Use of promotions. Do it wisely and you will save a lot

Who doesn’t love promotion? Especially now, when everything is more expensive, the words “-50%” or “-70%” on the eyes seduce even the most sensitive consumers. It is worth knowing how to find good discounts. Thanks to them, we can get what we need – cheaper. Regular and smart use of the campaign will save a lot of money.

But a simple discount is sometimes not enough. We can do more. If we combine the standard discount with cashback, it is not only metaphorical.

The promotions are excellent. However, they need to be treated responsibly. It has long been known that the word “promotion” through learning stimulates the reward system in the brain of the average buyer. Therefore, when we are able to “buy” a high-discount product, even if we do not need it, our brain will quickly convince us that it is so.

More than 80% of Poles buy with promotions

The use of campaigns is extremely popular in our country, and this is confirmed by many studies and reports over the years. In 2018, a KPMG report showed that 8 out of 10 Poles sometimes stop shopping until sales begin. 23% of respondents said that they deliberately stop shopping before the start of the campaign – for them it is a permanent and purposeful method of shopping.

A lot has changed since 2018. A global pandemic has begun, inflation has risen, Russia has invaded Ukraine … All this has resulted in a significant increase in prices. Consumers still appreciate the use of promotions. The PAP recently conducted a survey on Poles’ shopping plans for the upcoming Easter holiday.

A survey conducted by UCE Research and Blix Group showed that 83.3% of respondents will receive products in promotions. In addition, consumers, who observe record prices for basic products, are very concerned about this increase. That’s why most of them are looking forward to the last week with Christmas shopping. Then they hope to face the best opportunities.

Take advantage of promotions – get smart first

Vendors are well aware that discounts are appealing to our brains. For years, they have used the trick of double discounting the product. Experience shows that the consumer buys a product with a 20% discount twice more than a 40% discount at a time. In fact, the second option is more profitable, but two discounts will look like a better “reward” when we are in automatic mode. The more primitive trick we are still in love with is to end up with “99” at prices. Of course, the consumer will choose 9.99 PLN instead of 10.00 PLN.

If the promotions are not real, it is even worse. This means that after a 50% discount, the product will cost 50 PLN, even if it has never been worth 100 PLN before. Or it is expensive, but only for a while – immediately before the discount. Such manipulations are illegal and sellers who use them can face severe sanctions. For us, it would be better if we no longer resort to cheap tricks at the stage of purchase.

Use proven promotions and discount coupons

As I said at the beginning, if we use the promotion “wisely”, it can bring us a lot of benefits. In the past, the only source of information about discounts was newsletters. Today, programs that check and collect offers from different companies together are a better help.

An application (and not only) that is definitely worth using when shopping madness. It is a website with a transparent structure that offers its users discount coupons and promo codes for shopping in hundreds of stores. Campaigns are divided into 22 categories. Among them, for example, we can find food, gifts and gadgets, tourism and travel or premium stores. not only collects store offers, but also cooperates with the largest market leaders. However, the database moderators, who are especially important to me, update it regularly and, above all, check the validity of the coupons by checking each piece of information separately from the store. plugin for your browser: has a special tool that is a must for anyone looking at prices before making a purchase. Special chips, which we can install in the browser, it will tell us, for example, that the product in question has just been promoted.

In addition, thanks to a special plug-in for the Chrome browser, discount codes will be automatically deducted when shopping in the online store, and we will refund a certain percentage of money to our account for each purchase in the partner company! In addition, we will receive a notification when the price of the product we are interested in falls.

The website also offers an easy-to-use mobile application of the same name. In addition to the thousands of coupons already in it, from April 15 we will be able to use cashback using a smartphone. When shopping in selected stores – through the application – part of the money spent will be refunded to our account. And it’s fun here, because we’re going to hunt something 30 percent first. cheaper, and then more – for example, 15 PLN will return to our account to take advantage of this special promotion.

Our times are hard, but you can make saving a lot easier by using a promotion. However, you must remember that our purchases must be well thought out. Proven coupon database and cashback, as well as a search option by category – exactly what we want to buy will definitely help in this work.

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