inch white ceramic figurine, and in addition received a unique digital NFT graphics based on the same figurine – it is already in the digital version.. This combination meant that the items were of great interest on both sides – both by lovers of physical ornaments and by NFT collectors.

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