“They wanted to separate a survivor from a respirator. Nobody thought that the device could be damaged. “- Real life

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I have been a nurse for over twenty years. I have worked in almost all departments of the provincial hospital. I have seen many medical events and learned many human stories. Not all of them were in pain. Sometimes they were taught never to lose hope, because miracles can happen. To help me understand myself, I am talking about miracles on a human scale, such as the first smile of a child or the return of a depraved husband. But once I witnessed an event completely outside the ordinary human experience and understanding of the world.

I did not understand that

A few years ago my husband and I came to a small town to take care of my mother-in-law. I worked as a ward nurse in the operating room of the only hospital in town. In six months, I was able to carry out some organizational activities, and I think I began to gain recognition and perhaps even respect. I think it helped me in this work. One day, a patient was brought to the surgery department from a nearby town.

A 27-year-old paraglider enthusiast who made a mistake in his last flight. He had broken legs, arms, punctured his lungs and many other internal injuries, as well as brain trauma. Doctors put him in a pharmacological coma for more than three weeks. Then, unfortunately, something went wrong and the patient did not wake up. In addition, it had to be connected to a respirator. For the next three months, his wife and mother lived in an almost separate room and began to look after Robert. His wife, Iza, sometimes even slept next to him.

“It’s been a year since the wedding and they’ve been in love since childhood,” his mother told me. – They were created for each other. Why did God put them to the test? He sobbed.

I didn’t want to talk about God because I was struggling with a crisis of faith. For example, it is difficult to believe in a merciful and powerful God when we watch the death of a beautiful seven-year-old boy like Michelangelo. Or if the mother of five children is already bleeding during the next birth. Or … enough!

I felt sorry for this girl

One day I brought a bowl of warm water and a sponge to the room to wash Iza’s husband. He washed and sobbed. It was not good. I told him that people who come out of a coma often say that they hear a sound. They liked to talk to them, read books and play music. This gave them the strength to fight back. It is certainly not pleasant to be alone with the cry of my beloved wife; is another torture. The girl looked at me with surprise and fear.

“I didn’t know,” he whispered.

Since then, instead of crying, she talked to her husband, talked to him, read. It also helped her recover – she felt she was doing something to get her husband back from his mysterious, dangerous journey. It is like a beacon burning in the smoke. I applauded him with all my heart.

But sometimes this is not enough

One morning, Iza started screaming like a madman. The nurse on duty entered the room. The EEG, a brain monitoring device, showed a straight line. Doctors announced that the brainstem was dead. Within an hour, Robert’s parents arrived and Iza became hysterical. They had to calm him down with a needle. Then he sat down, not answering a word.

He was in shock and deep despair. It was determined that according to the procedure, the patient will be connected to the EEG within 24 hours. But it was already clear that this would not change anything. After this time, he will be separated from the respirator and the body will die. Day. Just one day to say goodbye to your beloved man, husband, son. Her parents sat next to her and comforted her, but I saw that they too needed comfort. Horror.

By noon, all three of them were exhausted. I persuaded Father Robert to take his wife and daughter-in-law home.

“Nothing will change here,” I said. “You’ll come tomorrow morning and have a few more hours.” He wouldn’t want you to get so tired. After that, you will have even worse days. They will not. You need to sleep, eat something.

Reluctantly agreed. He persuaded the women to come home with him. They left the room. It was 4:20 p.m. I know this because I took a deep breath and looked at my watch. I had a lot of work. I looked back at the patient’s bed, at the camera – the line of brain waves on the monitor was still straight. When I heard a rustle behind me, I turned to walk. I looked back. A light blanket was lying on the floor. It was strange, because I had just fixed it and put it under the mattress.

I went, took the blanket and covered the patient again. I left the room. At around 18:00, the nurse began distributing medicine to the rooms. Ten minutes later I heard a scream and a squeak. I left the waiting room. Jasia was kneeling near the room, collecting medicine from the floor.

“Did you stumble?” – I asked.

“Someone knocked the tray out of my hand,” he said, clearly nervous.

– WHO? – I looked around.

The corridor was empty.

– I don’t know, but I felt it clearly.

“Haven’t you seen him?”

He looked at me without saying a word.

“We work hard,” I sighed. – If they continue to plow us and do not give us extra work, we will all be deceived.

This strange evening began like this

An hour later, one of the patients who went to the toilet said that water had leaked from under the prison door. When they arrived, it turned out that someone had turned on the sink faucet and blocked the sewer. The coma blanket was still on the floor, wet with water. The two nurses on duty with me swore that they had not entered the room at all.

– Maybe this is a stupid new joke? – Jasia guessed.

He was an experienced doctor who loved to joke with us.

“It’s been a week,” I said.

– Then maybe one of the patients?

– Yes, it is. Here lie the jokers themselves.

“Then who?” The faucet did not open by itself.

“It simply came to our notice then. I thought twice.

We cleaned the room and covered the patient with a dry blanket. The girls left, but I still stayed. I went to bed and looked at the man’s pale, calm face.

“If you do that, then you have to give a clearer signal that you are alive,” I said softly. – Otherwise, they will cut you off tomorrow.

Suddenly, I was embarrassed and ashamed. I speak as a nurse, a specialist, a scientist, a bioenergy therapist who believes that the soul can leave the body and affect matter. That’s what my mother-in-law believes. Take control, woman!

I left the room, but I did not close the door behind me. I was on duty until seven in the morning, but it was not an ordinary day. I had to be here at 10 o’clock to help the doctors. At eight o’clock Robert’s family came, sat around his bed, and looked at him silently. Iza looked like a dream with big eyes on blue rims. At ten o’clock, I went into the room with the doctors who were checking the readings, looked into the patient’s eyes, and agreed that they had confirmed the patient’s brain death.

“Give us more time, a few days,” Iza cried.

He hugged his mother-in-law and began to explain to her that there would be more painful days.

I felt strange

It was not the first time that a patient in a coma had lost contact, but this time I felt uneasy, as if I did not agree with the doctors’ diagnosis. These are yesterday’s events … But the devices do not lie. Iza was sobbing as the doctor reached for the fan key. And then … the EEG machine overturned and shattered! No one was standing next to him. The car is heavy. Again, he collapsed, followed by monitors and cables.

We all curled up, Robert’s mother shouted, and the head of the ward cursed ugly. I was looking at a device called Neuron-Spectrum 3 lying on the ground and … it hit me. That night, when Isabella saw that the encephalogram was correct, a storm arose. What happens if there is excessive tension? Or maybe the car broke down? After all, he was very old. And the patient … knew he would die if he didn’t give a signal …

“No, I’m not going to think about it,” I said. It is very amazing. No one will believe me, I do not believe in myself.

I had to be very strong and risk all my powers so that the doctor could take out another EEG machine and place the patient in it. I confused Robert’s wife (I didn’t have to try very hard) and his parents. When a new generation of equipment was brought from another ward and the patient was connected to it, it became clear that I was right – the brain is in a coma, but the patient has no right to disconnect.

Robert woke up a month later. The memory of who he is and the people who love him, like the fitnah of his body, is returned for weeks. I once asked him if he remembered anything from the coma. He denied it. It’s a pity.

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