Why isn’t Twitter’s edit button as simple as it seems?

Most people who use Twitter have experienced this: you tweet quickly, you realize it’s misspelled, and then you’re disappointed that you can’t click the Edit button to correct it. Twitter users have been asking for an edit button for years.

Elon Musk, who recently acquired a stake on a microblogging platform and created a $ 48 billion offer, among others, asked if 82 million followers needed an edit button for the entire company. His (mostly non-scientific) survey received 4.4 million responses, 73% in favor.

Other social media platforms allow you to edit posts after they are published. It looks like it will be easy to add this feature – why not add Twitter?

Well, maybe it’s finally time. Regardless of Maskin’s request, Twitter confirmed this. The edit button may be working. Even adventurous users offered some tips to make them look like this.

What is all the fuss about?

Why is Twitter against the edit button? The answer may be that it is not as easy as it seems.

The first thing you need to know about tweets is that, unlike posts on many other platforms, there is no basic way to retrieve them after they have been posted on Twitter. This is because Twitter has something called a programming interface (or API) that allows third parties to upload tweets in real time, like other apps or search engines.

This is something that allows Twitter customers like TweetDeck, TweetBot, Twitteriffic and Echofon, which together have about 6 million users.

Twitter cannot restore or change tweets after they have been downloaded by third parties. It’s a bit like email – you can’t delete it from your device once it’s sent and downloaded.

If you are a user they were To edit a tweet, Twitter can only send the message “Please edit this tweet” – but a third party can decide whether to actually do so. (This is what happens when you tweet tweets these days.)

cats and dogs

More importantly, the release button can cause unexpected results and can be used as a weapon.

Remember. I, a cat lover, said, “I love cats!”

Then, because you’re also a cat lover (why not), we decided to quote from my tweet and say, “Me too!” (Remember when Twitter was so innocent?)

Now what if I edited my original tweet and said, “I love dogs”? Now they present you as a dog lover, and when your cat-loving friends see it (they will see it when they respond to your tweet, I mention it all) they turn you down.

The Twitter Edit button can be used to change information after re-uploading or confirming by others.

Yes, it’s genius, but it doesn’t take much imagination to see how you can use the edit button this way, especially through things like robot armies. Are Twitter users trying to replace this ability to correct typos in their tweets?

Acne and everything: wrong or feature?

Twitter has boosted its reputation as the world’s most “real-time” social media platform, where earthquakes are reported faster than scientific devices. However, for many people, “warts and all” Twitter posts are starting to feel more like a mistake than a feature.

Will the edit button change Twitter’s unique brand? There may be ways to fix this, such as allowing editing shortly after publication, but this should definitely be considered for the business.

In general, the design of media platforms represents a kind of discussion around it.

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Having “Like” and “Next” buttons on Twitter encourages users to create content that will encourage others to click on those buttons and continue publishing their content. This, in turn, shapes the nature of the conversation on the platform.

Similarly, websites use algorithms and designs to “pay”, and users follow certain directions – for example, when buying a product.

There is a lot of research on how discourse is shaped by the design of social media platforms, and it proves that every “cost” a user incurs affects the conversation that ends.

This means that in addition to major technology challenges, Twitter must take into account the potentially unexpected consequences of small visible changes – even at the level of a modest edit button. Forms a media message and needs to think carefully about what news the Twitter platform will generate.

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