In a world of silence, beauty and flowers are enchanted. Smile at them, they will answer

Sylwia Lis

Marzenka skillfully uses pruning shears. Cut the flowers into bouquets. He greets customers with a wide smile. Don’t forget! When you approach him, speak slowly, clearly, and look him in the eye.

Marzenka Fiszk Borzyszkowska came to Danuta Płotkin’s flower shop with her mother and sister a year ago.

“I learned from them that Marzenka graduated from a floriculture school in Vejerovo,” says Danuta Plotka from Baytov. The girl was terrified. And I opened my eyes in surprise because he didn’t speak. His mother and sister spoke for him. They said the girl was deaf and needed a month of practice and was looking for a place to join.

There was concern. “A thousand thoughts crossed my mind,” admits Danusia. – I was afraid to work with snow! I didn’t know how it would be or how we could handle it. But Marzenka’s wide smile convinced me. I thought I could endure this for a month. I didn’t want to leave him in the cold. Moreover, contacting a person with a hearing impairment was nothing new for Ms. Danusia.

“My sister-in-law was in a similar situation,” says the florist. – I knew more or less how it would be. And I remembered an episode years ago. I have an ear disease since childhood. I don’t know why I lost my hearing for a week when I was about thirteen. The doctors were helpless, and I was horrified. Not everyone who has experienced such a thing does not know how difficult it is to be a hearing-impaired person. My world is silent. Fortunately, the hearing returned. That’s why I can put myself in the place of this young girl. And our cooperation was as good as possible – Ms. Danusia speaks slowly, clearly and with her eyes open, because she has become accustomed to speaking in this way.

The florist is his window to the world

Marzenka was born with a hearing impairment. However, he was diagnosed with hearing loss by the age of three. He spent 15 years at the Center for the Deaf and Hearing in Wejherowo. He rarely came home. Uses sign language and can read lips. He is an extremely cheerful person.

– I love flowers. All! Marzenka says with great difficulty. – As a child, I loved plants. I come from a village near Bytów, we have a farm and a big garden. I have always liked to dig. Therefore, the profession of florist was a natural choice for him.

– Monthly experience was a bull’s eye. It turned out that Marzenka likes work, quickly learns and develops – praises the employee Danusia. – He has a passion for flowers. He is excellent at reading people’s emotions and moods. He also has an amazing sense of humor. He tries to make me laugh when I’m weaker.

The exam passed at 6 p.m.

After a month of practice in Bytov, Marzenka returned to school. In Gdansk, he passed a practical and theoretical exam. He became a traveler.

“I had to make a mixed bouquet and a box of flowers for the practical exam,” says Marzenka, adding that she had no problem learning everything from Danusia. “I passed the exam at 6,” says the young florist proudly.

Unfortunately, there are problems. Marzenka experienced what it means to see a young worker in the labor market. And it’s still hard to hear. He could not practice anywhere. So Danusia reappeared at the door of the florist’s shop.

“I took him on a six-month internship,” says a florist from Bytov. – I have no idea what will happen after that, because I do not know if I can hire an employee. It is not normal for me to help anyone with such problems. Marzenka has more than 200 PLN in care. So he has to work, but hardly anyone wants to hire such a person. Because it must be acknowledged that this is not an easy cooperation and requires effort on both sides. I can’t leave Marzenka alone in the flower shop, and when I’m in the next room, I can’t shout at her: bring a rose! You have to have a lot of empathy.

Good and bad experiences

There have been difficult times. “There were times when Marzenka would put flowers outside the flower shop, and someone would pass by and ask for the price,” says Danusia. – Marzenka did not hear, the customer left, he was angry because he ignored her … And this is completely wrong.

Therefore, on the site of a florist, Ms. Danusia posted an introduction:

“Many of you already know Marzenka. A year ago, in May, she had an internship at a florist shop that required her school for the deaf. I must admit that I was a little scared of this experience. I realized that our relationship will be different, I have to be more patient. In the end, I decided to give him a chance. I have a request for you, if you ask Marzena about flowers, prices or anything, I would ask you to keep it, look her in the eye, and she will surely answer with a smile. “

Fortunately, more joyful experiences prevail. Just like when a group of hearing-impaired people came out in front of a florist’s shop. Somewhere they found out that Marzenka works here. The girl came out smiling. They spoke sign language for a long time. They congratulated the activity and the manager who gave it a chance.

“They asked if she was my mother,” Marzenka smiled. – Not mother, the best boss in the world!

A difficult start for young people

“Most of my friends from school don’t work,” Marzenka says. – They would too! I know that only one of my colleagues was hired in fast food. The rest are at home. It is easier for us to find work in big cities, in the capital or in Wroclaw. Nobody wants to take risks here. That’s why businesses like Wejherowo are so important because they prepare young people with disabilities for life and work.

– Our main goal is to prepare deaf students for life among deaf people – teachers from Wejherowo present their mission on the website. – As the only institution in Poland, we use the oral method in teaching the deaf, and sign language is support. From an early age, we develop children’s ability to read verbal expressions and use auditory speech. We are constantly working on the development of our students’ language, enriching our vocabulary, teaching correct grammatical forms and correct articulation. Good language skills allow deaf students to acquire knowledge and skills in the later stages of education and to properly prepare for independent living.

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