Carrefour changes shopping by weight – you will save money and help the planet

On Earth Day, Carrefour announces nationwide changes to its traditional stands, vegetable and fruit departments, and bakeries. From April 22, the chain will encourage customers to buy products by weight on a regular basis for their packaging, instead offering them new products and significant discounts on reusable boxes and bags. This weekend, they will reach -25% of the starting price. The campaign is part of the “Road to Zero Waste” project, which combines all the activities of the network to reduce the use of plastic and prevent food waste.

Over the weekend of April 22-24, customers will find many attractions and offers that promote more sustainable shopping in Carrefour stores. As part of the “Weekend for the Earth” campaign, people who want to shop more responsibly will be able to get durable Carrefour reusable packaging that can be purchased by weight of products such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, meat, fish, delicacies. products and bread. Packaging and bags will be available in all hyper on weekends
chain supermarkets with a 25% discount for all people who buy at least one product from a traditional counter, fruit and vegetable stand or bakery. Customers who have already purchased Carrefour packaging or bags will be able to take advantage of a 25% discount on selected products by weight. royal cheese, turkey ham, fitness bread and potatoes from Quality by Nature.

Weekend for the Earth is part of Carrefour’s Road to Zero Waste program, which aims to reduce food waste, generate less waste and reduce recyclable packaging. The project covers both awareness campaigns and business solutions, as well as innovations that affect the more environmentally friendly nature of stores.

“Reducing food waste and promoting sustainable shopping habits is a common goal for our customers and our network,” he said. Sylwester Mczek, Manager of Format and Commercial Concept Development at Carrefour Polska. – Combating all waste is a pillar of our socially responsible business policy. On the occasion of Earth Day, we are even more pleased to be able to announce new solutions that will make it easier for our customers to shop wisely. Thanks to reusable packaging and bags, they will be able to get exactly the amount of product they need. Our activities are two-dimensional – on the one hand, protecting the environment, and on the other hand, finance allows customers to better plan and save money on every purchase, he adds. Mrocek.

Carrefour’s environmental innovations

Since 2019, the network has been working continuously to develop the sustainable nature of shopping in Carrefour stores. One of the first to take back all disposable plastic containers and replace them with environmentally friendly analogues. This allowed them to buy coffee from the Smacznie zone for their cups, began using double-ply paper in the traditional sales department to facilitate proper separation of waste, and in the following months, stores offered reusable bags for vegetables, fruits and bread. In addition, since the beginning of last year, Carrefour has been accepting returnable bottles in its stores without any restrictions, without any proof of purchase, paying customers the full value of the deposit.
in shopping vouchers. According to the network, this contributes to the measurable financial savings of its customers – in 2021 they saved more than 2,000,000 PLN in this way, and in 2023 this amount is estimated at more than 4,000,000 PLN. Carrefour is also consistently working to reduce the amount of plastic in the packaging of privately labeled products, either by optimizing its weight or by replacing plastic with greener equivalents.

In 2021, the network has developed Stop Food Waste zones where products are available
Up to 90% discount with close shelf life. More than 18.5 million products have been saved from falling into the trash in 12 months, which is equivalent to more than 6,000 tons of food saved. That same year, Carrefour became the first network in Poland to ensure the return of bottles without receipts by developing a returnable packaging deposit system as part of a closed-loop economy. This has resulted in an increase in the popularity of the solution – the number of bottles returned in hypermarkets and supermarkets has increased by an unprecedented 227% since April 2021.
4 million units. The initiative continues this year.

Make it easy to care for the ground

The Weekend for Earth campaign and the Road to Zero Waste program are designed to encourage customers to make small changes to their daily purchases, which will allow them to live more sustainably. The network will encourage the purchase of cold meat, cheese or delicacies from traditional counters in stores through visual messages with the logo “Road to Zero Waste”. Zero Waste Parking will also be expanded – separate educational areas that provide advice to help with eco-friendly shopping in the store. The network also announces the future development of the innovative Eco Bar network, a refillomat that allows you to purchase liquid products such as cosmetics or cleaning products for your dishes.

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