What chewing gum and toys should you choose for a puppy?

The first moments after adopting or buying a young dog are deeply remembered by all members of the household. Although having a dog is associated with many positive emotions, you should also remember the responsibilities of raising a dog. In the beginning, you need to know that four-legged friends learn the world with their teeth. Everything that is visible will sooner or later be bitten to check the temperature, hardness, taste and texture. Puppy toys allow him to meet his natural need to chew and chew.

Young dogs bite various objects when they are stressed, curious or just bored. It is impossible to prevent this, so you need to buy a puppy chewing gum, which will protect our belongings from damage. However, in order for accessories to perform their function, they must first be interested in the pet.

What are the best toys for a puppy?

Teething and then chewing – in the later stages of a dog’s development – is a natural event that strengthens and cleans teeth. In the early stages of a pet’s life, it is worth paying attention to every element of the environment. Discovering the world is just a bite. The interest of small dogs is natural and we should not fight it. How to protect yourself from chewed furniture and shoes ? It is definitely worth investing in chewing for a puppy. Of course, they will not be able to protect our home from the destructive effects of razor sharp milk teeth, but they will definitely limit the damage. The appearance of a young dog at home should be accompanied by several changes:

  • All shoes should be hidden in the wardrobe. Four-legged friends especially love leather models that smell better than synthetic materials.
  • It is important to protect all electrical cables that are out of the dog’s reach. Biting the power cord can be tragic.
  • Floor-length curtains should be replaced with shorter curtains. Wavy objects are very attractive for young quadrupeds.
  • The next step is to buy a toothpick. We can choose one of two types – natural and synthetic. Puppy toys are a little different than those purchased for adults.

What should you pay special attention to when buying toothpaste?

The size of the toy should be adapted to the size of the dog. Relatively large chews may simply not interest your child and will leave him after a few minutes of play. The rule is simple – We buy small toys for small dogs. Another important factor hardness. Adult dogs prefer relatively rigid models. This is mainly due to the presence of permanent teeth and a fully developed jaw. Young quadrupeds, on the other hand, should have soft teeth that will not damage fine gums and fragile deciduous teeth. Items with sharp edges that can damage your pet’s palate are also not recommended. The cheapest toothpick for puppies, made of poor quality rubber, may not fulfill its purpose. If it emits a strong, unpleasant odor, of course, your pet will not be interested for a long time. In addition, dogs can feel the bitter taste of chewing gum when biting, which prevents the game. Small rubber bones are perfect as a first toy. Some models have massage boards, which are especially useful when losing baby teeth. How can I encourage my dog ​​to chew toys? Some dogs immediately start playing with a new object, while others take some time. If your pet does not start biting the toy on its own, you should take the toothpick and start playing together. After a while, our beloved will see that the new thing is important and will be more interested in it. If all our efforts do not yield satisfactory results, it is worth buying another toothpick, especially since most of them are not very expensive.

Natural chewing for a puppy

Eco-friendly dental caps emit a characteristic odor that encourages people to immerse their teeth in them. We have a choice in stores smoked bones in different sizes and tails and pig lungs. Especially recommended for dogs with stomach problems beef rumensold in the form of smoked strips. They contain a lot of nutrients and improve metabolism. They also prevent diarrhea and ensure proper bowel function. Not all chewing gums are of animal origin. We can also find it in stores balls made of pure cotton. They are very soft, so they will not damage the delicate gums of a young dog. Cotton chewing for a puppy is also perfect for playing together. Some models are equipped with a special rope made of natural fibers. If our pet starts chewing mascots, it is worth giving him his own. Let’s look at the models made of antiallergic materials. In addition, they need to be strengthened, because the teeth of small dogs are extremely sharp. Small toys that fit at least partially into the dog’s mouth are recommended.

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