Radzio, a stork from Lecznica Ada, is jealous of Ukrainian goats and dogs!

Author: Rehabilitation Center for Protected Animals
Radzio, a stork known as “Long-tailed”, claims that Dima, Dina and Saszka create an iceberg together!

For some time, many animals have been sent to the Przemyśl Ada Clinic and Adoption Center. Most of them came from Ukraine. Among them are little goat Saszka and two boys Dima and Dina. These animals stole the hearts of fans of the most famous Podkarpacie clinic. They now receive a lot of gifts and focus all their attention. Stork Radzio decided to remind you of a bunch of feathered nails and steal some glamor from your favorite kids.

A few weeks ago, two small dogs from Ukraine, Dima and Dina, appeared at the Protected Animals Rehabilitation Center and were accompanied by a small Saszka goat with problems in their front legs. He received special orthoses, which he learned to run very quickly, and the whole company became friends with each other. The two dogs always wore colored coats and the goat had shoes like socks. All three quickly found a common language. They walk around the Center together and eat. They also sleep together in a nest or lie down on a blanket. The dogs warm up next to Saszka and in return protect the goat and do not allow anyone with no good intentions to approach him. This charming trio has caught the attention of the clinic on social media, and this fact can not be reconciled with the Stork Radzio, who leads the feather and claw support, which steals animals from the Center. Longbills is angry that most of the gifts given to the animals are addressed to Dima, Dina and Sashkaya. He had already sent angry letters to Radoslav Fedachinsky on the subject, but they went unanswered. The veterinarian assured us that the storks were not hungry and were in good condition. All remaining animals in the Przemyśl clinic should be cared for. Stork Radzio does not share the doctor’s opinion. The leader of the Longbeak gang argued that people don’t buy his mascots, they don’t send him presents, he can only imagine frozen mice! Stork Radzio stressed that she already has enough liver! He wants to put a heart in his beak, but the tapping of the food drowns his palms and blood! The winged hungry man who steals other people’s food claims that Sasza, Dimna and Dina are a gang from the eastern border, using their sweetness and smallness to force them to give blankets, straw and food with colorful clothes and mascots!

Friends look at Saszka

When Stork Radzio called the children a “frosty bunch,” the clinic staff was a little shocked, it was so sweet! After all, Przemyśl police are doing their best to prove to Longbeak the leadership of the criminal group, including others. Janek and Danek’s goats. Hard-nosed women who take everyone by the horns who obstruct their way. An armored shell Romeo tortoise or a chicken with sharp paws like a razor that can bury many creatures. There are many animals associated with Radzio! The police officers of the operation unit are constantly gathering evidence about the activities of the red long-legged gentleman and, trying to dispel the last suspicions, accuse the gang of working among the children, not around him! Dima, Dina and Saszka must deceive the gifts and pleasures and take advantage of their innate charm and childhood innocence. And in fact, in the skin of these lovely creatures there are cunning creatures that deliberately explode with sweetness and force the gifts that really have to go to the storks. More than 200 of these birds are protected at the Animal Rehabilitation Center! Such a report found its way to the desk of the commissioner of inquiry of the Przemyśl police, and now there is another problem. He has to entrust the officers with investigating whether the goat and the two small dogs really used their sweetness to crush people’s hearts and whether they forcibly gave gifts that Stork Radzio did not accept.

– It should be investigated that Longbeak did not want to join his gang, Sasska with nails, he refused and now accuses him. In fact, our police officers at the Center found out that goats and dogs love each other very much and are incredibly sweet. Do they use it for childhood purposes? We will investigate! – anonymously assured us that the uniform working in the clinic to open the Stork Group.

It is possible that the police will find Longbill another crime, and in order to postpone the inevitable punishment, he will make baseless accusations so that investigators will do as much as possible. Maybe Stork Radzio is planning something bigger and wants to distract the police. What does a thief with long red legs really do? We will learn soon. So far, the subject of analysis is that Dima, Dina and Saszka are not very sweet together!

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