“I made an appointment with a friend I didn’t know on the street. I didn’t think he could be a murderer, an aggressor or a pervert. “- Real Life

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Where to meet an interesting guy? Neither I nor Ans could think of anything. Desperate!

We have been friends for several years, we were still in the secretary’s office. Yes, we had male and female acquaintances. It’s always temporary, but there’s nothing to build a serious relationship. Time has passed mercilessly, and thirty years have passed.

– Why can’t I fall in love with anyone? I asked aloud. – There are many guys in my company! I’m familiar with all of them and none of them fit.

“Same with me,” Anka agreed. – Mostly men. It seems that these are ideal conditions for meeting an interesting person. Nothing!

We felt helpless

Because if he is not at work, where can you meet an interesting guy? We didn’t want a disco boy. They are the type looking for a one night girl. We were both afraid of online dating.

“I think we’re on our own,” Anka laughed.

But suddenly it became more serious.

– I have a great idea! We didn’t understand that before!

– Yes? Come on!

“Just because you don’t have a guy you like in your whole company doesn’t mean it’s not a guy who doesn’t love me!”

– Yeah…

– And the probability is greater! Anka said eagerly.

– I do not really understand you.

– Presumably, there is someone I like in your work, and vice versa.

– To us. And then what will happen?

– It’s easy. We give each other two weeks. You are looking for someone to contact me at your company. You need to interview, what you like and what your interests are. And when it does appear, you generally know what type I’m at. In any case, it is not so important. It is known that you do not judge a book by its cover. And fourteen days later, the four of us meet!

I listened to him and I must admit that I became more and more convinced of this idea. We could find each other’s lovers.

There were many free people in my office

Just because there were no sparks between them and me, didn’t mean that there was no one for Ankie. We agreed to bring the selected candidate and have a pizza together on Saturday in two weeks.

Should I put my friend in the wind ?!

The idea seemed bright. Enthusiastic, I turned my attention to work on Monday. Unfortunately, I quickly forgot. While drinking coffee in the kitchen, I heard a rumor about job cuts. Fear gripped me. I worked in the team as soon as possible. I was sure I would be fired.

– Don’t break – Anka comforted me on the phone. – Of course, it will not be so bad. After all, you are excellent at what you do. You even increased your salary last summer.

– Exactly. Maybe that’s why they want to get rid of me … They will save me – I’m devastated.

A few days later, the issue became clear. Two girls lost their jobs, but from another department. However, I did not give up fear. I worked on the weekends so that no one would blame me for anything. I threw myself into the whirlpool of business so much that I did not contact Anka. I didn’t call him until the middle of next week.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he said. – For two days!

– Yes? – I did not know what he meant.

“Come on, don’t forget, I’ve been exploring all week!” I checked all the guys on the second floor! And I chose the perfect one for you! His name is Robert. But I won’t tell you more! What about the one you chose for me? What is her name?

“Tom,” I said, confused.

– Excellent! Well, I have a meeting soon, I have to finish my work, I will call you tonight. Smiley! – He hung up the phone.

I sat down at my desk and put my face in my hands. How could I forget ?! He always did everything one hundred percent. He went to great lengths to find someone to meet me. What do I do now? I was two days old. In my department, I started looking for Tomas wildly, but the only woman I found had a wife. What came to my mind when I mentioned his name?

My little sister saved me

After work, my younger sister and I made an appointment in the park. He wanted to borrow a few zlotys. As always, this was not enough for his next salary. He immediately saw that something was wrong. I told him the whole story.

– But you caused a stir! He sighed.

– Anka will not forgive me! I have to confess until Saturday. I can’t let the three of us eat this pizza.

“Maybe you can tell Tom is sick?”

– I do not want to fall for this lie.

“You have to think of something,” Dominica replied, looking at the park.

His eyes fell on the players next to the basketball players. And suddenly he shouted:

– Chooooox!

One of the men turned. He looked at us in complete surprise.

– I? He asked.

“Yes,” Dominic replied boldly, and I felt my cheeks flush. – Can you come to us? my sister asked.

– We will finish our work in five minutes!

“All right!” He answered indifferently.

– What are you doing? I whispered angrily.

“Come on?” I help you. Maybe it’s free. Otherwise, you will never meet him again. What is the problem?

