Magda Balsam: Pursuing a goal leads to human development

Coach Reidar Moistad’s pre-season promise for the medal is beginning to take shape. Did you believe this was possible from the beginning?

I believed, too, girls. We are ambitious enough to achieve the highest goals. We were aiming for a pre-season medal. It would be pointless to start a league just to play for the sake of playing. Trying to achieve a goal leads to development and desire for more.

Last season, Perja won a bronze medal in Lublin’s colors, but it was considered a defeat there. It is completely different in Yaroslavl.

Yes. When I went to Lublin, I knew I was going for gold. During the season, the fate of the team was different, the coach was fired, something went wrong from the beginning, and the third place was taken completely differently. Bronze will be a great success here. There have been no medals in Yaroslavl for years. When coach Moistad talked about the podium, it was considered an exaggeration. However, he believed in us and I think it is an honor for us that the head coach believes that we will win a medal by keeping us in the team. Anyway, before signing the contract, I talked to the coach and said that I want to come here not to play for “parsley”, but for medals, of course, given the composition and potential of Perla or Zaglebi.

Has the analysis of the schedule of the last queues in your wardrobe started yet?

No, we have some rest after the match in Kielce, there is a break for the national team and we need to rest a bit. It is not helpful to be in constant tension, and at some point our heads may “evaporate”. So far, we have focused on the game with Kelce, which we had to win. I also think that the meeting in Lublin surprised us a bit. Of course, we went there for three points, but because we know the quality of this team, I think this victory gave us a lot in terms of our position in the table, as well as with whom Kobierki will play. because in front of them there are clashes with Zaqłębie and Pearl. This is undoubtedly a victory for us.

However, the situation is such that Kobierzyce has a difficult schedule, and it may turn out that your direct meeting will not be decisive for the medal.

On the one hand, yes, on the other hand, we will see. They Lubin and Lublin play in difficult areas, but we were in this situation and we were able to take these three points. Pearl has that pressure because he has to win everything. Recently, this team went to Kozalin, and this match did not look very good. He won, but it was a pain. At one point, the girls were losing by five goals. Therefore, it is not said that Kobierzyce will go to Lublin and will not take these points from there. That’s why I never score before the match.

Do you feel like a leader in Eurobud?

No, I do not feel like a leader. I know what I have, what I will do in this team and I try to do my best. In general, I understand how much the head coach trusts me in penalties and shots, so I try to do everything as well as I can.

Is the fight for the Queen of Shooters an extra incentive for you, or are you ignoring individual awards?

Of course, the goodness of the team is important, and I would like to win this medal more. However, I am one of those people who fight for something, they can win something, I do not like to lose. This is undoubtedly a great stimulus for competition. Magda (Więckowska – editorial note) is a bit easy, she is a midfielder and does not depend on anyone, and my position is a little worried that I have to rely on the girls or goalkeepers in the game. After the game with Kelce, I laughed with Magda to see what would happen. We like each other, I wish him the best, there is no bad blood between us. It moves both of us, but I don’t prefer it to our team. He wants a medal the most!

Different sounds can be seen around the Jarosław group. How is your financial and organizational situation?

As for the situation at the club, it is stable for this season. I can not say anything more about it. If the team is in danger, it will be announced. There is nothing to speculate yet.

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You are speaking in a group very close to the Ukrainian border. Did you feel strongly that a war was going on nearby?

This beginning of the war was very tense. We did not feel safe, everything shook us. There are two Ukrainian women in the team, we were constantly receiving information. There was stress, this sense of security was taken away from us. From the first days, we joined the border as a team. At first, these fears were more, but now they are better.

The last matches of the qualifying round of the European Championship are waiting for you and your teammates. How do you approach these meetings when you know that your promotion is already known? Is this target already part of the preparations for the event?

This campaign is already certain, but we want to get a full pool of points. Preparation, chemistry is an element, but the points are completely different. I think the coach will take a similar approach, and we will prepare ourselves well for our opponents and want to win.

Do you have this championship in your mind just a few months ago?

I’m one of those people who lives from game to game. Now my goal is to go to the training camp and get into the national team, because I have three players and I think the coach will not accept all of them. That’s why I want to be in the squad and play these two games. Then go back to the league and play the games ahead of us. And only after that I will start thinking about this championship.

After the first matches in the national team, you said that you hit the concrete for head coach Leszek Krovicki. Are you still determined? Do you feel more confident in the national team?

Yes, that was five years ago. My experience and confidence have increased. This concrete has long been crushed!

What do you do in your free time, do you have a hobby?

I like to walk my dogs and also arrange Lego blocks. Not great designs, but I love creating everything related to the car and the automotive industry. This is something that calms me down, and with the whole world situation today and the pressure we are experiencing at the club, these two things allow my head to rest and relax for a while.

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