Plus subscriptions on unworthy cheap promotions. With the best 5G or fiber optics

Subscribe with unlimited services and the best 5G for 1 PLN. Optical fiber for zloty. And even 100 PLN cash in the prepaid offer. All this can be found in one network – Plus.

Subscribe with the best 5G for PLN 1.

Plus continues to be a leader in Poland in terms of 5G network operation. Currently, the coverage of the fifth generation Plus network is more than 19 million people in 800 settlements and cities, supporting 3,000 base stations. 5G network is faster, but also better Internet. The network is more capacious, so even if more people use it in a certain area, we can still count on very good performance. And when it comes to download speeds, they often reach hundreds of megabits per second. This is confirmed by tests on the RFBenchmark website, which you can read at the links below.

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Individual offer

We can use the fastest 5G in Poland with a subscription that will cost 1 PLN per month for up to a year. How does it work? Initially, we must have a Plus subscription worth at least 44.90 PLN. Then we choose another phone subscription with a minimum of 55 PLN per month. If we choose an offer without a smartphone, we pay 1 PLN for 6 months, and a 12-month subscription fee for a smartphone offer.

And this is not the end, because we will not pay the full amount of the subscription after the promotion period ends. According to the SmartDOM program, the subscription will be 25 PLN less per month until the end of the contract, ie we will pay 30 PLN per month instead of 55 PLN. Saving? From 774 PLN per contract, up to 5,046 PLN during the term of five contracts.

Offer for companies

When there are offers for companies, the promotion works the same, only the amounts differ. The first subscription must be at least 39 PLN net, and the next subscription, the price of which will be reduced to 1 PLN, must be at least 45 PLN net per month. Its price is reduced to 12 months on offer with a smartphone and 6 months without a smartphone. On the other hand, after the end of the campaign, the discount in the smartFIRMA program is a net 25 PLN per month. In the offer for companies, subscription promotion for PLN 1 may include three additional numbers.

Smartphones below 0%

Which smartphone should you choose for the offer? The latest Samsung models from the Galaxy S series, as well as the successful Redmi Note 11 and realme C11, dominate in 0% of payments. Prices are as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 5G 128 GB – 399 PLN for starters + 100 PLN 36 installments, total price 3999 PLN;
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 5G 256 GB – 36 installments from 499 PLN + 103 PLN for starters, total price 4,207 PLN;
  • Samsung Galaxy A22 5G 4/128 GB – 1 PLN for starters + 36 installments of 29.94 PLN each, total price 898.84 PLN;
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 4 / 128GB – 1 PLN for starter + 36 installments from 31 PLN each, total price 1117 PLN;
  • realme C11 32 GB – 1 PLN for starters + 36 installments of 11 PLN each, total price PLN 397.

Gigabit fiber for PLN 1

Internet on the Netia network

If we have a voice subscription or mobile internet in Plus, we can get fiber-optic internet at a speed of 1 Gb / s per 1 PLN per month. Plus what if we don’t have a subscription? In general … nothing. We can also have optical fiber for 1 PLN.

The difference is that if we do not have a voice subscription in Plus, we can have fiber-optic internet by paying 1 PLN per month for 6 months. After this period, we will pay 70 PLN per month for the Internet (with a discount for e-invoices). If we purchase or renew a contract for a voice subscription or mobile internet for a minimum of 50 PLN per month, the campaign will be extended for up to 12 months. After this period, the price of Internet is 60 PLN due to the discount of smartDOM 10 PLN (and discount for e-invoice).

The campaign applies to multi-family apartments with infrastructure in the Netia network.

Promotion in other networks

What if we don’t have Netia Internet at home? Nothing is lost. If we have Inea, Nexera, Tauron or Orange operator cables in a multi-family or single-family apartment, we can buy them cheaper. Then, under the same conditions, the promotional subscription amount is reduced to 26 PLN per month for 1 Gb / s Internet.

In addition, starting from March 21, all Plus fixed landline subscriptions outside the Netia network, ie in Inea, Nexera and Tauron infrastructure, will be reduced by 10 PLN per month.

In addition, it provides 100 PLN cash in the prepaid offer

Plus offers money spent on services in the presentation for users of card offers.

The principle of operation is simple. We activate the prepaid Plus number and start the campaign by sending an SMS with the word CASA to 80100. Then we regularly launch any Unlimited package for 30 PLN or 40 PLN.

If the amount spent on packages is more than 50 PLN or 100 PLN, one of these amounts can be withdrawn in cash at an Euronet ATM. How can this be done? Here are the instructions:

The campaign can be withdrawn by the end of April 2022, and funds can be withdrawn from ATMs by the end of August.

Created in collaboration with the Material Plus network.

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