PRO Speed ​​Test – if you can check your internet speed, the tool is UKE certified

In September, we wrote about launching trials of a free program for desktop computers that should be used to monitor the quality of Internet access. The tests were successful and the instrument was certified by the President of UKE. Thanks to it, consumers will be able to check the quality of services provided to them free of charge, which should be the basis for advertising the quality of services in case of violations.

Under EU law, landline ISPs are required to submit contracts for the minimum, usually available and maximum data rates offered. If there is a discrepancy between the speed measurement results stated in the contract through a certified mechanism, the customer will have a reason to complain about the services provided by the operator.

As announced at yesterday’s conference, “The advantage of the mechanism, certified by the President of the UKE, over measuring instruments available on the Internet is that dissatisfied consumers will be able to successfully pursue their claims on this basis, as the instrument meets EU requirements. Rules.”

Prior to the public tests, the mechanism was inspected by an external expert and 1.5 months of tests were conducted by Internet access service providers. They were attended by 230 entrepreneurs. Finally, on Thursday, in the seat of the Electronic Communications Office, there were presented step by step the mechanism of the tool and the speed of your internet connection.

Increasing competitiveness between operators

The application is developed free of charge by V-Speed. Application is different from the tools available on the market so far PRO Speed ​​Test it is also necessary to check the conditions under which the measurement is made. Checks include, among other things, CPU load, network card type, availability of active VPN connections, intensity of background traffic generated, number of devices in the user’s home network.

During the press conference, the President of UKE stressed that the tool will primarily contribute to increasing competitiveness among suppliers, as the customer will be guided not only by the price and the declared speed, but also by reliable measurement of the connection.

The tool is available at It consists of a website and a desktop application, as well as a web and mobile application (works on Android and iOS).

Using the certified UKE PRO Speed ​​Test tool to prove that we have not received what is provided in the contract will be the basis for effective claims against the supplier.

This rule does not apply to mobile internet. The measurement results obtained using a web application and a mobile application are purely informative, they may be the most controversial in discussions with the operator, but they will not have official authority.

UKE President: The biggest problem is the resistance of entrepreneurs

In an interview with, Marcin Cichy, President of the Office of Electronic Communications, said in response to a question about the biggest problems and difficulties the office faced during the implementation of this project, “the biggest problem was the resistance of entrepreneurs.” makes comparisons. “

– The biggest problem was to encourage operators to cooperate. In Poland, the regulator often has to “come up” with a proposal to start a discussion. The market itself will not offer any solution and will wait for what the regulator offers. However, our proposal has already received a great wave of criticism. The chambers of industry also tried to attract the interest of the agencies responsible for security in Poland to our activities. For us, this was another condition that had to be fulfilled – to check the safety of the tool itself. As a result, the quality measurement tool works properly, is safe, and now we will test its usefulness for consumers. From this point of view, we are very pleased that the bar has been set at a high level, – UKE President Marcin Cichy told us in an interview.

He added that the biggest challenge now is to check the extent to which consumers use Internet metering devices.

– We believe that we will have to improve its ergonomics, which is not easy, because the regulation of net neutrality determines the requirements that must be met. If there is such an opportunity and consumers want to cooperate, we will try to implement new versions of the tool, if we get feedback from them, he said.

The President of UKE also reminds that those who do not know how to use the new tool will find the website of the Consumer Information Center, a special helpline and a website with all the information about the solution.

– We also have instructional videos available on YouTube, social media, Speedtest and UKE. By testing the tool, we have already tested some awareness-raising practices about the tool. Even then, we had to get potential testers interested in him – Marcin Cichy told us.

According to him, people from the “industry” will show the greatest interest in the speed test.

– It will be used by entrepreneurs, employees and journalists. The first weeks from the start will be the most valuable. We are waiting for information about consumer reactions, we hope to note the pros and cons, criticism, because we want to improve this tool to make it easier to use. The head of the Electronic Communications Department stressed that we deliberately chose December to start the test, because it is the time when people choose new proposals and it is worth checking them.

The UKE president said the office would publish statistics showing how many people were using the internet speed meter after the launch of the application and the first months before Speedtest.

Poland is the fifth country in the European Union to use an official internet measurement tool. Earlier, similar solutions were implemented by Germany, Italy, Croatia and Romania.

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