Kate Middleton and her children were arrested in central London. Sweet photo circulated on the Internet. They look like this “after hours”

Kate Middleton is more than a decade old She is one of the most influential women in the world and a favorite of the British people. The wife and mother of the heirs to the throne worked in the royal palace for many years and proved to be one of the most open members of the monarchy. After marrying Prince William, Windsor became accustomed to a conservative lifestyle. Royal titles, protocols that have been in force for generations, must be followed, great wealth and, above all, world fame and prestige will surely turn the heads of many young women.

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Despite its popularity over the years she remained like the girl next door whom her friends remembered from his student years. Unlike the older royal family, he always puts his family first. Although he honors the Duchess of Cambridge, and in the future, after William ascends the throne, it will be fictitious. the queen’s wife, she is first and foremost a mother. She takes care of the children herself, fulfilling her motherly duties. what’s more his daily life has nothing to do with glamor and royal life. In a recent interview with People magazine, a close friend of William’s wife said that the house in Cambridge was “a normal, busy place where children run and break things.”

Behind closed doors and with children is different. She is a very confident mother. It’s not like a push rod. It will remind you when the little ones start to get confused. Kate avoids makeup and apologizes for taking her children to school late. It is the normal life of a working mother with three children. His work is a little different from what most of us do.

Kate Middleton with children at a 2019 picnic.Kate Middleton with children on a picnic in 2019 – WPA Pool / Pool / Getty Images

According to an interviewee of People magazine Kate George, Charlotte and Lewis work hard to lead a normal life – as much as they can in a unique situationwhere everyone is. Despite the nanny’s help, Middleton spends every spare moment with her children. Contrary to appearances, it is not the best designers, but the staff who provide them with a wardrobe from a famous chain of stores and supermarkets.

For example, there was Some time ago, residents were shopping at the famous British supermarket, where they caught the future king’s wife. Middleton came with all his children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Interesting, the aforementioned nanny was not nearby, only a representative of the royal guardRemotely monitoring the safety of the Cambridge family. Later, one of the saleswomen said in an interview to the press:

She was here with the kids and looked lovely. She was absolutely beautiful and the kids were sweet. They behave very well (…). He said to them, “Come here, children!” He wanted them to be safe. Everyone was walking down the hall, looking at the clothes that I saw. Charlotte looked at the clothes, she was sweet. It was great to see the duchess doing normal thingsas we all do.

The people of Cambridge during Easter 2022During the Easter service in Cambridge 2022 – WPA Pool / Pool / Getty Images

That means Kate Middleton can’t be found in the store alone. A few days after the Cambridge family and their children went out to the solemn Easter service at Holy Easter Church. At Windsor Castle in George Berkshire, William’s wife was seen in the ice cream parlor she went to after picking up the children.

He was dressed in a black dress with green flowers As Kate Middleton spoke to “ordinary” Londoners with a smile, the children enjoyed the sweets. Both of George and Charlotte wore their school uniforms – boy football uniform, younger sister white polo shirt and black shorts.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were photographed today at Johnny Perfetton’s ice cream shop. Although they are the future of the monarchy, they are all natural

– wrote an Internet user who was able to take a unique photo.

A photo taken in hiding and in the blink of an eye spread on the Internet. The article contains many comments from ardent fans of the British royal family.

Beautiful picture, dear family!

Charlotte is very sweet

An ordinary family, above all, leads a normal life – bravo

Unlike some, Kate is a mother who does not try to look like a fake movie star …

Princess Charlotte and Kate MiddletonPrincess Charlotte and Kate Middleton – WPA Pool / Pool / Getty Images

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