Russian discount Mere is having a problem in Poland. Boycott, Sanepid, labor inspectorate

Items sold directly from pallets or cardboard, the stores have virtually no decor, minimal staff – Only stores are called “hard discounters” that save on everything. However, according to the company, this will turn into prices of at least 20 percent. is below competition.

Such an offer was a recipe for success in his native Russia. The company from the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk (operating in Russia under the name “Svetofor”) has been developing in the Russian market since 2009. Today its number reaches 1.4 thousand. stores – in Kazakhstan or Belarus.

Then came Europe. When the store opened in Leipzig, Germany in 2019, the media even wrote about the “attack” on the goods.. After two days, all the assortment was taken, the discount had to be temporarily closed. In 2020, the first store opened in Poland. The discount store in Częstochowa was supposed to be the first of hundreds, but nothing was bought.

There has always been an aura of mystery around the company. Very little is known about the Schneider family, who built the Svetofor and Mere networks. According to world media, they began operating in the beer industry in the mid-90s. Despite their accumulated wealth, they avoid interviews or a luxurious life, so the family is sometimes compared to the Albrecht brothers, the founders of the German Aldi chain.

Mere stores look like this

Free expansion and boycott appeals

Before the Russian occupation of Ukraine, there were nine Mere stores in Poland. It opened in Jaworzno last January. Another one in Silesia is almost ready. However, according to the trade service, the store has not been able to obtain permission from the Health Department for several months.

The chain also has problems with the National Labor Inspectorate. According to the website, many violations were found in the supermarket in Skarisko-Kamienna. Workers were not provided with work clothes and could not use the kitchen because it was full of cardboard boxes. Electricity distribution facilities were not to be completely protected. The most serious were holes in the warehouses that would collapse from a height of 3 meters. There were penalties for negligence, but the store is still open.

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Now the network must deal with additional boycott calls. There are many of them, especially in the cities where shops operate. What does the company say? We could not contact the Krakow headquarters. However, we spoke with the management of the store in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. – We do not face any boycott. What about politics? What do we have to do with this? they said. Employees assured us that they saw no less customers and that “20 percent cheaper prices” attracted more people.

Which product is more popular? Maybe it will be a surprise, but this is Ukrainian vodka – We heard.

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