“When I saw him, I wanted him to take his chin off the ground and push myself into tight clothes. I started this festival of shame myself “- Real life

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Weight loss body! It looked great in a photo on the internet. She turned a very hairy girl into a delicate chick, and although I knew that sometimes the “before” and “after” pictures were manipulated, this presentation made an impression on me. “Such a thing would be useful for me …” – I immediately thought.

I have been struggling with extra weights for a long time. Two years ago I gained a lot of weight and finally decided to start working out and lose a few, maybe a few pounds.

The diet I had set for myself began to work. I was losing weight slowly, and as I lost weight, I became more and more confident that I would succeed. As long as I saw my cousin at a family gathering, he was once as “hairy” as I am, and now he looked very nice in a sitting dress.

– How did you do that? – I met him in private, wanting to learn the secret of his diet.

He eagerly shared all his observations with me. His advice was really interesting, for example, he told me to carefully read the labels on the packaging of products.

– It will prolong your purchases in the beginning, but in the end you will win! You don’t even know how much sugar manufacturers can add to everything, even ordinary peas!

– Peas? – I was surprised.

Until now, I considered peas to be the safest snack among others. It was convenient to use, because it was enough to just run the box, then open it and empty it. But Beata was right! It took me a while to find a company that doesn’t sweeten canned peas. “Well, something like that!” – I was very impressed.

Since then, I have been with Beata in every family meeting, relying on better advice. I was also happy that he could see my progress and congratulate me on losing weight.

– Finally, when will I be able to wear such sexy clothes? – I sighed at the last meeting with Beata.

My cousin wore the most fashionable tube-dress in two colors – white and black.

– He is not small! Beata smiled. – The combination of these vertical cuts and contrasting colors makes them more subtle. Plus, I think you’re on your way to getting the same soon, because I see no determination.

I was fascinated by his words

A few weeks later, when I saw a dress that looked very much like the one Beata was wearing at the time, I bought it without hesitation. Unfortunately, he was a little small for me …

“Even better!” – I thought. “I will be motivated to lose weight with this.” I made it a point of honor to fit in there! “I will look amazing” – I dreamed of choosing the right shoes and hairstyle for the dress.

I wanted to be very good, because this was to be my first official meeting with my new lover Mirek. I was in love with him!

We met on the bus before he closed the door and immediately asked if anyone had a ticket to sell. The passengers looked at each other, and finally one of them advised him to buy a ticket from the driver. But the bus had already started, and Mirak entered through the last door. Before passing through this crowd …

“I have a ticket,” I said shyly.

He was grateful that I had saved him. Among other things, we exchanged a few words about bad weather. I liked Mirak, but I didn’t think I would have a chance with him. “Such a cool guy will definitely not be interested in me …” I thought.

But I was glad to find out that we had landed at the same stop. I thought maybe we were working in the neighboring buildings, and that was Mirak’s version. Only after that, when he received my phone number, he admitted to me that … three stops fell quickly!

– Oh, then you will be late for work! I shouted.

“I know, but it was worth it,” he smiled and gave me a look that made my spine tremble.

So it started …

We had been meeting for several weeks, and I wanted to do a good job in front of Mirak’s friends, and I had to meet many of them at the meeting. It has become my habit to try on my new clothes every day and check if they are appropriate.

But, unfortunately, every time I had to admit that … I am still far from perfect. There were wrinkles here and there that could not be hidden for any reason. As the hour approached zero, the panic increased.

Of course, I could go in a different, more voluminous outfit, but … firstly, I didn’t have anything so stylish, and secondly, I was so used to the idea that I would look in this outfit that there would be a change. it seemed to me a disaster of life. And then I came across this online store with underwear that loses weight.

I had never thought of such a solution before, but now I began to think seriously: why not? Of course, the answer was simple – when Mirak started to undress me, I wouldn’t want him to see me in such a thing …

That would be very embarrassing for me. But then I thought to myself that on New Year’s Eve the party would last until the morning, and then even if we went somewhere to see me, I would have time to carefully get rid of the shorts I was losing weight in the bathroom.

