“I wanted to play games and reunite lonely friends. But my innocent tricks did not go my way. ”- Real life

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– Can I mention some of your characters? – I was convinced that Monica’s request, which came into my room, seemed strange to me.

“Yes,” confirmed his girlfriend. – Tell me what I am.

– Well … happy, spontaneous, emotional – I calculated the impulse and asked after a while – What kind of question is this?

Monica just smiled mysteriously, then thanked for the tip and left.

– Did you hear that Monia was registered in the marriage office? – After a while, our accountant in the room with Monica asked.

Rumors spread rapidly in the workplace

In this respect, our company is no different. I was surprised because I believed that you could really meet someone in such a marriage bureau (after all, Aunt Helenka met her second husband there), but I did not think that girls in their thirties should use her help.

In the days that followed, I studied Monica and even talked about men and women several times, but Monica didn’t let go of her lips. He did not admit in a word that he was looking for love.

– Would you admit it? During lunch, I asked my husband about the situation.

– Why should I keep it a secret? I see no reason to be ashamed, I said firmly.

Paul looked at me with suspicion and said:

– You have a husband, a child, a house. You won’t understand a girl who wants to be with someone, and she has to claim that she doesn’t need anyone to be happy.

I did not expect Paul to know the female psyche so well. I had to admit that he was right. When I looked at the countless single women in our office, I often wondered how these girls lived alone.

And I didn’t mean that they could be financially weak, but that loneliness was not a pleasant thing. I could not find myself in their situation, because I wanted to get married at the age of eighteen, and I soon reached my goal.

Paul and I were a good match, and I considered our marriage to be very successful. While thinking about all this, an idea came to my mind …

Our driver, Romek, was also lonely, and as far as I know, he was seriously considering accommodation. He also asked Monica several times when he took me to the bank.

It was obvious that he was holding his eyes

“Maybe we can fix them somehow?” – I was interested, because I thought that Romek would be a perfect match for Monia. Like him, he enjoyed active time, and in addition, the forty-year-old, who had a decent salary and a private apartment, was very handsome.

I thought, “Such a man is a real pleasure in the marriage market,” and I smiled.

The next day I immediately began to follow. When Roman took me back to the bank, I accidentally hinted that a prestigious marriage office had opened in our city and was offering significant discounts to new customers over the next few months. I saw that his eyes lit up. When we approached the bank, he asked where the office was, and I gave him the address.

– When looking for a girl, tell her that you need a cheerful, spontaneous and emotional woman – I advised, hoping that after these words you will find Monica.
“Because they can’t find themselves in a company that employs a few dozen people, maybe they’ll go to an office on the other side of town,” I said to myself.

Just a few weeks later, Romek came into my room with a box of chocolates in his hand.

“It’s a good sign,” he said, and left.

I decided to watch Monica calmly. I thought, “If there’s a spark between them, you can’t hide it.” I didn’t have to do this research for a long time, because after a while, Monica said herself.

– I met someone. True, he lives a few dozen kilometers away, but that’s probably not an obstacle – he looked at me questioningly.

“Of course not,” I replied, confused, because Romek lived a few blocks from his neighborhood.

The work was clear to me. Monica’s choice was Tomek, not Romek, and Romka was Wiola, not Monica. But this is nothing, the main thing is that each of them has found his own happiness.

I thought that my innocent tricks would help bring lonely friends together. They have been looking for the second half for a long time. But fate had other plans for them.

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