It was very easy for him! He was only twenty-one years old. And there is no resistance.

“Well, you didn’t think his name was Bernard or Maurycy!” He laughed.

The basketball player ran to us shortly after. Despite her breathing, sweating, and hairy face, it was impossible not to see that she was very beautiful.

– How do we know each other? He asked skeptically.

“Well, we don’t know each other,” Dominica replied. – The main question is: do you have a wife, boyfriend or fiancé?

“I don’t have …” he replied.

– It’s great. My sister needs Tomasha’s rest on Saturday. I have to go now, but you can agree on the details.

And he’s gone! I was very ashamed of the whole situation. But I had to fight it to the end. I explained the whole matter to Thomas. I said I would find a friend for a friend, which was completely out of my mind. When asked about the preparations, I said his name was Tomek. Fortunately, the boy accepted it with humor and said he would be happy to meet her at the pizzeria.

I felt stupid because I planned to cheat on my friend

After the meeting, I had to find a way to explain to him that if they liked each other, the company did not work with me. And I know him from the park. He had a chance to like her, and then it didn’t matter to him where I found Tom.

Saturday is here. Anka was already there when I arrived. A tall blonde man was sitting next to him. And with them … Tomek. I was surprised how he knew he was my friend, but then I realized that they were the only people in the pizzeria. I went to them. I was a little nervous. Many things can go wrong. I completely forgot that this was supposed to be a meeting with my potential wife.

I just thought that my secret would not be revealed. I greeted him and said:

“I see you’ve met,” I said vaguely.

– Yes. This is Robert. Imagine that he, like you, rode a horse as a child. And Cancer is under the sign! So you fit perfectly! he said happily.

I suggested changing the subject and not listing Tomek’s advantages that led me to agree with my friend:

– Will we place an order? I see you were just waiting for me.

They said, “Yes, let’s order,” and took the menu.

When the waiter came to us, Ania and I started ordering. Now it’s Tom’s turn:

– Pepperoni pizza.

When I heard that, I already knew that the plan was hell. Anka looked at me, at first surprised, then angry.

– Have you known Ashkan for a long time? Tom asked, trying to stay calm.

– Not so long …

– How long have you been working together?

“Well, I should have told you that later, in private – I came to help, because Tom was completely confused.”

– What did you say?

– Why don’t we talk later? Or privately? – I suggested.

We crossed the corridor.

– I’ve been looking for your boyfriend for two weeks! Do you know how much I hurt myself? What you? Did you take the first one from the next table? Didn’t you check if he ate meat? There is a lot to do with this ?!

– Ania, it is not so. Here were many problems. Do you remember…

– I remember. It should be noted that we are postponing the action!

– But I forgot …

– How did you forget that ?! Then who was it ?!

– Well, the guy from the park …

– Park boy? Unknown ?! After all, it could be a perversion! Or the killer! Thank you very much! – Anka fell on the street.

– Wait! Please. I’m sorry, I called.

I almost followed him home, trying to explain how it happened. But the more I talked, the more it became clear to me how I had hurt my friend. Suddenly I realized that my jacket was left in the pizzeria.

It may not fit, but I like it

I decided that there was no point in following my friend. He was very angry and could not forgive me now. So I went back to the restaurant. Tom was sitting alone at our table. He hung two jackets from the chairs – mine and Aniya.

– I was hoping for your future. Another friend also left immediately after you left.

I smiled weakly.

– I apologize for all the trouble. Ania incidi amin.

– What happened?

– I didn’t think about it to check if you are a vegetarian. Ania would never go with a meat eater. And it seemed that I did not try to find a suitable man for her. He is explosive. And he disappointed me. He will cope with it. I know. I’m so stupid just because I act like that …

– Very bad. What happened was done. I ordered this pizza. Probably soon. Do you want something

“I was actually hungry,” I admitted.

Tomek and I spent the whole evening in the pizzeria. The workers probably informed us at that time that they were already closing. I didn’t even notice when that time passed. It turned out that Tomek may not fit Anka, but he fits me perfectly. We had a great conversation. I hope it will be more than just an acquaintance. And Ania will approach this story only as a ridiculous misunderstanding that happened to her.

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