The ideal candidate for the head of the family was the stepdaughter’s rapist

Arthur Drozdzak

This was not an easy choice. However, Dorothy D. finally accused her stepfather of rape, which lasted for several years, and decided to protect her partner, who had six children, not her daughter from her first relationship.

Such issues are rare. The assailant usually believes that the intimidated victim will not say a word about being a victim of sexual violence. This has been the case with Wanda for a long time. Finally, the 10-year-old girl stopped talking and said out loud what her stepfather, who lived under the same roof, had done.

For a minor, this was additionally difficult because his biological father had put an end to his life and since then he has had no patterns of male behavior. When his mother, Dorothy, was left alone with her four young children, she had to deal with the challenges of daily life.

The perfect candidate

So it is not surprising that he finally found another partner. Bartosz seemed to be the perfect candidate for a family caregiver. Good construction worker, avoid alcohol. He had a flaw, but no one is innocent. He has been punished several times before. Drunk driving, theft, violence. At the very least, there is nothing that will disqualify her as a man to start a new life after her husband’s death.

It turned out that he liked children, he wanted them to be as many as possible, and he could make this dream come true. Dorota became pregnant regularly from year to year, and in addition to her first relationship, four were born, six of whom Bartos loved and raised as much as he could, earning a living, and attending church with the younger ones.

However, it must be admitted that Dorota is not working, she is busy with the growing group on a daily basis – as long as she is not in the hospital for another pregnancy. This was the case in 2015, when they were staying in an apartment in Nowy Sącz. One day, in Dorothy’s absence, Bartosz took Vanda’s stepdaughter to the basement, punched her until her nose came out, and raped the 10-year-old girl.

The girl was shocked and did not know what to do. The stepfather threatened him to remain silent about the incident. After that, he no longer physically abused her, but regularly forced her to have sex. She used a condom. In time, she began to threaten that if she told anyone about her experiences, she would not be safe and that Wanda would become pregnant.

– Then I will tell everyone that you had a relationship with gentlemen and you know what it means for you at school and among friends – he manipulated his daughter. He made sure that no one saw what his stepdaughter was doing on a regular basis. This situation lasted for months and years.

Wanda grew up and started creating educational problems. Teachers were concerned about his truancy and truancy. The family was assigned a social worker, but he did not feel disturbed. Perhaps it was surprising that Wanda spent hours on the phone, texting, and surfing the Internet. It turned out that she sometimes keeps in touch with older men, sending them nude photos and videos. Similar experiments were used by his peers. The mother and outsiders were aware of Vanda’s behavior and therefore tried to control the girl’s contacts and activities over the phone. In December 2020, Wanda turned 15 years old. The stepfather did not stop raping her.

Phone incident

All this happened in March 2021, when another phone scandal broke out. Bartosz took it from Wanda and injured it. Dorothy was not there because she was expecting another baby in the hospital. He corresponded with his partner via instant messaging, but not from 10 a.m. to 11.15 p.m. This is important because at that time there was another rape in Van. The latter – as it turned out later. The stepfather used it in the bathroom.

The next day, unable to bear it, he shouted at his stepfather in front of his mother and siblings that he was an aggressor and had used him the day before. The trivial matter of the cell phone was a stimulus to admit the truth.

The atmosphere became tense. When such serious allegations were made at the family forum, the mother decided to take her daughter to the gynecologist, saying that the 16-year-old has no fantasy about sex. The doctor called Dorota’s daughter’s school to give the school teacher Wanda’s PESEL number. By the way, he said that Bartosz D. was examined to confirm whether he had raped the girl. After receiving this information, the educator passed it on to the family’s professional probation officer, municipal employees and the social probation officer. Shortly afterwards, the police and the prosecutor’s office learned of the case.

The next day, the probation officer came to the family’s apartment and started talking to Wanda about the rape. The girl admitted that her stepfather had been close to her once and then “did everything with her.” He admitted that it all started when he was 10 years old. He was silent at any moment for fear. And so it lasted more than five years.

The gynecologist confirmed that the condition of the girl’s internal organs indicated that she should have regular sex. By the way, it turned out that the man had a venereal disease, but because he used a condom, according to a specialist, the teenager may not have contracted the disease (but not in fact).

Bartosz D. was arrested, he pleaded not guilty. He denied the girl’s version, claiming that it was an invention aimed at revenge for taking and damaging her mobile phone. Dorota D. also claimed that her daughter’s account was incorrect.

“I do not believe that there was rape at home.

Wanda refused to testify in the courtroom, as she had the right to do so as the closest person. He confessed to one of the witnesses that he did it because he was tired of being interrogated.

Although the Nowy Sącz District Court was unable to use the main indictment in the form of the victim’s testimony in its analysis of the case, it found that there was other important evidence to suggest that the accused had committed numerous rapes. .

The main proof

It turned out that Wanda gave to other people – including. probation officer or therapist – a consistent and similar account of the stepfather’s behavior.

He repeated to these interviewers when and where the persecution had begun. For the first time, the fact of physical violence and blows to the face, the danger of pregnancy if she does not use a condom, and the danger of Vanda’s immoral actions if she becomes pregnant.

It was also revealed that the girl had been texting an elderly friend for some time and told him that she had been raped by her stepfather in this online exchange. The main thing is that he gave this information to the interlocutor on his mobile phone, which was destroyed by Bartosz D a few months before the incident. Therefore, this contradicts the thesis that the accused and the girl’s mother acted in retaliation for the incident on the phone, accusing Bartos. Prior to the incident on his mobile phone, he told his cousins ​​that he had also been raped, but did not tell him.

Finally, the court notes that his mother, Dorothy, was undoubtedly on the side of her partner, not the girl she presented as a disobedient and troubled person in the conflict. The court did not believe the parents of the accused, who claimed that their son did not commit the alleged crimes, did not live together, and only visited Bartos and his family. Dorothy may not have seen the rapes because Bartosz committed them while she was in the hospital.

The man was sentenced to four years in prison, banned from approaching his stepdaughter for five years and forced to leave the apartment together. Also, for five years, he will not be able to engage in activities related to the upbringing, education and treatment of young people.

There was a high degree of guilt in her case because she had been acting illegally for a long time and deliberately, and the aggravating fact was that the victim was a stepdaughter because of her relationship with her mother. should take care.
Following an appeal by the prosecutor’s office, the Krakow Court of Appeal increased his sentence to four years and six months. This verdict is final.

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