KRISHOME chain of stores with a strong recommendation and TOPBuilder 2022 title

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KRISHOME chain of stores with a strong recommendation and TOPBuilder 2022 title

The original KRISPOL recipe for the Guarantee of Peace, ie the purchase of complete wood processing from one manufacturer, was awarded the title of TOPBuilder 2022. This is one of the most prestigious and valuable awards in the Polish construction market.

The award is even more gratifying, because the chapter is dedicated to one of the greatest personalities – prof. dr hab. Eng. Leonard Runkiewicz, Chairman of the Scientific Council “Builder”, dr inż. Jerzy Grochulski, President of the Board of the Polish Association of Architects, Danuta Burzinska, Editor-in-Chief of Inshaatchi magazine, and Marek Zdzieśmieowski, Inshaatchi Publishing House.

TopBuilder Gala took place on April 20, 2022 and brought together representatives of the construction industry, architecture and science.

Proven, reliable brand, complete sequence and innovation of solutions, energy-saving products, professional advice at every stage of order fulfillment, unified warranty and service care – these are just a few of the many arguments in favor of a comprehensive offer. Home solutions from KRISPOL.

Reliable manufacturer

For most investors, the budget is a key decision at every stage of home construction. Cost estimates are usually carefully calculated, and the final choice of products should largely coincide with the financial assumptions of the investment. The quality and functionality of the products are also important, but also saves time when choosing them. The combined purchase of gates, windows, doors and coverings allows you to optimize the number of visits to the exhibition hall, the large number of measurements on the construction site, or the installation performed by several different teams. In the future, it will provide a single service and warranty service at the same time.

Home with its own terms

Regardless of the solutions chosen by the investor, they can rely on the consistent colors of all woodworking elements. HOME line products are available in many designs, as well as offering a rich and consistent color. The integrity of colors, shapes and textures guarantees the harmony of the arrangement and is an extremely desirable solution in modern projects. However, appearance is not everything – the technological solutions used in the products make KRISPOL carpets reliable and meet the expectations of the most demanding investors.

Product settings

Building a house is an investment for many years. Products must guarantee security and be tailored to the needs of investors. Therefore, there is a growing interest in energy-saving solutions. This is an option for the future, which allows you to reduce the costs associated with the use of the house. By choosing KRISPOL products, a leading manufacturer of the highest quality doors and window and door frames, the investor focuses on innovative solutions and high quality products recommended in the Clean Air Program. In addition, it benefits from professional service, expert advice and service and receives a long-term warranty – 7 years for PVC windows and 5 years for other products.

Peace during construction

From the point of view of the last few years, it is clear how much the concept of buying wood has gained in one place. The KRISHOME chain of stores is our answer to all the needs of the consumer who values ​​time, security and is looking for comprehensive services supported by professional expert advice. In other words, KRISHOME salons are the perfect place not only for investors who have a ready-made plan to build or modernize a house, but also for those who are just looking for inspiration. he says Katarzyna KozlovskaMarketing Manager KRISHOME.

As a manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we know very well that for most investors, it is the budget, the quality of the products and the convenience they choose that are the key decisions at every stage of building a business. home. Buying a complete joinery from one manufacturer not only saves money, but also means the most satisfaction and efficient operation of products for many years. This is our original recipe for the Guarantee of Peace that every investor is looking for – Katarzyna Kozlovska adds.

KRISPOL has been Europe’s leading carpentry brand in the construction industry for more than 30 years. Modern manufacturing plants offer comprehensive solutions for home and industry, including garage doors, gates, windows, roller shutters and facade shutters.

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