The Voice Kids: Final of the Fifth Edition – Who Will Win?

In the grand finale of the fifth edition, nine young and talented singers demonstrated their musical skills by defeating more than 3,000 children. “Voice Children”. Mateusz Krzykała, Julia Bieniek and Max Kononow will represent the team Cleo. The team Thomson and Baron turned out to be invincible Ida Vargskog, Tosia Zakrzewska and Maja Cembrzinska. Team finalists David Kwiatkowski var Alicja Górzinska, Laura Bączkiewicz and Piotrek Pączkowski.

The grand finale of The Voice Kids is divided into two parts. In the first, nine finalists will present their vocal talent on stage. After the performances of their teams, Cleo, David Kwiatkowski, Thomson and Baron will choose a person who will go to the second, final part of the grand final.

The winners of the program will be decided by the spectators participating in the SMS voting. The best of the best will receive a statuette of the fifth issue of “The Voice Kids” and 50,000 PLN.

The grand finale of the fifth edition of The Voice Kids will be full of musical performances by participants and exceptional guests. On stage, they will sing among others: Justyna Steczkowska (There are rumors that he will return as a coach “Voice of Poland”) in a duet with the winner of the third edition Marcin Maciejczak, Maryla Rodowicz With Cleo, winner of the second and fourth editions of “The Voice Kids” – Ania Dąbrowska and Sarah James.

We will also hear a 7-year-old child on Saturday evening Amelia AnisovichSinging this song has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world “I have this power” (listen!)while hiding from the bombing of a Kyiv shelter for six days. A girl fled to Poland with her teenage brother and grandmother before the war. Amelia has repeatedly introduced herself to millions of spectators during her concerts for Ukraine.

In the final music game, finalists can count on the support of the show host – Ida Nowakowska, Tomas Kammel, Oliver Szot and Antek Skardina.

Julia Bieniek – He is 13 years old. She is a lively, energetic girl who rarely loses her smile. For a long time, his motto was: “A man who has never made a mistake – never done anything.” So Julia tries to make her dreams come true and pursue different passions. He is very stubborn and never gives up despite various difficulties. He is currently in his final year in the violin class at Lublin’s 1st grade music school. For two years, she began her vocal education at the Entertainment Music Studio in Lublin. In the evenings, when the family is “tired of their high tones”, they always have a loyal listener in the image of the beloved Tymek’s cat.

Max Kononow – He is 13 years old. He sings everywhere – on the street, in the shower, at school. Music is his whole world! She has been participating in vocal competitions for many years. He fills the gaps between reading with sports. Loves squash, swimming and hip-hop. He likes to take care of animals. He always finds time for his beloved guinea pig Egypt. He wants to connect his future with music and the stage.

Mateusz Krzykała – sings continuously during basketball training or playing chess. He also tests himself on the piano. Loves Japanese culture. In his spare time, he enthusiastically recreates his paintings. He values ​​friendship, is a good 13-year-old, and is open to others.

Alicja Górzinska – An extremely cheerful and cheerful 14-year-old child who loves to make new friends. Music is his whole world, and it connects his future. He has been singing for four years. He studied at the music school where he learned to play the piano and has been trying to play the electric guitar for a year. Sailing is his second passion. He has already received a patent for a motor boat and a yacht sailor, and as he put it, “this is not the end.”

Laura Bączkiewicz He is 10 years old and began his musical career at the age of 4 at the Konin Cultural Center. He is currently studying at the Hit Stage Song Studio in Conin. From an early age, she won prizes at competitions and music festivals and admired her vocal talent. Laura is also a dubbing actress, lending her voice to many animated and film characters. She is full of energy and loves nature and animals. He has two dogs, two cats and a rabbit in the house. She wants to be a singer or actress in the future.

Piotrek Pączkowski – energetic and ambitious 13 years old. He says he can’t imagine his life without music, which is his biggest passion. She has already shown her vocal skills in kindergarten. He graduated from the piano class of the 1st grade music school. He continues his education at the Second Level Music School Complex in Legnica. She wants to live with her passions in the future. Loves music and active time.

Ida Vargskog – A 12-year-old boy who has been composing music since the age of four. Along with being a singer and musician, she loves to make up stories and short stories, so she has already written two books. He also creates his own board games. I travel, I go to space with pleasure – he has read all the books on this topic for young people and is still looking for new sources of information. Fluent in Swedish. He can’t imagine a holiday without climbing the rocky shores of western Sweden.

Tosia Zakrzewska – He is 12 years old. Her musical adventure began in kindergarten, in childbirth performances, and then in music school. In addition to singing, she enjoys reading crime novels, watching movies, especially music, and having fun with her friends. She wants a vocal education. In the future, he wants to go to Los Angeles. One of his favorite films, Burlesque, was shot there, starring his biggest idol, Christina Aguilera.

Maja Cembrzinska – He is 13 years old and already knows very well what he wants in life. She began her singing career at the age of 5 by winning the Preschool Children’s Song Contest. She has been playing vocals and piano for several years. In addition to singing, Maja loves to learn foreign languages: English and French. She is also interested in fashion, reading books and cooking. She is eager to meet new people and loves to travel.

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