Do you know these cat celebrities? LUIS WAY’S CRAZY WORLD IN CINEMAS!

Unique series of clothes, beautiful fur and life in salons. Meet the most famous cats in the world!

Louis Wain was an artist who forever changed the way he thought about cats. Before he started creating anthropomorphic cats and causing real cat mania in England, it was considered strange in Britain to keep a cat at home as a pet, not as a live mouse trap. However, all over the world, even among heads of state, there were many cat lovers, and you can read in history textbooks about their excessive muttering. Today, cat lovers are not only proud of their cats on the Internet, but also build a big business on them! Meet cat celebrities who live / have lived in real luxury!

Tabby and Dixie

The cats of the sixteenth President of the United States Abraham Lincoln were real salon lions. Lincoln adopted many stray cats, but it was Tabby and Dixie who stole his heart. They walked the corridors of the White House and had dinner with the president and guests at castle nights. Lincoln even had to say that Dixie was smarter than the whole office, and on top of that, he didn’t talk behind her back.


The Italian black stranger became famous in 2011 when he inherited $ 10 million from his late patron Maria Assunta. The ownerless officially became the richest cat in the world – a script from the fairy tale “Armenians”!

Colonel Meow

This cat has become popular on the Internet as a record holder – a cat has the longest hair you can find! Access to the Guinness Book of Records and the mass of the most glamorous videos on YouTube are Colonel Meow’s legacy. He crossed the rainbow bridge a few years ago.

photo: Twitter

Grumpy Cat

Internet sensation, big YouTube star and millions of memes – Grumpy Cat has gained popularity thanks to its crooked face, which creates the impression of eternal dissatisfaction. And this internet celebrity walks in other meadows, but countless memories will stay with us forever.

photo: Instagram

Choupette Lagerfeld

The beautiful Burmese cat stole the heart of the head of the fashion house Chanel Karl Lagerfeld. The love of the furry cat inspired the designer to create a line of clothes and bags. Choupette also acted as a model. After the death of his guardian in 2019, there were rumors that he inherited part of the designer’s fortune.


Another internet star, Chironeko, has gained popularity because she is always sleepy and cheerful. At least that’s the expression on his face. Numerous memories and videos with his participation still conquer the Internet, and the cat – allows you to put almost everything on his head and paws, without interrupting his favorite sleep!

Chironeko died earlier this month.  This is my favorite picture of the famous cat.  - 9GAG

photo: Instagram


Photomontages, which are part of great art, brought popularity to this cat. Except for the size of the artists who appear in Zoroaster’s paintings, the real star here is a red, big cat.

From the Art of Zoroaster Root Cat


“Louis Wayne’s Mad World” – Official Trailer

The amazing story of Louis Wain’s life and work is an eccentric artist-genius who is a real cat for cats and infects the whole of England and the whole world over time with his love for these animals. In the lead role, in one of the most interesting roles in his career, the permanent star of Marvel hits – Benedict Cumberbatch (“Dr Strange”, “Sherlock”). The Oscar-nominated actor is a partner on the big screen: Claire Foy, the creator of the Golden Globe Award for Queen Elizabeth II in “The Crown” – the creator of the global hit “Jojo Rabbit”. and “Thor: Ragnarok” – Taika Waititi and icon dark rock musician and composer – Nick Cave. “Electric Life of Louis Wayne” is a touching, sensitive story about love, madness, boundless imagination and the amazing talent of a man who has never been like him before in history. cat.

Eccentric cartoonist Louis Wayne (Benedict Cumberbatch) lives with his mother and five sisters and struggles to make ends meet. The family situation is saved only by the employment of Governor Emily (Claire Foy). The beautiful woman instantly steals the artist’s heart, becomes his source of inspiration, his lover and finally his wife. Unfortunately, the dream of a moral scandal forces the newlyweds to leave the capital. Far from the big city, they are hit by another blow – Emily’s illness. In search of comfort, Louis is immersed in art, creating for his lover a series of unusual paintings in which the protagonists are cats. When some of his works were published in the press, a real cat madness broke out in England, and Wayne – one night – traveled the country. Will he be able to cope with the pressures of the unprepared fame and popularity, the dark side of the genius, and what will happen to him?

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