He announced which speed passenger he would meet [Z pomponem]

Where did the slag come from in his life? How did he enchant her?

– I have been a big fan of this sport since childhood. Thanks to my parents, I became interested in speedway, because as a child I was taken to competitions. There are many reasons why I love the fast track. One of them and the most important is to integrate with the fans, to support our players and encourage them to fight. The second reason is the atmosphere on the track, the adrenaline and the stress that welcomes our players until the last lap. If we count this season, it is the second year as my leader, and it promises to be another wonderful year full of wonderful memories and impressions, – says Okulichz.

Nikola OkulichNikola Okulicz – archive. private

Many girls dream of becoming one of the leading fast passengers before the start. How did he find himself in this role?

– As a child, I admired the guides, I always dreamed of standing on the track one day, to be in the place of one of them. And so last year I decided to make this dream come true. While browsing Facebook, I wrote about casting. I decided to pursue my goal and try it, says Stal Gorzów, who heads My Bermuda.

Nikola OkulichNikola Okulicz – archive. private

The city of Gorzów loves fast roads. Many fans also meet and make friends outside the stadium where the matches are held. Is Nicola Okulicz better known by black sports fans after becoming a leader?

– Yes. Being an escort had a big impact on recognition. I am very pleased and happy to teach me, ”he added.

Nikola OkulichNikola Okulicz – archive. private

Meeting your favorite speed racer is also often the dream of many “black sports” fans. Our interlocutor admits that he would gladly accept such an offer. There is a player who especially attracted his attention.

– I would go to meet Anders Thomsen. The Dane is a very helpful and intelligent man, and with a sense of humor – Okulicz admits.

Being so close to the players is a very stressful activity. Girls sometimes make mistakes, confusing starting areas, helmet colors, and all sorts of funny situations. Fortunately, Nikola Okulich has not had an accident so far.

Nikola OkulichNikola Okulicz – archive. private

“It hasn’t happened on the track yet, but I have very funny memories of the last match between Stal Gorzov and Motor Lublin, when I almost stumbled from stress,” Okulichz said.

Stal Gorzov is not the only one who loves to drive Speedway My Bermuda. In addition to this sports discipline, he is also interested in others.

– Along with Speedway, I am also interested in football, go to matches, support them or watch them on TV – he explains.

Nikola OkulichNikola Okulicz – archive. private

Nicola is also a coach at Cheerleaders Warta Gorzow.

– I started my career working at the Cheerleaders Warta Gorzów club, where I trained as a player. At the age of sixteen, I completed the “Train Assistant” courses and then started working with children aged 3-6, the youngest group in our club. Currently, more groups are training, the age range is different. I dedicate all my heart to my work. I do acrobatics, gymnastics and dance for children. I give them the knowledge I gained when I was young, when I was training – adds Okulicz.

Nikola OkulichNikola Okulicz – archive. private

Fans sometimes wonder if speeding can affect the fate of the race, for example, trying to distract the visiting team from speeding so that Stal’s players can start better.

– Of course, I feel the eyes of a footballer more than once. There is also laughter and visual exchange. However, we want to convey good energy, encourage and support the players, rather than distracting them, – concludes Nikola Okulichz.


Serious mistakes, loopholes in the regulations and the pharmacy accuracy of the judges destroy what fans love the most – charming simplicity. – Speedway cannot disappear from Sweden, Denmark or the United Kingdom. The problem is especially big in Sweden. Poland takes responsibility for all highways – the podcast says: “We know the highways!” Karol Lejman, president of the organizing company One Sport including. SEC, a series of competitions for the title of European champion.

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