Which operator should you transfer your number to now? We tested it on Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile

In Poland, several hundred thousand numbers are transferred between operators every quarter – this has been the norm for years. One of the reasons why this often happens is that the conditions for operators and carriers are better than for new customers. With the Big Four, we checked what it looked like today.

In the first quarter of 2022, a total of 343,342 numbers were transferred, according to the latest UKE report on number portability between operators. The vast majority of operators have changed as part of the “big four” – Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile:

Number portability between operators – Q1 2022 / infrastructure operators
Service Provider Name giving receiver Balance
Orange 87435 80256 -7179
To play 100287 78020 -22267
in addition 79123 57085 -22038
T-Mobile 56246 68362 12116
Together 323091 283723 -39368

The vast majority of customers also choose to subscribe here. The report on the state of the telecommunications market in Poland for 2020 shows that subscriptions are chosen by 73% of consumers.

There is no data yet for 2021, but a consumer survey by UKE also shows that this is a stable level of around 70%.

How do operators encourage port numbers? Let’s see.

The number is transferred to Orange

We start with Orange in alphabetical order. This operator rewards you with a free monthly subscription for each option, ie new number, number portability, prepaid card number transfer from nju or offer, online shopping.

However, if you transfer the number from another operator, you have three months without paying the subscription fee. So, in general, you can get it for free for up to four months, ie after transferring the number to Orange, we pay a 20-month subscription fee for the entire term of the contract.

The number is transferred to Play

Play, in turn, currently has no special options for number carriers, all options without exception, so the new number transferred from the contest or Play prepaid offer is provided without a three-month subscription fee. There is one condition – online shopping. The savings in this account are therefore compared to the option of subscribing to the salon.

Transferring the number to Plus

An interesting situation is in the case of Plus. The operator currently has no campaigns for new customers or transfers numbers from the contest, but it encourages customers to switch from a prepaid offer to a subscription or to MIX on Plus. Such customers can subscribe for free for 3 months.

Number transfer to T-Mobile

The last operator of the “Big Four” – T-Mobile – rewards three months without payment for the transition from competition to subscription.

Number portability to Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile – comparison

Where is it worth to transfer your number now? Let’s check it with the most popular subscriptions worth 50-60 PLN.

All subscriptions, of course, include unlimited mobile and landline calls in the country and in EU roaming, as well as unlimited SMS / MMS messages, differing only in data transmission.

  • Orange – plan for 50 PLN with 15 GB data transfer limit and 60 PLN with 60 GB
  • Play – PLN 60 – Plan for 60 GB
  • Plus – PLN plan for 55 – 30 GB and 65 – 60 GB
  • T-Mobile – 55 PLN – plan for 40 GB and 65 PLN – unlimited with 30 Mb / s speed limit.
Number portability Orange I. Orange II To play Moreover i Plus II T-Mobile I T-Mobile II
Standard offer 50.00 PLN 60.00 PLN 60.00 PLN 55.00 PLN 65.00 PLN 55.00 PLN 65.00 PLN
Number portability 41.66 PLN 50.00 PLN 52.50 PLN 48.12 PLN 56.87 PLN 48.12 PLN 56.87 PLN
Monthly savings PLN 8.34 10.00 PLN 7.50 PLN 6.88 PLN PLN 8.13 6.88 PLN PLN 8.13
Savings for the entire contract period PLN 200.16 240.00 PLN 180.00 PLN 165.12 PLN 195.12 PLN 165.12 PLN 195.12 PLN

Now the most advantageous price will be to change the operator to Orange in each of the plans. A more expensive plan for 60 PLN now allows you to use the services included in the transfer of numbers at a cheaper plan price for 50 PLN per month. In case of play, we will save less than a month on the same content as Orange.

As for the Plus, here we are only considering the transfer of the number from the offer to the subscription card within the network. In the 55 PLN plan, the monthly cost will be reduced to 48.12 PLN – with the same content in the prepaid offer for 30 PLN, the only advantage during the transfer will be access to 5G. On the other hand, customers who carry a number on the 60 PLN plan will pay 56.87 PLN per month, and on the same card offer they will pay 35 PLN with 5G access. The difference is in the data transfer, in the subscription they will get 60 GB and free access to Tidal, in the prepaid offer it is almost half – 35 GB.

At T-Mobile, those who transfer numbers from another operator earn 165 PLN and 196 PLN per month, respectively, compared to the standard offer.

In summary, in terms of price, it is better to transfer the number to Orange – 60 PLN, and in terms of content – to T-Mobile – 65 PLN.

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