Musketeers Group with a turnover of 2 billion in the first quarter of 2022

In the first months of 2022, the turnover of both the Intermarché food chain and the Bricomarché construction products chain increased. Photo portal archive

After the first three months of 2022, the turnover of the Musketeers Group exceeded 2 billion PLN. This is more than 210 million PLN, and thus a 12 percent increase. compared to last year.

  • The Muszkieterów Group unites about 500 Polish entrepreneurs under the names of food supermarkets and in the “home and garden” category.
  • The turnover of the Intermarché network, excluding filling stations, increased by more than 8% to more than 1 billion PLN. in comparable stores (“like-for-like”), while the Bricomarché chain generated 700 million PLN of total sales turnover. This means an increase of about 11.5 percent. y / y

– In the last two years, the retail industry has faced many problems. According to him, the crisis caused by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has recently been compounded by the consequences of the pandemic and the impact of rising inflation. Mark DhermentCEO Musketeer groups In Poland.

– Nevertheless, the Group has a very strong turnover after the first quarter of the year, which means that we have returned to the path of stable and profitable growth. We intend to stay there and develop our boards in the Polish market more dynamically. In the coming weeks, based on market data, we will be able to confirm that our growth dynamics is actually faster than the market and at the expected level, he added.

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Intermarché with a turnover of 1.3 million PLN

In the first quarter of this year. network Intermarché together with gas stations, generated a turnover of 1.3 billion PLN. The chain is currently working on continuous improvement of the Power concept. All Remodeling Intermarché stores are an optimization platform for a range of services and operating processes, among others. This year is also a time of growing work on Intermarché’s private label offer, as well as a new version of its flexible loyalty program.

In addition, Grupa Muszkieterów constantly focuses on e-commerce activities by developing the Intermarché Drive service. This convenience allows you to pick up products ordered online at any time of the day from a designated area.

Bricomarché with a turnover of 700 million zlotys

Circulation Bricomarshe after the first three months of this year. 700 million PLN. The chain is already at the forefront of the Polish DIY market, and the board’s plans for commercial concepts, formats, multi-channel and organizational development should allow Bricomarché to further strengthen its position in the coming quarters and years.

Bricomats, the original network boxes for collecting articles ordered over the Internet, regularly appear elsewhere. In addition, Bricomarché continues to work on expanding the functionality of the mobile application, which will be available to customers in 2021. To support network expansion, the Muszkieterowie team also launched a new logistics warehouse at Sosnowiec, complementing the network’s existing logistics network.

Solidarity and cooperation

– The turnover obtained is the result and dignity of the joint efforts of both entrepreneurs and employees of the central companies, which are part of the Group, participate at the regional and central levels, and formulate its development policy. In a demanding market such as the Polish market, these are very important advantages that we offer to independent entrepreneurs who are doing business in privately managed or affiliated stores, says Mark Dherment.

– Our strength is solidarity, which we confirm in our activities for those in need. In the face of the war across our eastern border, we have shown that it is important to have real support for business. We have participated in a number of initiatives and many local shop owners have organized their own charity events. For example, the Bricomarché network donates 1 million PLN to Polska Akcja Humanitarna through the Musketeers Foundation, and the Intermarché network provides previously agreed products worth more than 200,000 PLN. zloty. All this confirms that we can do more together – he adds.

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