Janusz Palikot creates a network of liquor stores. By the end of 2023, their number will reach 100

  • On April 20 this year. Manufactory Piwa Wódki i Wina SA has published an Information Memorandum on the public offering of K-series shares.
  • The subscription to the shares will be accepted from April 26 to May 10 this year.
  • The coordinator of the proposal is Dom Maklerski BOŚ. Upon completion of the offer, the company will apply to trade its shares in the NewConnect market.

Under the memorandum, up to 203,371 new K-series shares are offered. The issue price of the proposed securities has been set by the General Meeting at 54 PLN, so the proceeds from the offer will be about 11 million PLN.

Finally, upon completion of the Friendship State acquisition process, the proposed K-shares will account for only 3.61% of the Issuer’s increased share capital and will be entitled to use 3.07% of the total number of votes cast. General meeting. Janusz Palikot will remain the main shareholder of the company, which controls (directly and indirectly) 40.19% of the vote.

“We are creating a unique lifestyle alcohol holding company. Using the synergistic effect of all entities in the field of production, sales and marketing allows us to launch a number of new brands. We focus on high-margin and emotional products. Thanks to this, we achieve a very dynamic growth in the scale of operations. The launch of the initial public offering is the culmination of many processes, including the merger with Doctor Brew and the acquisition of Przyjazny Państw. We are creating a unique group in the Polish market with very high development potential, “said Janusz Palikot, President of MPWiW.

Issue targets

Manufactory Piwa Wódki i Wina K intends to allocate all financial resources from the issue of series shares to working capital. “We expect that in 2022, sales of both currently offered and products that the Issuer plans to offer in the coming months of this year will increase. The implementation of these plans requires a corresponding increase in working capital, so we want to allocate 100% of the funds allocated for this purpose, “said Thomas Nietubyć, Vice President of MPWiW.

Development strategy

The purpose of the Management Board is to maximize the market value of the company by consistently increasing the size of the EBITDA, which the company intends to achieve by increasing sales of its products, as well as increasing the market reputation. products on the market. It is planned to dynamically reach new points of sale within the traditional channel, develop online distribution and expand our distribution network. The strategy also envisages a systematic increase in production and storage capacity. In 2022, capital expenditures (CAPEX) are projected at 18.2 million PLN.

“An important element of MPWiW Group’s operations is product innovation, which allows the creation of completely new market categories or product lines that constantly enrich the market. This means, among other things, the systematic expansion of supply with new types of alcoholic beverages, the development of the segment of high-alcohol craft products. At the same time as the expansion of the offer, the emphasis is on products based on emotion and high marketing power, “said Tomasz Chekhovsky, vice president of MPWiW. It is based on the strong marketing commitment of Cuba Wojewódzki and Janusz Palikot.

Retention structure

Manufactory Piwa Wódki i Wina combines other alcohol projects to create an alcohol holding with strong regional beer brands. In recent months, the company has completed the acquisition of Doctor Brew. In addition, the MPWiW Group includes (directly): Tenczyńska Okovita, Tenczynek Dystrybucja, Tenczynek Fresh and Przyjaznestwa immediately after the seizure, and indirectly Tenczynek Bezalkoholowe and BUH Distillery. As part of the planned expansion of production capacity, Browar in Niechanow (currently the Issuer’s partner, part of the production is entrusted to it) should also be acquired in 2023. All MPWiW Group agencies are working to increase and consolidate results. Individual companies create a unique value chain of complementary products supported by an integrated sales and marketing system.

Manufactory Piwa Wódki i Wina SA was established on August 8, 2016. MPWiW is a holding company engaged in the production and sale of high quality alcohol products.

Distribution channels and a new retail network Fresh Shops

Sales are made using three main distribution channels: traditional, online and your own network. As part of the traditional channel, MPWiW offer is available among other major retail chains: Żabka, Dino, C4, Aldi. Online sales are carried out through the online store www.browar-tenczynek.pl and in the form of a reservation and prepayment system (Barrels Palikota, Tokens). The products are also available at the Tenczynek Store, located on the territory of the Brewery, and at its own well-developed sales network – Fresh Shops.

– Sales based on its own network include a stationary store currently located at Tenczynek Brewery. The Group plans to launch a network of 100 properties by the end of 2023, dedicated to the sale of Fresh Beer and other products of the Group.

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