Mikołaj Jedruszczak fights with Sylwia Madenska in court. We are talking about big money

Mikołaj Jędruszczak and Sylwia Madenska appeared in “Dancing with the Stars” shortly after winning the finale of the first issue of “Island of Love.” Internet users. It started with the dancer appearing in public one day She accused her ex-boyfriend of kidnapping a pet. Over the next few days, the couple made statements to the media about the case and made accusations against each other. The case ended with the police and the dog finally returned to its owner, but the tennis player later complained to his fans that someone had stolen his four legs while walking. When celebrities had time to die, they recognized themselves again. In March of this year Jędruszczak. announced that her ex-boyfriend was late in repaying the loan she had taken. To reach Madenskaya, she posted a video on Instagram and said:

Not 100 zlotys, 200 zlotys, 500 or 1 thousand zlotys. PLN, only six-digit amount. Payment has expired and there is no response. No contact, no direct debit sent, how do you feel then? At first it is a weakness, but you suddenly realize that you are the one who suffers from all this situation and you have the right to demand your rights.. (…) Avoiding contact and not getting any response is the worst solution possible. This is the last attempt to solve this problem. I am sorry to be among the people, but I have no other contact. Let’s deal with it as an adult, without a court, without a bailiff’s decision, without this whole car that you can’t stop later. I appeal to you, Sylvia, for common sense, and finally you realize the seriousness of this situation, “said Jedruszczak.

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Mikołaj Jedruszczak fights with Sylwia Madenska in court. It’s about money

However, it turns out that the winner of “Love Island” filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend for not receiving a salary. On Thursday, she told her fans on Instagram that Sylwia Madenska had received a court order for payment and had two weeks to appeal the decision.. He wrote:

“To be honest, I’m just publishing a court decision for the payment I just received (the other party has 14 days to file a complaint). Evidence, contracts, etc. Such a document will not be issued by any court without detailed consideration.“- Mikołaj Jedruszczak wrote.

He later recalled that a few months ago, when he was arguing over a dog, he had to deal with criticism from his ex-girlfriend’s fans:

People condemned me for manipulating and admitted that my former partner was right. And many times believing in the so-called “beautiful eyes” and “sweet little voice”, he does not want to listen to my arguments and often does not allow me to defend myself.. “I know what kind of media lynchings, insults, threats of beatings and many other things I have encountered from people who blindly swallowed everything by looking at the ‘influencer’ I observed,” Mikojaj Jedruszczak wrote.

“In addition, a ‘troubled friend’ speaks in public, decides to defend his ‘mistress’ on the wall in return for his visit, and claims that I made it up.” Hands fall and the hypocrisy of your idol – the rhetoric that affects and uses it, the words are missing! You can say everything in the media, but it’s just disgusting in the world to play with people’s emotions and put yourself in the role of a victim when it’s time to present evidence.. Only when you come across facts and documents can you see what type of person you are facing. Perhaps in the end, many will open their eyes and come to their senses and see how wrong they were in assessing the participants in these recent events.“- completed the entrance.

Sylwia Madenska has not yet referred to Mikołaj Jedruszczak’s statement. The winner of the “Island of Love” was at a party with celebrities when the dancer announced the court decision to repay the loan. Earlier, she denied that she borrowed money from her ex-boyfriend. Life will soon be known, and Internet users will once again witness their mutual laundry

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