Helios became a powerful movie hit in the network of cinemas!

The Christmas rush is behind us, so Friday is the perfect time to go to the Helios Cinema, where viewers will find some fun. Among the Friday premieres will be three very strong and much-anticipated films that will delight moviegoers of all ages. In addition to the premieres, viewers will see many new repertoires and regular meetings of Helios with Polish film lovers, children on Sunday mornings and determined football fans during the UEFA Champions League matches.

On April 24, Helios invites you to Film Mornings in a new version with the heroes of the popular series. “Miracle: Ladybug and Black Cat”. Marinette and Adrien Paris are chosen superheroes: Ladybug and Cat Noir. Each of them has miraculous, power-related jewelry associated with magical beings (Kwami). Their mission is to stop the Shahin Lord from destroying the city and creating more dangerous super villains.

We will present a collection of fairy tales:

1. Ladybug
2 Heart Shame: Miracle Part Collision 1
3 The Miraculous Queen: The Collision of the Miraculous Part 2


games and competitions with animator [10-15 min]
projection – a collection of fairy tales or a movie [50-60 min]

Bilici kino

On April 25, the Koneser Cinema series will present the film “The Worst Man in the World”, which was nominated for two Oscars this year and has won awards at many film festivals around the world. This is the story of Julie – a young, enthusiastic girl in her 30s who discovered a life full of dilemmas. It’s a kind of cinematic way to discover your place and plan for the future.

UEFA Champions League

Sports emotions will reach their peak on April 26 and 27! Manchester City will face Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday. A day later, the players of Liverpool and Villarreal will face each other. No football fan should miss such emotions on the big screen!

Culture exists

On Thursday, April 28, we invite you to the film “Magdalena”, which presents a young mother trying to adapt to a responsible life with a passion for life in the series Affordable Network for Culture. The heroine loves music, which is a form of communication with the world, because the girl does not speak. When he encounters a famous DJ on the road, he has a chance to make his dreams come true, but the traumatic past stands in front of his new life.


The first of the hot premieres – “Viking” – It will take viewers to frosty Iceland in the 10th century. The film tells the story of a Viking prince who returned to his homeland after many years to fulfill his childhood oath: to avenge his father, to save his mother, to kill his uncle. He swears like a boy taken by his parents by his uncle – he kills his father, kidnaps his mother. Two decades later, the knife of justice reaches the torturer!

Another movie trip, this time to sunny Mexico, will take viewers to Nicolas Cage with a crazy comedy. “The unbearable burden of great talent”, where he plays a financially backward Hollywood actor … Nicolas Cage! Mysterious millionaire fan Javid, who wants to fulfill his actor’s whim to improve his financial situation, accepts his birthday invitation. The U.S. government and the CIA have a stake in all the activities, and they are investigating the cartel leader – Cage becomes their spy.

The third premiere will take place in Helios cinemas at lightning speed thanks to the protagonist – a space hedgehog named Sonic. “SONIC 2. Fast as lightning” is the second part of the adventures of the crazy blue hedgehog on our planet. This time Sonic joins forces to save the world with his new friend Tails. A beautiful and noble yellow fox with two tails can fly thanks to him. Together they will face the unsuccessful Doctor Robotnik and his assistant Knuckles, who plan to buy the Magic Emerald. An epic duel is being prepared on the big screen!

Ukrainian demonstration

Helios, which continues its daily series of free screenings in Ukrainian, invites you to two films every day from next Friday (April 22). The first set of tales – “44 cats” – Developed
Taking into account the youngest viewers, therefore, it will be broadcast in the Ukrainian dubbed version.
Older viewers will be interested in the film “Mummy operation” In the version with a Ukrainian teacher – history
Young detectives in the wake of Egyptian riddles, mummies and the Tutankhamen curse.

Movie emotions are a great idea to spend an unforgettable time with your loved ones! Details of the current repertoire are available at www.helios.pl and in the new Helios mobile application. Viewers can plan their visit to the cinema, save money by buying tickets in advance, and choose the best places. See you at the spring shows!



We have 2 double invitations to the cinema to win. By default, as in our competitions, the winners are the first to answer the following question.

Where is the main part of this week’s premiere – Wiking?

Send an email to redakcja@gazetapowiatowa.pl. We are waiting for them today at 20.00. The first two people win.

It is important! Write your answer in the subject line of the email. Enter your first and last name in the text of the email where you will buy a ticket to the cinema. In addition, tickets can only be collected during the following week, April 22-29, 2022. The invitation is valid for 2D and 3D demonstrations every day of the week. Does not apply to special projects.

The winners will be informed about the winnings tomorrow.

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