Legia.Net – Legia Warszawa – to rise in the derby with Polonia!

After a very interesting game in Lazienkowska in September, the Legionnaires won 3-0 with goals. Martha Chmielewska, Claudia Grodzka and Amelia Przybylska. It was a key match that greatly boosted the confidence of our players and led to a very successful fall in both the league and especially the Polish Cup: a victory at Mazowieckie PP, a chance to advance to the second round of the central games and compete with Extraliga. Legia has not lost in 14 league rounds (11 wins and 3 draws) and can boast of the most effective defense (only 8 goals conceded).

The Polish players of the Polish Diaspora seemed to be the main rivals for the pre-season promotion. The team is based on a strong senior group with experience of playing in higher divisions (the core of the team and the coaching staff from the former First League Piastovia). His efficiency is impressive (he scored 71 goals) and he has won 12 matches so far. In addition to the defeat to Legia, the Polish teachers stumbled on Wronik, which was inconvenient for all visitors to Rashi (they lost 2: 4).

The result of Saturday’s match will be decisive for the promotion. The winner will be the independent leader, and although both clubs still have matches against the other two contenders (Legia, a trip to Pułtuska and a home game against Raszyn, both home games against Poland), the advantage wins will bring them even closer to success. at the end of the season.

The match will be broadcast live on MZPN.

Table after 15 turns *

Team Matches Pts FROM R P. Goals
1 Legion Warsaw 14 36 11 3 0 50-8
2 MKS Polonia Warsaw 14 36 12 0 2 71-17
3 Fuks Pułtusk 14 34 11 1 2 33-8
4 KS II Raszyn 14 31 10 1 3 40-24
5 Dawn Barcząca ** 15 22 7 1 7 41-35
6 Ikbik Nasielsk 14 20 6 2 6 29-28
7 Ostrovia Ostrów Mazowiecka 14 20 6 2 6 25-40
8 GOSiR Piaseczno 14 15 4 3 7 27-34
9 Vulcan Wólka Mlądzka (Otwock) 14 12 4 0 10 23-44
10 Mazovia Grodzisk Mazowiecki 14 11 3 2 9 26-50
11 KS Wilanów (Warsaw) 14 10 3 1 10 22-42
12 KU-AZS UW II Warsaw ** 15 0 0 0 15 7-64

* The canceled 14th round has been postponed to the reserve date from April 30 to May 1
** The match of the 18th round of KU-AZS UW with “Schwit” was played in advance.

Round 16 games:

MKS Polonia Warsaw – Legia Warsaw
Ikbik Nasielsk – Ostrovia Ostrów Mazowiecka
KU-AZS UW II Warsaw – KS II Raszyn
KS Wilanów (Warsaw) – Fuks Pułtusk
Vulcan Wólka Mlądzka – Barwit Barcząca
Mazovia Grodzisk Mazowiecki – GOSiR Piaseczno

The mood is very good – this is usually the case with us

We asked the heroes of that match about the mood before the previous September match and derby.

Do you remember your goals from the game with Polonia?

Martha Chmielewska – Of course, this is probably one of the goals that will be remembered for a long time. Especially since I hit him with my left foot (laughs).

Claudia Grodzka – Yes, a penalty kick after a handball. We trained on penalties during the pre-match training, so I felt confident enough, although I didn’t expect my friends on the field to pick me. This is undoubtedly the most important goal in the Legia so far.

Amelia Przybylska – Of course I remember. Such goals are not forgotten. Although I didn’t score anything until the 85th minute, I managed to score in the end and made the score 3: 0.

Martha Chmielewska

How do you remember that meeting?

KQ– We felt great emotions and although it was difficult to control them at the beginning of the game, over time we were able to calm down the game, cool our heads and use our opportunities in the second half.

MCh: – It was a very demanding and tense meeting. Polonia is a team that can play strong football. Especially in the first part, when we lost a little bit and couldn’t find our rhythm, they put the peak high. We took the initiative in the second half and enjoyed 3 points after the final whistle.

AP: – There was great excitement until the end, but such matches are the best. I love such meetings, especially the most important ones. We prepared well, felt a great advantage in the second half and played responsibly. The first goal calmed us down a lot and it got better with each subsequent goal. The joy was great after winning the match.

Amelia Przybylska

What is the mood in the team and what do you expect on Konviktorska Street?

AP: – It will not be an easy match, Poland is an experienced team. The mood, of course, is a battle, but we try to look at this match like everyone else, go out and play our own game.

KQ: – We aim at three points. The derby has its own rules, and we must first pay attention to ourselves and not worry about side issues. If we implement our assumptions and ideas about this match, I am sure of the result.

MCh: – The mood is very good – this is usually the case with us (laughs). We look forward to a good show and will do our best to keep the mood good – both for us and for our fans.

AP: – There will be no shortage of emotions until the end. Matches against the Polish Diaspora have always deserved attention, so the match will undoubtedly attract fans.

We are not interested in defeats and draws

We also asked the head coach of Legia Ladies about the plan of the match Dariusz Radko.

Dariusz Radko

What are your expectations from this meeting?

– We hope for a good game, we have a well-organized team. We know that we want to rise this season and we are not interested in anything but victory. We are going for three points.

Is the team stronger on Gazienkowska Street than in the fall, when you beat Poland?

– I don’t know if he is stronger. Although we could not take full advantage of a few players, we have achieved stability. We know our strength and, of course, we should not underestimate us, because we can play and score until the end. We can change the course of the match. We have a stable staff and a few outside.

What about the Polish community? Will it be more dangerous than autumn? He surpasses other teams like you, scores tons of goals and promotes growth.

– We do not look at the opponent, the fans, the referees, the whole derby history, etc. We know who and where we play, but we trust the team a lot. In the main match with Cantar, where we have little experience, there will be a completely different approach than in the first season. Now only one coincidence can deprive us of ascension. We are well prepared for this match. And finally, the pitch will be checked anyway.

What are your plans for this match? Theoretically, a draw is enough to keep you in the lead and maintain a legal advantage over your opponents.

– We are not interested in a tie. During my term in office, Legia does not violate my goal and we do not intend to change it. We play open ball on the basis of high pressure. We have strong formations and currently have no weak points. In my opinion, the result of the sport (promotion) depends only on hard work and approach. We have fulfilled these two conditions. We had a good time before this game and we have a good relationship. We are waiting for this match. We want to take the full pot. It is not interesting for us to lose and draw.

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