Here Białołęka – Aggressive Amstaff dogs bit a nearby domestic cat

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Residents of the Mochtyńska area are afraid of the safety of pets and even children fleeing the surrounding meadows. There have been several recent incidents involving a resident of one of the neighborhoods with two dangerous dogs near them.

No mouth, no care. Aggressive dog is the fear of the neighborhood Pitbull ran down the stairs of one of the blocks and soon ate some York. The owner simply said, “I’m sorry.”
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According to our readers, several dogs have already bitten in the Mochtyńska region, and recently a cat has bitten. According to their calculations, the owner of the two amstaffs is responsible for the attacks, leading them to a ropeless and mouthless cleaning.

“I think he enjoys it”

“When I see this man walking his dogs, I try to take a different route,” he said. – The owner of the four-legged saw this and changed his direction and walked towards us. Apparently, he is deliberately trying to deal with aggressive dogs.

“I think he’s happy that the groom’s dogs are attacking the neighbors’ dogs,” added another man, who wished to remain anonymous. – You can see it on the social network profile, there are photos of dogs fighting with each other.

The dogs bit the cat

Our interlocutors say that on February 24, aggressive dogs bit a cat living in one of the neighborhoods. According to their calculations, the old cat did not have a chance as a “toy”.

– I talk to many residents of this property and they say that you are unstable, you can be very beautiful, and then you become aggressive – we hear. – If something does not suit him, he wants to fight immediately. And under the care of such a person, very aggressive dogs are left without hooks and mouths. For example, if a child blocks these dogs, tragedy can happen.

City security is waiting for notification

Slawomir Smyk from the city guard told us that there were no reports of aggressive dogs from the Mochtyńska area. At the same time, he points out that the city guard dog can only take it from its owner if it is a victim of animal violence, but says it will look into the matter.

“We expect residents to report it to our local department, and they will create a special hazard control card when describing the situation,” Smyk said. – If the owner of these dogs is found to have no control over the animals, he can only be held liable for the error he has committed.

The police searched and searched …

– After 10:00 am on February 24, we received information about a mouthless aggressive dog that had to attack other dogs – Commissioner Paulina Onyszko from the Regional Police Headquarters told us. – The crew was sent to the area too late, as all the patrols that existed at that time were engaged in other activities. Police did not find any aggressive dogs. They checked the address on the application to see where the landlord could stay. There was only an old woman who did not know about the work. Police searched the street at another address. The respondent said that she did not report anything and denied that the owner of the dog wanted to live at this address. According to the above, the police tried to contact the informant by phone, but he did not answer.

– It is nonsense. One of the residents tells us that we waited outside for a long time for the police car to arrive. – There was no phone call from the police to the number indicated in the information.

“Dogs can run slowly”

After our editorial office became interested in the issue, the police finally found their way to the owner of the dogs. He described the officers’ visit on social media and partially sacrificed himself. He wrote that the neighbor was to blame for leaving the cat in a “permissible” cleaner for dog breeders so that the dogs could run away. The owner of Amstaffs believes that this is private property, so … “dogs can run slowly.” In addition, he warned residents that they can now wait for a visit from the police and city guards, who will even order a mouthful for harmless small dogs.

– District officials talked to the resident. Mochtyńska, owner of two Amstaff dogs – reports Commissioner Paulina Onyszko. – The man explained that the dogs are quiet and always carry them on a fork and in the mouth. He also said that ul. In the Mochtyńska meadows, in places that other people and animals do not like, he leaves his dogs on a leash to escape. He stressed that he wears veterinary mouthpieces that prevent his dogs from opening their mouths – at greater distances, dogs may not have mouths. In an interview with this person, it was found that he had a conflict with several residents of the property because the appearance of his animals frightened them.

– If this were the case, as this gentleman claimed, then the dogs would not have bitten the cat and attacked other dogs. In addition, the owner of the aggressive duo has very little control over them. Anyway, what are we talking about, these dogs need to be locked up – one of the neighbors tells us. – The police are very polite in this case, I’m not saying that the person who reported the matter and gave the phone number – no one has called so far, so at the end of the case, cutting off the mouths of his dogs was just ridiculous.

To mobilize the police to be more effective, we propose to submit official notices to the headquarters on Myśliborska Street.

What do the rules allow?

Dog walks in the capital are regulated by the Rules of Urban Cleaning and Charter. According to his editorial: “In public areas, dogs should be kept under the care of hooked and aggressive animals or animals that pose a threat to the environment, as well as in their mouths and by persons who will control them. “However, the next point is to allow the dog to be released from the leash when it is marked in a way that allows the owner to identify and control the dog.

At the same time, it should be remembered that the owner of the dog is always bound by the Code of Betrayal. Therefore, if he does not fully control the dog’s behavior and the caregiver creates a dangerous situation, he can be fined up to 1000 PLN or restriction of liberty. Exceptions are dangerous dogs that must be removed with their mouths under special supervision.


police and police as usual passive and helpless journalists are more effective, should we go for a walk with a gun?

What do the rules for using a stun gun say? Does anyone know? Because pepper spray can be used, but it is not always effective.

When I was walking with a short child from many dogs, I took out a knife and warned that if the dog approached and felt threatened, I would defend myself. The moment the dog, he was called to his feet and caught. You can count on the police and the SM … if he bites the child. I recommend this way.

As always, PiS militias do not work where they are needed, but try to go to the drake’s house, they will be activated soon.
You have to take care of the angels.

Unfortunately, not all city owners have obligations to clean their pets and ropes in public places. If a dog chases someone who is running or riding a bike, it is a real shame that more than half of the owners release their dogs and get a dvpie. I was also bitten by accident. If the municipal protection measures are not taken from time to time – unfortunately, nothing will change (therefore nothing will change, because this is another area where the city surrenders).

In the villages of Burki, they flew freely throughout the area, as did Białołęka.

Why do such things happen in Białołęka ?! Where is the Mayor? Why doesn’t the mayor respond? Why should people be afraid to leave their homes?

Police like to protect defenseless women from smoking, but idiots with dogs are already afraid. If Drake lived there …

As always, there should be comments from some nervous people who associate everything with PiS and Jarek … Interested in Tusk? Is this your troll nature or your occupation? Or maybe both?

The police station in Mysliborsk is suitable for plowing.
I urge residents to immediately complain to the KSP Control Department about the actions of these pseudopolises from Białołęka. Only then do they begin to do something. I recommend that you keep a screenshot of any calls or messages you send, as they may lie.
There is nothing to do there. The police open fire on everything. No one has control over anything there.

Białołęka is a state of mind. Just see who lives here

Such rulers are such a hopeless region. The mayor is only fit to abdicate immediately. Białołęka sports center should be completely abolished (such as a place for jumping, medication and cursing of one-fifth of young children who smoke). Białołęka has become a district only for primary school bombers, because there is not even a good high school here. There was nothing here !!!!!!!!!!!!

I support the mayor, thank you I can not see you here !!! Go to the Lord to judge elsewhere, to stay away from our neighborhood. We recommend going back to the old dump, that is, to manage Bemowo.

And again it turned out that something was wrong at the Myśliborska police station. When will they deal with this police department?

Good morning, who is the dog biting in the highlands today? Probably no one, because they have ….

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