Monica Kociołek spoke about the HEAVY life of Team X influencer: “It’s a lot of work for MEGA”

Monica Kociołek in Fame MMA 14 cage answered several questions. Among other things, we learned that “a dog is a dog” and “an influencer’s job is difficult.” Eh, where to start.

If you have been living under a rock for several weeks … I envy you. In short: The main event at Fame MMA 14 will be between Fagata and Monica Kociołek. The ladies were not supposed to argue with them, but Monia shouted at her opponent after the fight was declared.

We also hoped to learn a little more about the state of his company or the famous “two meters” in the cage. We bought more – but everything is fine.

An important thing in the beginning. It is very important that you immediately tell yourself:


The irony of Monica’s crying is weak

Monica was probably placed here for the first time, not elsewhere. As a rule, confrontation with sincere criticism took place on his computer or phone screen in his work. Emotions exploded during the cage, and Monia cried as she reacted in a different way.

A completely new situation, significant environmental pressure – this could be the end of it. However, ridicule for his behavior is the worst level of GotB’s desire. If you want to criticize him for something, there are many other things. Cry? Everyone reacts to stress in their own way and makes fun of Monica for something like that … bow, be good.

About a dog without pathological breeding

This is the biggest problem facing Fame fans and critics. Monica in the cage gave the impression that someone just “stuck” to her About it took a dog.


Monica had claimed this before The pseudo-kennel means bad conditions for keeping the dog, because he did not get a dog from a false kennel. He didn’t do any research because “a dog is a dog” and the person who sold it to him was nice. He wrote “buy a dog” on the Internet and “got as close to home as possible.”

Not even a pseudo-kennel is an option here, because when people think of a pseudo-kennel, they think that these dogs are even kept in the basement., are multiplied en masse and indicate that something is wrong with them. I was here too, you know – she was a grandmother who really had the conditions to adapt to these dogs, she was really nice and clean there. – Monica argued.

It was after this situation that I realized that this was something wrong. Before that, I didn’t take it into account – I didn’t know. For me, a dog is a dog. I love this dog and it doesn’t matter what kind of dog it is, it’s important to love it he continued.


If you support such an experience, they will sell more such dogs, but also as a well-known person, ‘Monica can, mom, get such a dog’ and that’s not good Nitro explained.

Then the affected person said he would not do it a second time. He also explained how he got this dog.

I didn’t expect anything wrong, I didn’t expect anything wrong in general. I’ve always wanted a dog and I didn’t care what breed it was. I just wrote “buy a dog” on the Internet and went to the nearest place near our house, because I didn’t want this dog to go that far with me – so I went to the nearest place, I was there, I saw the conditions in which he lived, and it was really good there, so I didn’t expect it to be so bad Monica explained.


I will post Revo on Twitter here:

Thus, it turns out that Monica Kociołek does not know what pseudo-kennels are, and her research on the dog breed she received was limited to reading advertisements. He is excellent …

Fortunately, at least thanks to him, many people learned about it false breeding. And Nitro showed a great rig, respecting what’s here.

Two meters and a company

Dr. Monica became famous for saying that “two meters” was related to his height. He explained that it was his “shell”.


If I thought about it a little bit, it would be such a “well, yes, in fact, two meters is that much” and you know, as if I knew it. he explained.

Note: You can always record recordings before releasing Stories. If it weren’t for that, it would explode, even if it’s wrong. At least there will be more advertising coverage.

As for the company. His initial inexplicability was explained by the fear of being “dragged down to make a mistake.” He was afraid of how people would react. He reacted very emotionally when he spoke of his fears.


About “The Hard Life of an Influencer”

There were no words about how it happened “The life of an Internet creator is hard.”

For us, opening each channel was something like “Oh, I’m proud of myself for opening the channel,” and you know it was in my pocket. [sytuacja innych członków Team X] – Monica said


Nitro Team X member began to whisper:

How can you say that someone is proud to open a channel? This is to create a channel: enter the email, select the name – Nitro explains

This is a lot of work, for example Patrycja [Mołczanow] MEGA works, he has such a notebook, and even says “cursed Patrycja” in one of our productions, instead of writing a plan of publication, everything is written in a notebook, some hearts are drawn. – Monica explains her efforts.

And that’s why it’s so hard, because you still have to shoot Nitro said.

Let me just mention that he was sitting on the couch next to Monica Robert Karaş. A five-time Ironman distance, a 211-kilometer run, a 900-kilometer bike ride and a 19-kilometer (say) record-breaking swim in the pool.

About the work of Monica Kociołek Influencer

About Lex

There is no point in stopping here for long. The lawsuit involved a case in which Monica scratched at TikTok after allegations against Lexia. At that time, he did not answer questions from the audience about his opinion, he played quietly.

In the cage, he said he supported Lexi behind the scenes. You know, the X team couldn’t do anything without the agency’s permission. But hey at least, “Team X is a family,” but it turned out that no one knew about it.

We sat, talked, sorry, Lexi was probably more than that, and the whole situation was really very exciting for him and for us – but in the evening I just scratched the calling cards, and that’s the end of the subject. He said and finished the subject.

Monica Mona Kociołek vs Wardęga- CAGE- Best Moments (feat. Nitro, Karaś)

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