Kristian Ochman GOT A GIRL! “It would be nice to have the right person. We didn’t get it”

The finals of this year’s song contest are fast approaching Eurovision. The music event is very popular every year, especially among Poles who are still waiting for a historic victory. This time we will see under the white and red flag at the May event Krystian OchmanWho will sing the song “River”. According to experts from the European competition and fans from abroad, the chances of our representative to win first place are high.

The singer, who joined the local entertainment industry, was a delicious bite for the gossip portals interested in him. private life. Ochman avoids sharing details about the romantic relationship on social media, so it’s not easy to find out if the musician’s heart is currently busy.

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In a conversation with Pleiada, the singer removed doubts about his emotional dilemmas, and he admitted that is single:

I don’t have a boyfriend now, but I think it’s nice to have a second person who can be open and tell him everything. In this situation, trust is very important – he said in an interview.

Ochman stressed that the right relationship can be established only with the chosen person, thanks to which you can survive at any time:

I think that no matter what situation you are in with the right person, if you stay connected to him, it will be great and beautiful. It depends, but we did not give results he continued bitterly.

The musician said that the separation will not affect his music development and participation in Eurovision:

I will not miss the opportunity to pay a little more attention to the preparation he concluded.

Krystian will hug more than once …

Now a very big star for some normal “old” girls.

He is still young, 22 years old. There is still much to look forward to! Since she is not in love with show business like other stars, she will find time to build a good relationship and family life.

She’s 22 or 23 and I’ve never heard of her boyfriend … if I was, she was protecting the ground and she was very good. πŸ˜‰

It happens. What to comment here?

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I’m young, inexperienced, I have no one to ask about it … is it normal for a boy to ask his girlfriend to lick him … well, ass? It’s weird for me, it showed movies about how girls do it, but it disgusts me, I dislike it, I have a feeling that it’s kind of a fetish and average people don’t do it. He distanced me from the boys.

I thought he was just hugging the boys

I understand family ties and respect for the great singer GRANDA … but the boy has no inclination to have fun … well, he is kind, but for whom he should sing + Young people will not take it and the older generation will not take it more. Most likely, he has a chance at Eurovision, because that’s the situation … good luck … especially in the classics, such a vibrato, probably not.

Excellent friend, I liked it

Who cares?

Have you already felt the glory of fame? Is it already common for him?

Money, how will this separation affect his preparation for the race? Because you wrote that it will affect.

She’s 22 or 23 and I’ve never heard of her boyfriend … if I was, she was protecting the ground and she was very good. πŸ˜‰

He did not say why he left, so it is too early to comment or evaluate

I was thinking about leaving my girlfriend and realized that at that time I was reading a lot of comments on the subject on the box (yesterday Cichopki, Rihanna, Kayah, etc.). I was looking for a perspective. It finally happened and I left yesterday … now my heart is breaking. I’m afraid I made the biggest mistake of my life because I love her and she’s beautiful … but she doesn’t fully cover her life and so my needs are completely ignored (we talked about it before, I explained. She warned , but did not change anything). Should I take it more? Did I do it right? Would you please write down how much time you spent after you left? After the divorce, did the boy show that he cared and began to change something? Did he take this as a lesson? Come back together and it’s better now …? I secretly hope we’ll be back … she cried separately.

With the right “human”, aha. So the classic, prepares the ground for the exit

But who cares about any bad singer in Poland?


And it seems to me that it was a separation from my lover … but what do I know πŸ™

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