“Teenagers – tomorrow’s generation” “They will take the boys”, they speak only of “Zettes”. [Recenzja]

“Teenagers – the generation of tomorrow” is a new program of Polsat, which should talk about teenagers from the Z generation and their problems. Was this possible? Is it worth watching “Teenagers – Tomorrow’s Generation”?

At first I think I should do it “Bunt!” Remember everything I wrote about the TVN series. If you compare this production with the latter Polsat’s documentary series “Teenagers – tomorrow’s generation”it would be difficult to find fault with the former in the case of the former.

Why am I comparing these two series? Both of they had to talk about teenagers, present their real life and problems. Maybe that’s the problem no one implements this decision to the end.


Teenagers are the generation of tomorrow

Let’s start with “Teenagers are the generation of tomorrow“At first, as reported by Virtual Media, it’s not hard to name it.”Z generation“A few days before the premiere decided to change the name of the station. However, he did not explain the reason for this change, although given the hatred of all the projects that contain this letter, it is not surprising that this decision was made.

Assumption Documentary series “Teenagers – tomorrow’s generation” we have shows the life of modern youth. Polsat’s program is about the Z generation, its fascinating world and ways to make dreams come true.

Colorful, sensitive, full of passion, determination and dreams. They are the representatives of the Z generation – the first generation that does not remember the world without the Internet and social media. It is a charming world of young people who have the courage to say out loud that nothing is impossible, to achieve their dreams.

Teenagers – tomorrow’s generation – new Polsat Play documentary series

“Teenagers – tomorrow’s generation” – is it worth it?

To be honest, then I had a hard time going through the two episodes of this series that are available on YouTube. I would compare looking at the production of this “zet” More or less programs like “Boys for the Take”. If you’ve seen it at least once, you know what I’m talking about.


In serial condition “Teenagers are the generation of tomorrow“We are not dealing with a document, we are dealing with a document. The characters we see on the screen are teenagers of all ages and all ages. However, this “differentiation” does not work in favor of this program.

I have such an impression the creators decided to gather here only “extreme” characters. So we have a hero who lives in the village and learns to call the crows correctly in the second episode. We have boys who want to develop their bands and they write disco-polo songs.

For example, we have the make-up Darek, whom we met a moment before the photo shoot. Obviously, we meet two girls who love to “go to clubs” and think that girls who wear sneakers are not attractive.

Elo Benc – Sajlent Disco

“Teenagers – tomorrow’s generation” – what is the problem?

Of course, the problem is not the heroes. Everyone who appears in the program “Teenagers – the generation of tomorrow” is himself and lives in his own way. The problem is that the way their stories are presented is boring at first. and second, the program does not meet this initial assumption at all.


I do not have After these two episodes, I got the impression that someone wanted to tell me about the problems and life of “Generation Z” with this series. On the other hand, I had a feeling that I was watching so many different people on the screen that they could evoke some extreme emotions and controversy when they watched the series.

However, at the same time it is impossible to establish a complete connection with these heroes. First of all, because we jump from character to character in a matter of seconds. Second because when they say something, you hardly hear thembecause, as in Polish productions – the sound is not good.

Teenagers – Tomorrow’s Generation – Part 2

“Teenagers – tomorrow’s generation” – to whom?

I am also surprised Who should the series “Teenagers – the generation of tomorrow” go to? For seniors who want to understand Zetka, good – I think they will learn about them sooner than the first TikTok. I also don’t think that the Zetkas reached this series themselves, but why?


I don’t know, can I recommend someone to watch the series “Teenagers – tomorrow’s generation”? Maybe if you like programs like “Boys for the take”, you can find something for yourself. But if you’re looking for something that reflects Zetek’s “spirit” in a good way, I don’t know, start with “Sex Education.”

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