How to scare pests in the garden? Valid patents

There are many effective ways to keep pests away from your garden. It should be borne in mind that animals can damage even a well-groomed area. They can cause real provocation by forcing gardeners to incur additional costs. First of all, it is worth choosing natural methods of combating aggressors: they do not harm animals and are environmentally friendly. Before embarking on these most invasive measures, always try a few ways to deal with unwanted visitors.

Voles are pests that can damage your garden. They are small rodents, up to 15 cm long and covered with gray or slightly ginger feathers. In addition, they are animals that do not hibernate, so you need to pay attention to their damage throughout the season. You can recognize their presence by the fact that there are several holes next to each other around the flower beds. What can they do to the garden? Voles feed on plant seeds and bulbs, as well as the root part.

How to get rid of rats? The best option would be to use several methods in parallel. The smell of garlic, currants and mint deter animals. Therefore, it is worth planting these plants near the places where rodents hide. Another option is to dig the plot to get rid of pests. Another method is to use empty boxes and place them on metal rods placed on the ground. Noise caused by empty packaging will effectively scare those who interfere with the garden.

The mole weighs about 100 grams and is a small mammal covered with thick black fur. Bends tunnels in the garden or area as a sign of presence. On the one hand, these are useful activities because the soil is loosened. On the other hand, a mole dug under the surface can damage the root system of plants. Moreover, the mounds created by this animal are also useless.

The best solution is to scare the pest out of the garden. How can this be done? The aggressor will be effectively discouraged by the presence of banana peel or other citrus remnants in the mole nest. Moles are practically blind, but their sense of smell is very sensitive and sensitive to pungent odors. You can also try special traps available in garden stores. They will not harm the animal and use is not a problem. Put a trap in the tunnel and wait for the mammal to approach it: the construction will not allow the animal to get out. Then remove the trap and release the mole from the garden. Check the contents of the tool often, as the animal will not stand without food for a long time.

Another aggressor that appears in Polish gardens is grubber. It is also a rodent known as a water rat. It usually lives near water bodies, but also on land. It reaches 13-25 centimeters in length and has a hairless tail. The coat is brown and the underside is white. How to recognize the presence of a grubber in the garden? They dig big tunnels and mounds, but they are much smaller than moles.

Grubber can cause disaster in the garden. Since it feeds on almost everything, the damage it can cause can be really great. Water rat eats plant roots and onions, prefers celery and carrots. Cats and dogs are natural enemies of hunters, so just being in the garden will help drive away the intruder. Another method is to create dams to protect the planted plants. Put a tight mesh and bury it to a depth of 50 centimeters: this will protect your garden.

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It is the lack of food in the forest that attracts wild boar, especially to the garden or field. In particular, they like to feed on beets, carrots or potatoes. You will recognize their existence by the scale of the damage they inflict. You can use both of the measures available in stores and try home remedies to scare away intruders.

The first suggestion is to distribute the locks of natural hair evenly throughout the plot. When wild boars smell human, they will immediately flee in panic. This patent will be effective only in the sunny season of the year, because the rain will wash away the smell in the hair. Another way is to hang old CDs on tree branches. What will be the impact? The sun’s rays will be reflected from the surface of the board, and the light rays will effectively keep out the intruders.

The last item on our list is roe deer. Why are they worthy of attention? Although they are apparently kind and affectionate creatures, the situation may be reversed once they are in the plot. Because they are herbivores, a garden or a plot of land becomes a test for them.

Roe deer is very fast, so you can use this fact. In addition to a suitable fence, it is worth putting bells and empty boxes on the trees. Their characteristic sound will frighten the deer and thus will not harm them. Another way is to spread onion heads and garlic on the field, because these animals do not like sharp odors. You can also spray the eggs: in two liters of water, mix the chances of fresh eggs and spread on the edges of the field. Repeat the treatment every few weeks to get the expected results.

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