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A student’s life does not consist of flowers, and it can be very difficult to pay large bills. To avoid worrying about Internet access and at the same time not to use your package on your mobile phone, check which of the prepaid internet is worth choosing.

Source: Joseph Frank / Unsplash

Source: Joseph Frank / Unsplash

With the advent of smartphones with function Dual sim card, consumers have more opportunities to choose the offers of selected operators. Of course, users of devices that support only one SIM card have not been forgotten and can still choose from many customized offers.

Today, everyone, especially young people and learners, needs access to the Internet. However, not every student can afford expensive and mandatory contracts. In this case, you can choose prepaid card With mobile internet (prepaid) that allows you to turn your smartphone into a Wi-Fi router or view the Internet directly on the screen of the device.

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Prepaid offer

This is one of the three main options offered by mobile operators prepaid offer. It is an alternative for those who want to stay is independent in terms of contract and they do not have large telecommunications needs for example, children or the elderly.

The main advantages of the prepaid offer:

  • no phone
  • there is no contract
  • full control over costs
  • freedom in the frequency and amount of additions
  • higher service prices than previous options

What can we do to get unlimited internet access anywhere and control our expenses at the same time?

The answer to this question is as follows prepaid offers for mobile internet (SIM card only). Thanks to such a solution you’re not bound by a long contractIt forces you to make monthly payments. When you need to use the Internet all you need to do is top up your account with the appropriate amount.

Offers the most interesting prepaid mobile internet offers In the largest mobile operators in Poland.

To play

One month without GB limit

The Play offer includes only 3 different GB packages: daily, weekly and monthly. In terms of price, shelf life and the amount of GB available – the best of them is the package internet-tab “target =” _ blank “class =” link “> Month without GB limit.

Repeatable package for 50 PLN Monthly offers: 200 GB internet at full speed without data limit.

Prepaid internet offers on Play

Prepaid internet offers on Play


Optimal Mobile Internet

Orange also offers only 3 different mobile internet packages, one of which is designed for stationary use at home. The most profitable option is Optimal Mobile Internet.

Repeatable package for 39.99 PLN Monthly offers: 50 GB data to be shared in the account + 10 GB data package in reserve for the account for 10 PLN

Prepaid internet offers in Orange

Prepaid internet offers in Orange


Prepaid internet

T-Mobile has only one prepaid mobile internet offer – 7 GB prepaid internet startup to get started.

Price 5 PLN To get started you get: 7 GB internet + 5 GB extra after adding PLN

Prepaid internet offer on T-Mobile

Prepaid internet offer on T-Mobile

Prepaid internet offers on T-Mobile

Prepaid internet offers on T-Mobile

in addition

30 GB for 31 days

The Plus offer also includes only 3 packages, the best of which is 30 GB in 31 days.

Price 5 PLN you get: 6 GB internet to start + up to 100 GB after charging

Plus prepaid internet offers

Plus prepaid internet offers

GigaBank – GB not lost

Plus also offers a special GigaBank serviceThanks to this, you get extra GB for each recharge and no unused amount is lost. However, to increase the reliability of unused GB in GigaBank, do not forget to top up your account before the bonus expires.

Plus at GigaBank

Plus at GigaBank

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