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In many Polish homes, sex is still a taboo subject. Parents do not know how to talk to their children about this, there is practically no sex education in schools, so teenagers themselves search for information on the subject on the Internet. Not only can this lead to misconceptions about sexuality among young people, but it can also expose them to the actions of sex offenders in real life. In addition, networking and social media are increasingly used for various types of sexual violence, such as forcing or publishing nude photos. Adolescents who are victims of such violence seldom talk to adults about it because they are ashamed and afraid of being rejected.

Both teachers and parents cannot or will not talk to teenagers about sex and contraception. It is difficult for educators to communicate with adolescents in this way, which will strengthen trust and conversations about adulthood.

We have a big problem talking about sex in Poland. On the one hand, because most people are interested in it and have sex in their lives, on the other hand, it is very difficult to talk about it, and there are very few reliable, real sources of knowledge. It all starts when we go to school, when we get different information, and we would also like to know about sexuality, but unfortunately, sex education at the school level fails – Newberia Lifestyle agency says Barbara Baran, a psychologist, sexologist and board member of the SEXED.PL Foundation.

Experts emphasize that young people need adequate sexual education so that they do not make mistakes and make informed choices. It can also save them from many unpleasant situations. Valuable lessons in this area should not only impart knowledge of anatomy, but also instill respect for the other person, his physical characteristics and needs. However, the lack of adequate education can have dire consequences, especially for young people.

In Poland, teenagers are now lonely. During adolescence, which is very stressful for everyone, everything changes: body, psyche, we begin to feel desire. Young people have to deal with it themselves, as a result of which they are more exposed to various dangers. In addition, they obtain this knowledge from various sources, which are not reliable at all – Barbara Baran says.

Sexual violence is also spreading on the Internet. Teenagers can experience this from any criminal who watches sex forums, as well as from their peers and colleagues.

Sexual violence is becoming more diverse, and you can see it in the reports we receive. The strongest factor is what is happening around us now, the pandemic. That’s why our lives are on the Internet, and so is the violence. This includes, for example, downloading pornographic material that no one wants, forcing people to take photos or have sex on the Internet – mentions the name of a sexologist. – Both the realm of relations and this black realm are moving there.

It is difficult for young people to say “no” and impose restrictions on their sex life without talking about relationships, building trust and confidence, and without emotions. Often, they are unaware that certain behaviors of their peers or adults are inappropriate. As a result, people, like adults, have difficulty distinguishing between what their needs are met and what their forms of exploitation are.

There is a group of people in Poland who are looking for different interesting experiences and are really interested in sex. In general, many people attach importance to this area of ​​life, enjoying sex and intimacy. But it is also true that we have a hard time setting boundaries: maybe I want something, but I don’t want anything. In our campaign against violence, we strongly promote how to talk about your borders – Barbara Baran says.

SEXED.PL notes that more than 85,000 jobs are registered in Poland every year. victims of sexual violence. That’s why the foundation has launched a helpline for people who have been victims of sexual violence. 720 720 020 is a special phone number where you can get professional help and support.

Violence statistics in Poland are constantly growing, and unfortunately very few people report various acts of violence, and many of these people cannot count on professional support. What I mean is whether this person will be taken seriously by the relevant services, checked respectfully, and offered some solutions. Therefore, these reports are few and they have to deal with themselves Says the psychologist.

SEXED.PL emphasizes that more than 20 percent. Polish women were raped. In most cases, the perpetrator is a former or current partner. However, many women in this situation do not dare to ask for help. They are left alone with their problems and traumas.

– These people are the first reason why they do not believe that the services will be interested in them in any way and will really help them. Another reason is loneliness, which I have to deal with on my own. The third reason is extreme embarrassment and humiliation. This person is not only offended, but usually very ashamed to say so – Barbara Baran says.

However, it is important that the burden of responsibility for violence falls not only on the people who live there, but also on the perpetrators and the environment in which the acts of violence are observed.

Sexual violence and sex taboos were among the topics discussed by experts at Thursday’s meeting. This is a quarterly event that draws people to Warsaw at ul in Warsaw. Chmielna, representatives of the business world, investors, NGOs, scientists, startups. Regular meetings are a good opportunity to discuss current economic, social and technological trends. Their organizer is the Venture Café Warsaw Foundation.

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