VOLLEYBALL / Alina Zagozda-Dobrzanska, President of KS Sorella Częstochowianki: “Players mobilize and support each other. I sincerely invite you to the games and support our team. “

KS Sorella Częstochowianki Częstochowa team took a serious step in the fight for the 1st League volleyball podium. He advanced to the semifinals of the playoffs of these games, which will be played against PWSZ Roleski Group Azoty Tarnów. In particular, we are talking about the upcoming clashes between Chestochova President Alina Zagozda-Dobrzanska and the team of the Small Polish Voivodeship, as well as the previous quarterfinals with Enea Energetyka Poznan and the main part of 2021/2022. Season. At the same time, the President kindly and warmly invites all fans to the first duel with PWSZ Tarnów keçiriləcək, which will be held on Saturday (April 23) at 16:00 in Chestochova Sports Hall.

Before the start of the 2021/2020 season, you did not hide the fact that your goal will be to reach the playoffs, and you did it. However, did reaching the semi-finals not exceed your pre-season expectations?

– In my opinion, it is safe to say with excess. We realized that this will not be easy, as our staff has changed significantly compared to the previous season. After all, 11 new players joined us. This means that adaptation is not always easy and therefore you can get results. Thanks to the work of our coaches, the team has made great progress, and thus we have reached today’s situation.

At the main stage, your meetings with Enea Energetyka Poznań were not easy. You beat this team at home only after the tie-break, and in the return match on the road you lost without breaking the set. You knew what Enea Energetyk Poznań was capable of, and there were probably some concerns about the quarterfinals …

– That’s right. After the defeat in Poznan, the coaches said that the local team was performing well and felt fresh after the rest. So we thought the team was jumping at top speed and then it would be harder to stop. We went to the first playoff match with Poznań excitedly. This turned out to be a 3: 1 result for Energetyka. However, the fight took place in that match. We lost that game, but we managed to win at least one set.

After the first playoff game in Poznan, the fears were probably the biggest. However, the volleyball players withstood the pressure. They won the next two duels at home and you advanced to the semifinals.

– Yes. Returning to these matches in Chestochova, I can say with confidence that the girls played without any complex. They were confident in their abilities, determined, and not afraid of anything. None of them trembled during the two-day race. They were extremely quiet. In the past, it was difficult for me to intuitively predict the outcome of these meetings. The girls were so confident that they won with their heads held high.

As the President has already mentioned, there have been many staff changes before the season. This meant that the team definitely needed time to adapt. As can be seen in the start-up phase, the team came together relatively quickly. As you admit, it was largely provided by a coaching staff led by Mr. Andrzej Stelmach and Ms. Anita Krzyczmonik.

– The coaching staff of Andrzej Stelmach, Anita Krzyczmonik and Anna Luuszczyk really motivated the team. With the right parameters for the girls, it was possible to set up a training system so that they could then train at the highest level. It is useful to have substitutes for girls. More freedom also prevails during training. Our goal was also to develop our volleyball players. We saw a lot of potential in the players we bought and could get out of them quickly. We wanted to show that girls can still develop. And I think it has been done. The girls have achieved great success in their sports careers.

Was there anything that particularly surprised you this season? As for the positives, he and Stal Mielec definitely won two games with the second in the 1st ITA-TOOLS League …

– Yes. I even looked at the results of all the games we played until this season. At first, the Mielec team seemed inaccessible. It turned out differently during the games. We have won twice with this team. We are also watching the LOS Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki team, which we have not been able to beat even once this season. And maybe we will play against this team again in the medal stage. The matches with LOS Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki were also a big surprise for us.

Was there anything that surprised you on the downside? For example, as a club management, do you think the match should not be lost? Or maybe there were no such moments?

– If we analyze the games now, it is difficult to determine such a match in the previous rounds. However, the first away match with Solna Velichka is now remembered. We saw great potential in this team. We thought he would finish the main stage at a higher place. Finally, it turned out differently. With this team we almost lost at the beginning of the first round. This is a point that could be better for us if you think a little deeper.

It is known that the whole team is trying to achieve the desired result. After all, as a club president, would you like to distinguish one of the players as a former volleyball player?

