Passport for a dog, how and how much to get a passport for an animal

The pet’s passport must have a microchip number.

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The passport for the animal is issued by a veterinarian at the request of the pet’s guardian. Thanks to this document, we can travel abroad with a dog, cat or ferret. How to get an animal passport and how much does it cost?

If we own an imported dog or cat, it is likely that we received a passport in a “package” with our kitten or kitten. In most other cases, we have to deal with getting a passport for a pet.

If we want to get a passport for an animal, we must go to a veterinarian who is authorized to issue such documents. Unlike human passports, a dog passport does not require you to bring your pet to a photographer first. Although the document does contain a place to paste a picture of a four-legged friend, it is not a condition that the passport is not issued.

Details of the animal in the passport

So what information is in our pet’s passport?

  • First of all, this is the number of the microchip, which allows us to easily identify our quadrupeds.
  • It also includes details of the animal: type, sex, color and characteristics, as well as name. Details of the pet owner are also provided: name and surname and contact information.
  • The veterinarian issuing the passport must also provide their information.
  • The pet’s passport must also contain a note about the rabies vaccine.

How much is a dog’s passport?

The fee for issuing a passport is 100 PLN. In addition, money is sometimes required for the examination, marking and vaccination of animals against rabies.

Terms of passport issuance:
a) Marking the animal with a tattoo [dotyczy psów oznakowanych przed lipcem 2011 roku – przyp. red.] or microchip implantation (chips, by convention, are implanted on the left side of the neck – in the middle of the length, and the tattoos are most often placed on the auricle or groin area of ​​the animal).
b) An readable text from the passport.
c) Vaccination against rabies. Warning! A rabies vaccine performed by another veterinarian on the basis of a medical-veterinary certificate may be recorded in the passport if the certificate applies to an animal identified during vaccination by means of a tattoo and / or a microchip. Mandatory rabies vaccinations are given to dogs over three months of age. If the EU destination country does not require serological tests to confirm the appropriate level of antibodies, the animal may be transported within 21 days after the date of vaccination against rabies and before the expiration date of the vaccine.

Veterinarians in Tri-City

Where can I get a passport for a dog?

There are more than 300 veterinary clinics in the Pomeranian Voivodeship that are authorized to issue passports. Their list can be checked on the website of the National Chamber of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. It is worth contacting our veterinarian for a passport before going – first – he can give us this document, and second – we can do it right in the office. Sometimes we have to wait a few days for the books to be delivered to the office during periods when there is a growing interest in obtaining animal passports.

With SKM dog. You have to buy two tickets a day

It is important to remember that just having a passport for an animal does not mean that we can enter a foreign country without any problems. Each time, as part of the preparation for departure, it is necessary to check the conditions under which the animals are brought to a third country.

According to various rules in force outside Poland, it is not necessary to delay the completion of paperwork for a pet before leaving. Some countries require conditions that we cannot delay until the last minute, such as additional deworming of the animal. It is also worth noting that if our pet was vaccinated against rabies on the day the passport was issued and did not have a valid vaccine before, we will be able to go abroad with him only after 21 days.

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