The United Kingdom has banned the import of pets from Poland for “commercial” purposes. What does this mean in practice?

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Transportation of pets from Poland to the UK. To what extent has it been banned by the British government? When do we deal with “commercial imports”?

In recent days, Polish social media has received shocking news about the change in British rules for the transportation of animals from Poland to the United Kingdom. Until May 14, 2022, the so-called “commercial import” of dogs, cats and ferrets will be banned. What exactly does this mean in practice? What exactly is “commercial import” and what kind of animal transport does it belong to?

It is forbidden to bring cats and dogs from Poland to the UK – to whom?

The following message was posted on the British government’s website regarding the entry of pets into the UK:

“Until May 14, 2022, dogs, cats and ferries cannot be imported from Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Romania for commercial purposes. This also applies to rescue animals. “

In one of the Facebook groups uniting Poles living and working in the UK, there was a heated discussion about the meaning of the term “commercial import” used in the original English-speaking government communication. Some Facebook users claimed that the conversation was about transporting any type of animal to the UK, some believed that it was about transporting animals for sale in the UK, and some said that the term also included transporting private animals. through transport companies.

But how should government communication be understood? Fortunately, with the ban message mentioned above, we can find clarification on the government’s website on the troublesome term “commercial import.” We read in the explanation of

‘Cats, dogs and ferries are imported to the United Kingdom for the following purposes:

  • find a new home
  • sales
  • property transfers (including rescue cats and dogs brought to the UK to find a new home).

Cats, dogs and ferries brought to the UK as their pets (they will live with you and will not be moved, sold or exchanged) will be imported for commercial purposes in the following cases:

  • You bring more than 5 animals
  • You can’t [zorganizować] Travel to accompany your pets 5 days before or after your arrival in the UK.

Commercial imports of domestic cats, dogs and ferrets must be brought from approved EU countries and outside the EU.

The above rules mean that the ban on the import of animals from Poland to the UK, for example, to move with your pet, a business trip with a pet, a holiday trip with a pet, etc. does not apply to personal travel for purposes such as. , the ban undoubtedly applies to the importation of animals for sale or transfer to another person in the United Kingdom, as well as the importation of animals belonging to another person (this includes, for example, the transportation of animals by transport companies).

In the latter case, it is not all cases, but first of all cases when the owner of the animal does not accompany the pet at least 5 days before or after the trip to the UK. In addition, even if we take our pet from Poland to the UK in our own car, our goal is to give someone a pet (for example, to give a puppy) or to sell it in the UK. not allowed, not allowed, forbidden.

Transportation of pets to the UK – general rules

In addition, it should be borne in mind that all pets imported into the UK (both in accordance with general rules and special commercial rules) must meet both basic sanitary and epidemiological requirements, the most important of which are:

  • The pet was broken before entering the UK
  • rabies vaccine
  • deworming (in the case of dogs, it is primarily tapeworm).

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