5 Reasons to Change Your Internet to Smart Wi-Fi

We have been using wireless Wi-Fi for years. This is the best way to connect your laptop and smartphone to the network when you are at home. Today we have at least a few laptops and smartphones at home. In addition, connecting to a home Wi-Fi network is increasingly being offered by other devices. These include televisions, e-book readers, and even home appliances. Each of them occupies a certain amount of network bandwidth, and many users now expect the device they want to use to get the most stable and fastest share of that bandwidth. Demand is growing and service providers are well aware of this. An offer that will appeal to those who are waiting for simplicity is Smart Wi-Fi from UPC with Connect Box or Giga Connect Box routers and UPC Connect mobile application for Android and Apple iOS smartphones.

Automatic frequency selection

First, a few sentences from the theory. Wi-Fi routers operate on two frequencies – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Wireless signal receiving devices operate at either 2.4 GHz or both. Less Wi-Fi frequency means more range, but lower speed and higher frequency means less range at higher connection speeds.

The frequency of the transmitted signal and the network of the target device depend on the configuration of the router. Switching frequencies from UPC to the Intelligent Wi-Fi system, available at https://www.upc.pl/internet/kup-internet/, is done automatically according to the needs of the device.

Smart Wi-Fi from UPC The house also pays attention to the openness of Wi-Fi network channels. What is happening? If most of the devices connected to our wireless network use the same channel, this channel will be blocked and the connection speed will be reduced. In real time, intelligent Wi-Fi analyzes the load of individual channels and automatically switches the devices to the place where the network will be better.

UPC Connect application – intuitive and fast configuration

It depends on the ability to configure and manage network settings from a web browser Smart Wi-Fi archaic solution. Provides UPC application to customers UPC Connectis a control center for subscribers who log in using the customer’s account password.

The application is intended for users who do not have technical knowledge about the operation of wireless networks. Just a few clicks Smart Wi-Fi began to do what it had to do, that is, to speed up and stabilize the wireless connection.

It is a good idea to start with a room scanner. The function provides information about points where the device will have poor coverage or will not be covered at all. For smart Wi-Fi is information about the optimal network configuration for a given device, and the program will begin to manage network resources.

The UPC Connect program also allows you to manually control individual devices connected to a given SSID. It is possible to disconnect them from the network or block access.

Security of the youngest Internet users

Of course, the feature requires parental attention to configure it properly, but the parental protection feature in UPC Connect is another barrier that protects the youngest network from threats, and it can’t be lacking in a Smart Wi-Fi system. The parent can set network usage hours on special devices and restrict access to unwanted websites. Access to these settings is additionally protected so that the child cannot change the settings without the parent’s knowledge.

UPC WIFI POD – delivers the signal to the desired location

Signal strength, or rather lack of power, is a problem in large homes. It is often difficult to find the optimal point where all the rooms in the house will be covered with a signal. Here he comes to the rescue UPC WIFI PODthat is, a signal amplifier.

The UPC WIFI POD connects to the router and receives the main network signal from it. Then, using its antennas, it transmits the signal, covering areas far from the main router. Configuration is done through the UPC Connect program and is as simple as managing the entire network. A few clicks and our network will perform better.

The UPC WIFI POD is an important part of the UPC offer and the Smart Wi-Fi system, as it provides high ease of switching between networks while moving between rooms. Everything happens automatically. When the UPC Connect expander determines that the POD network will provide faster connection speeds, it will switch the device to the network provided by the UPC WIFI POD.

Enjoy your high speed internet without thinking about how it works

Many people do not think about how electrical appliances or car engines work. They are expected to operate and the relevant systems will be interested in their proper functioning. We also expect the Internet, especially Wi-Fi networks, to be fast, stable, and always accessible (at least at home). We expect the Internet to configure itself and work almost immediately.

Smart Wi-Fi in UPC works the same way. The right system provides the user with the best connection quality, the UPC Connect application provides efficient access to key settings, and the UPC WIFI POD repeater allows the network signal to be delivered by Connect Box or Giga Connect Box routers.

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