RedDeer.Games opens an office in Barcelona. This is one of the emission targets of the Pre-A private investment round. The financial road show will run until May 15, 2022.

Opening of the operating office in Barcelona | May 2022

In connection with the dynamic development of RedDeer.Games, the board, in consultation with the board of directors, took steps to accelerate the implementation of the company’s development strategy, expanding the studio’s current operations in Poland (Szczecin, Warsaw). Additional headquarters in Spain (Barcelona). An internal analysis of the costs of the studio in Barcelona showed a level comparable to the cost of maintaining the headquarters in Warsaw.

“Our goal is to be one of the teams that develops the best console games. To achieve this and develop in Europe, we are already opening in May of this year, along with our operating studio in Warsaw. Another in Barcelona. We are in the process of an investment road show, and we will spend part of the proceeds from the Pre-A round on its launch and development, “said Michał M. Lisiecki, CEO and co-founder of RedDeer.Games sp. It will become a business center for Ukrainians and the new studio in Barcelona will be the headquarters for new international talents. At present, our team is enriched with specialists from Korea, Turkey, Macedonia, Italy and Spain, ”he added.

RedDeer.Games’ solid financial results for 2021 and the basis for future growth

RedDeer.Games recorded a net sales revenue of 3,277,180 PLN in 2021, which is a net sales revenue of 3,277,180 PLN in 2021. 231% compared to 988,064 PLN in the same period of the previous year. Operating profit amounted to 626,242 PLN compared to 131,291 PLN last year 377%. EBITDA result rose 340%reached 699,920 PLN last year.

12 months period
Completed on December 31, 2020
12 months period
Completed on December 31, 2020
Net sales revenue
988 884
3 277 180
Gross profit (loss) from sales.
133 064
621 810
Operating profit
131 291
626 242
27 621
73 677
158 913
699 920
profit (loss) Total
86 575
611 363
Net profit (loss)
86 575
611 363

The biggest impact on operating profit growth came from revenues from the sale of games in the digital distribution model (from our ever-growing portfolio) through the Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store and Steam platforms.

The company was able to use the past year to acquire new skills and acquire a very valuable industry know-how, thanks to which the assumptions of the adopted strategy are consistently adopted, including working on original products, as well as obtaining new transport names. Cooperation is also developing with industry partners focused on the distribution and promotion of their products around the computer games market.

– We always focus on maintaining strong growth control while maintaining revenue growth dynamics. All these activities, of course, are reflected in the positive financial results of the last financial year. As founders, we have set ourselves very ambitious development goals. Today, the most important of them is to create an ambitious and professional team to which we invite talented people from the Polish and international gaming sector – adds Michał M. Lisiecki, President and Co-Founder of RedDeer.Games.

Road show | private investment round Pre-A

The game development, publishing and shipping segments selected by RedDeer.Games have proven their worth. To continue and expand the business model we have adopted, including the acquisition of skills in the production of AA games for the NFT department | Opening and development of AA + and operational office in Barcelona. For this purpose, we are preparing to receive funds from Pre-A in the next round of private investment. Until the end of March this year, we are holding a series of meetings with investors as part of the “road show”. in Warsaw, Berlin and Madrid.

If you are interested in investing in RedDeer.Games, please contact us via or our special profile. Investor Relations RedDeer.Games On LinkedIn.


About RedDeer.Games

RedDeer.Games (RDG) is an independent development studio that has been available in the gaming market since 2018. The company is a producer and publisher of its own indie games and names from other manufacturers sold worldwide in a digital distribution model through special platforms. , especially the world’s largest game and software distributors, Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store and STEAM.

Combining the experience of a team of passionate designers, artists, musicians, programmers and producers, RDG creates fun and addictive indie games. A teaser of the games released in 2019-2021 can be obtained from this link: VIDEO. The company currently has about 100 contract titles in its portfolio, all ads and games published on RedDeer.Games: HERE.

2022 is a breakthrough for RDG – at the beginning of the year, a company in its structure created a special department that will be responsible for the implementation of NFT tokens for headlines issued by the studio. In addition, after two years of operations in the indie segment, he plans to expand his powers in the field of game production at AA | AA +.

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