Satisfyer Pro 2: Review of one of the most popular sex devices in the world. Is it worth investing in this Air Clitoral Stimulator?

Lots of power. Many orgasms. These are the repeated expressions when talking about Satisfyer Pro 2. This airy clitoral massager is one of the most remarkable sex tools in any corner of the world. So I’m checking to see if this is really the case.

Some time ago, when I conducted a survey on my Instagram account about my favorite sex gadgets among my followers and observers, it turned out that they have clitoral stimulants. Not surprisingly, this is a crazy orgasm point on a body map designed just for pleasure. As for the specific models of gadgets, the top 3 include: Sona from the Swedish brand Lelo and Satisfyer contactless air stimulators: Penguin (so-called penguin) and Satisfyer Pro 2! Today I want to focus on the latter, because I read a lot of positive reviews and listened to it. Eventually, I was able to test it on my own skin, the clitoris. What are the results of my tests? Is Satisfyer Pro 2 worth investing in? How does this gadget work and what can you expect from it? Does Satisfyer Pro 2 really allow you to have many orgasms?

Satisfyer Pro 2: how to use? So, the first steps with a symbolic erotic gadget

Let’s start with the first impression and technical details. Satisfyer Pro 2 It’s a little bigger gadget for me than you think when you look at photos. Also, this type, which I know, is a bit heavier than other gadgets. Its length is about 16 cm. Made of ABS material, which is quite stiff, but perfectly smooth and pleasant to the touch, we put it on our clitoris with a velvet-textured silicone mouthpiece. Of course, after pre-applying the lubricant. Then we can practice Level 11 air waves will stimulate our clitoris more intensively if we want.

List of the most important information about Satisfyera Pro 2

  • Based on Air Pulse technology
  • 11 air pressure settings
  • 100% water resistant
  • Charged via USB (cable can be found in the box with the gadget)
  • Material: ABS plastic, medical silicone
  • color: rose (some call this color champagne)

It is a good idea to refill the gadget before using it for the first time.

What is the magic of Satisfyer? So that’s how Satisfyer Pro 2 works

But let’s get to the point. What is the magic of Satisfyera Pro 2? What makes it a religious status? What makes it so bestseller? Maybe Air Pulse technology. The fact is that they stimulate our clitoris from the outside to the inside Pressure air waves that provide extremely pleasant sensations for many people and can stimulate the clitoris until orgasm.

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Satisfyer Pro 2: reviews

What can you find about Satisfyera Pro 2 on the Internet? There is even information that it helps to have an orgasm, and this is not one! People who have tried this gadget also emphasize that it offers a lot of good experiences, is beautiful and durable, has served for many years, but it does not cost much. Usually its price varies around 200 PLN. You can also get it for less than this amount, almost half the price, for example, on the website

Wow, I wish I had ordered this toy sooner – We can read on the Internet.

Fantastic device!

I wish I could now have an orgasm with Saisfyer.

Discreet and reliable …

Satisfyer Pro 2: review

Satisfyer Pro 2 is definitely a nice gadget. In my opinion, the epithet best describes it subtle elegancea. It’s the same. Although slightly larger and heavier than other clitoral stimulant gadgets, the grip sits comfortably, is intuitive to use, and is easy to switch between different clitoral power levels by pressing the plus or minus keys. The delicate oral cavity is wide enough to embrace the clitoris, so it allows you to stimulate the area around it or the nipples and the tips of the ears. What caught my attention was that the gadget was relatively quiet, especially at low speeds, but overall it was a subtle gadget. This is a plus.

Undoubtedly, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a device of sufficient intensity. We immediately feel its power. Perhaps this is where his success lies, in today’s busy world we want to quickly relieve tension, have an orgasm in a minute and run even further. So Satisfyer can provide that. However, it can quickly stimulate the clitoris. Therefore, even if the lowest power level is very intense, it is worth starting with the use of the toy through underwear, at a short distance from the body, stop stimulating the clitoris to breathe. Satisfyer must prove himself not only during solo sex, but also during sexual intercourse with a partner. Another advantage is that the gadget is easy to keep clean.

It is loved and sold at a crazy rate The velvet tip of the gadget covers the clitoris like a mouth, and Air Pulse technology, ie pulsating air waves, give the impression of absorption, absorption of the clitoris. And as if they vibrate it pleasantly, when successive waves pass through it and spread to the depths of our body. Worth a try.

In general, when we get used to the Satisfyer Pro 2, we will get to know it, and it should go fast, it will serve us better, and for long, enjoyable sessions, we will enjoy it slowly and have intense feelings. it will throw us into space soon. So it is a good value gadget that definitely provides sexual satisfaction. In addition, the design makes it a perfect gift for a girlfriend, friend, sister, mother …

Satisfyer Pro 2 and Satisfyer Pro Penguin – compare

As I mentioned, the Satisfyer Pro 2 (the first version was released in 2016) is competing with others in another gadget of the same brand. Of course, we are talking about the famous penguin. What is the difference between them? Design at first glance. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is slightly larger and more elegant. And it’s more like a sex gadget than a child’s toy. The penguin also has 11 levels of stimulation, but the intensity of the air waves under pressure in its box is slightly lower than that of the Satisfyer Pro 2. Therefore, Satisfyer Penguin is recommended for people who are just starting their adventure with this type of clitoral gadget. Penguins are also a bit cheaper.

If you are looking for other gadgets to stimulate the clitoris, or prefer to stimulate the vagina or both parts of the body, look at other vibrator models from the German brand Satisfyer!

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