The best program to “embrace” Windows. Until May 11, CCleaner Professional for only 1 PLN!

I think you will agree with me, dear ones, CCleaner is a good tool. And even better: I use it myself – although Windows has “caught up” in terms of sensitivity to garbage. But here’s a few things to keep in mind: even the latest version doesn’t have a comprehensive tool like CCleaner on this system. Simply put, what is more comfortable, easy to use, and most importantly, very safe for the “experience” in the environment.

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular and very useful additions to Windows. If any of you have such a system toolkit – that is, programs installed for the first time after a “fresh” installation, CCleaner is either there or will definitely be there. However, in the paid versions (because the main feature package is free) – its power increases many times. You can try the professional version in 14 days – I recommend it to you. And get more of this “combine”. Now you can try CCleaner Professional on Antyweb for 12 months for only 1 PLN. The campaign is valid until May 11.

Check out how the Pro version differs from the free version – you can do so on the manufacturer’s website.

CCleaner – cleaner, faster, better Windows

Seriously, I’ve been using CCleaner for years and I’m just as happy every time. Automatic updating of drivers on the computer is definitely an interesting innovation in the latest version of the program. Sounds interesting? Of course. Windows is based on those in the Windows Update repository. CCleaner, on the other hand, has its own secure database, which includes more ways to access the latest drivers. And this, in my opinion, is a significant advantage over Windows automatic update.

Let’s start with the main functions of CCleaner. The manufacturer promises that your computer will be faster after use – thanks to the management of the application in the context of using its resources. It is worth noting that CCleaner recognizes files used among others. ad networks to track the user. Dear Friends: I think this is too much and I am starting to worry about it. Plus – CCleaner is really effective at deleting your browsing history, which is a nice bonus.

PC Health is an automatic CCleaner mechanism that checks the absolute basics. Analyzes programs for optimization (and a security-enhanced version!), Searches for files that can be safely deleted and only on disk, detects files used for tracking (and deletes them!), And analyzes the conditions of programs running during download. CCleaner boldly discovers what needs to be done and performs the necessary operations to resolve the confusion extremely efficiently. After all, the computer is faster, more pleasant to use and safer.

What can the Professional version of CCleaner do?

CCleaner, as a sophisticated tool, also offers a Pro version (also Professional Plus) – which, as I mentioned earlier, greatly enhances the capabilities of the entire program. The manufacturer boasts advanced software updates, cleaning the computer even in places where other cleaning programs can do nothing, protection in real time from malicious, unnecessary files, and automatic deletion of the browsing history immediately after closing the sample in Windows. . And this is something really worth showing. If you keep orders and do not want to create unnecessary files on the system – this solution is definitely for you.

CCleaner also offers the Professional Plus option, which includes a Defraggler – an advanced tool (this includes not only a defragmenter, which is not only useful on SSDs, but also many other add-ons). All this is to pay attention to the disks on the computer – to work long and fast. Recuva is a backup system in the CCleaner package – if you like it all together – it’s also a backup tool, which you can find here. In addition, if you are in favor of periodically upgrading your computer set, you should not miss the Speccy tool, which allows you to check the components and find the right components for them.

However, in addition to what I mentioned – in CCleaner, you can also find the mechanism of erasing the disk in the basic version (the manufacturer is not particularly open, strange). This is especially useful when you want to sell your drive to someone else. And you know, okay – you can just format, transfer the disk and pray that no one wants to recover this data. Multi-level deletion, with the ability to overwrite such an environment over and over again, is a greater guarantee that no one will easily restore what previously belonged to you.

I would personally like to mention the tables in CCleaner. After all, we often forget to clean our computer. Here is a machine built into a program that can be adapted to our needs – it will perform all the operations we want according to the parameters in the date stamp. A simple but really useful solution, especially for people who are “confused”.

I would like to return to the issue of privacy – if you are interested in such things, CCleaner will allow you to look at the cookies found on your computer, which managers, among others, ad networks are used to track us – well. It gives us some idea of ​​how much we have been “analyzed” on a daily basis by various agencies that should have everything about us: probably the shoe number and the name of the dog or cat. I made my own cookies and well. It was a lot. You can also manage it – by identifying these files for storage (because sometimes they can be responsible for automatically accessing the services we use often) or simply selecting files we don’t want to get rid of for various reasons.

Of course, it is possible to exclude special programs, folders and disks from CCleaner analysis. In addition, cleaning processes can be performed not only for one user, but also for many on the computer (as long as the current user is a computer administrator). So, for example, this car is a more interesting choice for people who know that it will be used by other people.

Is it worth using CCleaner? This is definitely worth it – especially at a special promotion!

Let me tell you, I’m lazy and comfortable. So absolutely. Life should be simplified – I have been using this assumption since I was alive and I do not regret anything. I do not regret using CCleaner. You can also do this in higher versions – now it’s simpler than before.

As part of a special promotion, Antyweb readers can check out CCleaner Professional almost for free! You will pay only 1 PLN for the annual entrance.

The campaign will last until May 11 this year. However, the decision should not be delayed, because such an opportunity will not be repeated soon.

The login was created in collaboration with CCleaner.

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