– I do not think so. The players we trusted were equal in position. I was impressed by the performance of our captain (Daria Dąbrowska – editor’s note), who performed the entrusted function in the best way. He can both mobilize the team and lead it to victory. He is also the leader of the team. One of the games of the current season is that our player Angela Mroczek had to enter the field for the first time, probably in the fourth set. And then he did not play in the previous parts of the match. The coach suddenly made a change with Angela, and she then, almost brilliantly, played almost 100 percent. He was the most valuable volleyball player of our team at that time. At that moment I was very enchanted. In the fourth set, the player suddenly enters the game, does his job, and the match ends successfully for us. It was a really great moment. I am satisfied with the atmosphere in the team. Girls who are both mobilized and support each other. They are struggling to get into the starting six. They want to show that coaches are worth trusting them. This is very encouraging. I believe that we do not have any mental problems with the players. And they can appear in many teams.

Better and better results for a particular club attract the attention of potential donors. A few rounds after the start of the season, you got the general sponsor, Sorella. Did other sponsors appear in the meantime?

– The appearance of Sorella, which we gladly presented at a special ceremony sponsored by us (October 15, 2021 – ed. Note), has led to an increase in positive energy not only in the club’s management, but also among the club’s management. our volleyball players. The acquisition of the general sponsor is the best proof that our team has won eight games in a row in a short time. It is very important for us to feel the support and stability we are fighting for in these difficult times. This also led to Huta Liberty Częstochowa joining our group of sponsors. We are also negotiating with potential donors. We invite you to support the sport of Chestochowa at the highest level – and not only -. Time is still hard. The coronavirus pandemic is still going on – apparently in the final stages – and there has been a war in Ukraine. It is not conducive to prosperity. Undoubtedly, each of us is afraid of the time that reigns. Nevertheless, we are working. We want to provide sports fans in Częstochowa with as many positive emotions as possible, as well as offer a place for children and teenagers to train. Despite all this, adequate support is needed.

As an ancient proverb says, “appetite increases as one eats.” In other words: the better the results, the higher the goals. Now that you have reached the semifinals, your goal is to at least fight for the podium of the Tauron League.

– Of course. We are fully motivated and mobilized. To be honest, I am interested in the upcoming semi-final matches with PWSZ Roleski Group Azoty Tarnów. Behind the scenes, it was recently said that this team is a little afraid of us, at least in our area. Although we lost the game with Tarnow 0: 3 at home in the main stage, the level was really very high. PWSZ felt resistance from us. After the meeting, the team congratulated us on our relationship. I think that the instructions of the day will, of course, be decisive for the “blow of success” we hope for. We will also face the Tarnów team on an equal footing and fight for our dreams. I can assure you that we will not sell leather cheaply.

As you can see, you have a fight position before the semifinals with PWSZ Roleski Group Azoty Tarnów. However, unfortunately, you are no doubt aware of the statistics that speak in favor of your closest competitors. This season, more than just a loss …

– Admittedly, the club Tarnow aimed to rise, as it received a major sponsor, such as Roleski (last season). This team failed to achieve this in last year’s games. For the current 2021/2022 season, many players from the Tauron League have joined the team. We knew it would be a very strong team. There was a difference in shooting power and experience between PWSZ Tarnów and the other teams behind him in the Ligue 1 standings – and still can be seen. It is ambitious for a rise that will be difficult to overcome. But we are still optimistic and hopeful. Therefore, I am looking forward to the first match in Chestochova.

You will play this first match against Tarnowlu on April 23 at Częstochowa Sports Hall. Loud, active demonstrations, Chestochowa fans often gave volleyball players the “wind in the sails” proverb “Czanki” and ended in victory. Also, in the duels with Stal Mielec, which you mentioned earlier, you are not a favorite. Undoubtedly, thanks to the support of the fans, there is great hope that the first match will end happily.

– I really believe that. From now on, I would like to invite all the fans to this meeting. The applause of our fans raised our girls even higher in the match against Stal Mielech or Energetyka Poznań in the last quarterfinal. He showed. A wonderful atmosphere was created during these clashes. I hope it will happen again on April 23 and we will surprise everyone.

Thanks for talking.

Interviewer: Norbert Giżyński

Picture. Grzegorz Przygodzinski

Norbert Giżyński

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