Controversial real estate agent advertising is conquering the internet. “Sexist”

“There was a monster from Wall Street, now there is Mr. Cesari from romeromskiego 77”, “Bravo! We have a production that defeated the Godlevsky sisters who sang Christmas songs in shame”, “The best anti-” Advertising I’ve seen in my life “,” This clip is a Persian, good for middle-aged “businessmen” with a midlife crisis, who don’t feel like time has changed a decade ago “ – These are just a few of the comments posted under the ad for the sale of the office at ul. Romeromskiego 77 in Warsaw.

And it all starts like this: two young receptionists talk, inter alia, about new nails. When the elevator rings, the girls stand up. And then a president in a suit (played by Cesari Brzoski) appears at the door.

The man walks through the corridors of the office and enters the adjoining rooms and talks about the offer. There is a girl in each of them – one is lying on the sports mat, one is doing pole dancing.

“You have a lot of rooms here, where you can play and make noise whenever you want,” he said.

In addition, another person appears in the film – a tattooed, tanned courier. When entering the office, he conducts unambiguous looks at the employees. In one of the last scenes, there is an artificial parrot that says “buy, buy Bielany”. Finally, the CEO gets into an expensive sports car in the garage.

The roles of the employees were played by professional models, and Cesari Brzoski is not only in the lead role, but also the co-creator of the script. Brevko is responsible for production.

– I love American real estate film productions: Ryan Serhant, Fredrik Eklund, Seth O’Byrne. A few years ago, reading their books gave me direction. I’m a fan of the “Million Dollar Listing New York” series. I have worked for a large corporation for 20 years and participated in hundreds of marketing trainings. So many people are looking for the Golden Globes, they want to exist and they can’t, and after writing, I found the courage to joke in the style of The Wolf of Wall Street. “I enjoy life and that’s it,” Cesari Brzoski told Interia.

Brzoski also spoke about advertising on his Facebook page. He wrote:

“Two years of human life: masked walks, social distance, depression, failed businesses, suicides have not taught people to be comfortable and happy every day they live … Now they are afraid of war, Putin writes. on social networks to avoid being accused of being a troll. And in the ad, they create a scandal with a piece of a woman’s thigh. The most angry are the women who are in the shackles of beautifying and showing off their beauty. In a world where a woman without stylish clothes, shoes, purse, hairstyle, hair color change, makeup, lipstick on her lips, nails feels attractive and is afraid to leave the house“.

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So far, the film has been watched by more than 290,000 people. Nation. Discussions on it continue. The ad was criticized for sexism and the sexualization of employees. There are also comments that women are presented in a stereotypical way – they are subordinate to the president in power. The question is, was it necessary to use such a language of communication and stereotypical associations associated with high office?

– In my opinion, this advertising can be a basis for potential complaints and violate a number of principles listed in the Code of Ethics of the Advertising Council. First of all, it is worth paying attention to art. Paragraph 1 of Article 2 of the Code stipulates that advertising should be conducted with a sense of social responsibility and in accordance with the rules of good conduct. When it comes to discrimination and damage to women’s dignity – we have Art. 4 – prohibits discriminatory advertising – for example, to present women in an objective way. In addition, we can potentially consider claims of possible harm to the well-being of children and adolescents in the context of their psychological development.. According to the code of ethics, advertisers should pay attention to this fact – says lawyer Eliza Rutynowska, arbitrators of the Advertising Ethics Committee.

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– The time of advertising on the principle of “in any case, they say it is important” is long overdue. In this case, we go back at least twelve years. The stain hurts not only the caricature of the business lifestyle and the midlife crisis, but above all the disrespect for women and all the logic associated with the subject of the product – commented Joanna Kowieska, PR manager of Insignia in an interview with Interia. .

The commercials don’t taste good, and the ubiquitous sexism creates completely different associations from the film that promotes the designer. Advertising not only deceives women, but also violates them. Here we are dealing with the objectification of almost every woman’s image, and we are talking about the role of women in nails, pseudo-sexual poses, admiration for the boss and office decoration. It’s just sexy and tasteless. Joanna Kowieska believes that if the creators wanted to create a humorous space that would stand out from the competition, they only succeeded in the latter.

Marta Pawlik from Pawlik PR agency added in an interview to Interia: – Probably only one thing can be said about this self-proclaimed production: it is good that there are relevant bodies in our country, such as the Advertising Ethics Council. , and that this “dream” of film production will soon disappear from the air.


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