Or should I call them more: the body? It was a kind of intricate shorts; her legs reached almost to her knees, her thighs thinning, and the top of her shorts came up to her bust. The producer promised that thanks to this, “they lift him up, refine his whole figure.”

My tube-shaped dress was under my knee, so I thought everything would be fine, and as long as I sat carefully, especially on my feet, the shorts would not be visible.

Fortunately, a courier visited me two days before the event. So it was time to try on my shorts and… Well, they caught me like armor, but the effect was amazing!

“At best, I won’t eat much. Anyway, I didn’t go, because I’m on a diet, “I said, and agreed.

The real reward for my self-sacrifice was Mirak’s face when he saw me wearing new clothes.

– People, this chick is my lover! He shouted for joy and turned me around.

It would be a very hot night …

And it was hot … Mirak’s friend invited him to his small apartment, probably from half of the city! There was a crowd in two rooms and a microscopic kitchen, and there was no question of dancing!

I was a little disappointed. I even tried to persuade Miraki to change her place, but … I thought that her friends might be offended by my behavior, and I didn’t want to either.

So I gave it up and tried to have fun. However, it was difficult for me, because it was getting harder and harder and suffocating. Although I could go out on the balcony, it was cold there, and I quickly got cold.

As I sipped a glass of wine, I thought it was so bad, so bad. I didn’t even have to worry about not being able to eat anything in my body, because there was nothing to eat anyway. Any snacks prepared by the hosts disappeared like a golden dream at the beginning of the game, just like the salad I brought as part of the “premium”.

Apparently, few people felt the obligation to do so, believing that alcohol was enough. That was exactly what was missing.

And probably that’s why I started to feel dizzy before midnight. I decided, “I have to stop drinking on an empty stomach,” but the spots started to fly in front of my eyes again. So I sat in a corner on the couch and tried to recover. I was stuffy and hot.

Suddenly I felt unconscious … I got up to look for Mirak and tell him about it, but … I didn’t even have time to see him in the crowd around me, I promised to walk under my feet. I fainted.

What happened, I remember like a nightmare!

Of course, as soon as I hit the carpet, the crowd ran to save me. One suggested that I be placed by the window, and the other tried to open my clothes so that I could breathe more easily. Then my weight loss armor came out for everyone!

I know these events from Mirek’s stories. I also learned from him that his friend’s lover had given me the idea of ​​how to get rid of the drowned armor. He just took the scissors and … slapped his shorts on his stomach!

Fresh air immediately entered my lungs and I woke up in a very anxious state, that is. Then I understood what it means to be “ashamed”!

When I realized what had happened, I felt that I would lose consciousness again! Mirek saw my confusion and helped me pull my clothes down, which was probably worse and more embarrassing. I did not know what to say, how to meet his eyes. Because I felt the ridicule of many people. Or at least I thought everyone looked at me like that. Someone gave me water, but I couldn’t swallow a drop nervously.

“Let’s go home …” I begged, and after such a shame, I had no idea whether Mirak would still want to have fun with me and not return to this house alone.

– By no means! Her friend’s boyfriend protested at the moment. – You must rest first!

He then solemnly asked all the people to leave the small bedroom and told me to lie down there. I don’t know why I gave up instead of running away from where the pepper grows.
When he left, I focused on apologizing to Mirak, who stayed with me.

“I made a fool of you, what …” I confessed shyly.

– Wiochy? He was surprised. – For some reason I did not pay attention. You just scared me baby!

“But these shorts …” I began softly.

“Oh, they are!” I always admire you, girls, you make such sacrifices for your looks! I would not wear such a thing for any reason. Thank you for wanting to look beautiful for me, but I prefer to pay attention to your health – he leaned over to kiss me.

I did not expect such a reaction. “Does he thank me? And he is not angry with me?” At this point, the opinion of other guests did not matter to me at all. The main thing was that Mirak did not blame me for anything. “I think he really loves me! And so am I! ”It crossed my mind.

After half an hour, I felt good enough to get up and greet everyone with the New Year. I kept my head up because those stupid shorts are what I need! They were nothing in the face of the happiness of love that befell me!

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