“I have a son that I have been waiting for for 6 years. This is the crown of my perfect life. How can you tell that to your wife? ” – Real life

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My military father instilled in me discipline. As far as I can remember, he hits me on the head with a hammer, and the most important thing is to set a goal. and then do whatever it takes to achieve it. I had to be the best when I started swimming. The silver medal did not satisfy him either.

“You have to do your best when you do something,” he explained to me, and as I shivered by the pool in the cold, I squeezed the dripping medal in my hand.

It was not gold, so my father was not proud of me.

– You will train more, there will be gold.

It was the same at school. Four did not satisfy him. I should have been the best student.

“Son, remember, a good price is a good lesson,” he said. – This is a guarantee of good work and a lot of money. Only then will you gain people’s respect.

My mother was different, but she was very afraid of her father to oppose him. And as a teenager, I rebelled against such persecution, but of course I remembered his words. I successfully passed my high school diploma and had no problems entering college. I passed the years without suffering.

– More effort – father still he was not impressed by my results. – You can do better.

My father knew what was best for me

His demands were passed on to my friends. In high school, he was not interested in my personal life – According to him, if it does not interfere with my lessons. But when my boyfriend introduced me to him as an adult, he took me to a serious conversation.

– How often do you meet this Monica? He asked when he offered to come to Christmas.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, and then I thought. – About a year?

– But you don’t take it very seriously, do you?

– What do you mean? She is my lover!

“And I hope you stop there,” he said. – This is not the right game for you.

Wrong bunch ?! I was so surprised that I didn’t say anything. And onehis words made me think. I could not remain indifferent to what he said because I taught him to obey my father. They will startI looked at Monica, I was surprised, I thought. It didn’t look so perfect anymore. As a result, our relationship deteriorated.

No one else won my father’s heart. There is no other.

– Son, I’m not defending you to play and take the most beautiful girls in the world, he said. – Meet them, have fun, sleep. But remember, a good wife will not only love you but also support you in every way. Let him be rich too with some connections. You will not go far with girls like you. And you have a purpose in life, don’t you?

Then I had. I would be a director a serious computer company that I started working on while I was still in college.

“But this is my personal life,” I defended myself.

– You have to set the bar here as well. Don’t take the first one.

And I listened to him again. Immediately after graduating from high school, I met the daughter of a bank director. Not very pretty, but as a dowry he bought an apartment in Warsaw, a house in Masuria and a large bank account. It was enough to ignite my love …

Dorothy is a worthy, wise woman. He works at the university, which increases my reputation. Can cook. She shouldn’t try to maintain order, because we hire a cleaning lady. And he has time to take care of himself. And in fact, if it weren’t for two things, I could find my life perfect.

First, I’m tired of it. A wife with all her intellect is just gentle. He is devoid of laziness, sluggishness and spontaneity. Also in bed … Perfect for formal receptions, does not offer anything at home. About two years later, when I came home from work, I suddenly felt like I was in a hotel. Clean, quiet and cool.

And the second .. Well, it’s sad, but no matter how hard we try, we still don’t have children. And six years have passed since the wedding! We did a little research, everything is fine, but every month we experience another disappointment. Maybe that’s why and our gender is like our lives – not significant?

I think it was the boredom that made me look for impressions outside the house. At first, by chance, in one of the parties he told me from the girls that he would not object. And then it disappeared. I flatter myself that I don’t have to pay for sex. until we meet I just take women. I know them in clubs, taverns – to get away from the unusual, decent gray color that I buy every day wherever I go. And I have no regrets.

The wife is the wife, and all these adventures are temporary pleasures. He never knows I cheated on him. Anyway, I don’t do that; it’s just sex, no cheating. I try to be a good husband. Girls also know that there is nothing to rely on. And do not expect anything. Or so I thought until recently. Because it turned out that innocent adventures, like my casual acquaintances, have consequences.

I never knew this woman

Three weeks ago my secretary called and said a lady wanted to see me; waiting in the office. I didn’t meet anyone, but I also had a moment, so I asked. I was surprised to see a woman with a baby. My clients do not come to meet with children …

I said, “Good morning,” and pointed to the seat behind the table. She was very pretty, and that made me feel good about her. – What can I do for you?

“Don’t you know me?” He asked, tilting his head.

“Should I?” I was surprised and looked at him more closely.

No, I was sure I would remember her long hair, her tender smile and those eyes …

“I don’t know, maybe not.” He shrugged and put the baby carrier on the ground. Fortunately, the baby was asleep. “It was only one night,” he said.

– Listening? – I felt hot.

– One night. At the club – he mentioned his name here and I felt weak. club, where I am notorious! “You said you weren’t looking for love, it didn’t matter to me then.” I’m not easy, but I wanted to have fun that night. And I liked you very much. Therefore, I have no objections. We both wanted that.

– What happens? – I asked then I thought. – I do not understand why you came?

– When he realized I was “I’m pregnant, I’m angry,” he said, looking at me quietly.

I looked away. I wanted to run away from my room, but I couldn’t.

– I wanted to take it out, but I couldn’t. Then I thought I would find you. And I decided to stay that way when I gave birth. This is my baby, just my … I thought I could do it, but I couldn’t, he continued. – I don’t have a job, my deposit is over. I can, but the child should not be poor. So even though I didn’t like it, I came here.

– What are you talking about? I asked, sweating from my back.

“He is your son,” he said. “Michael, just like you.” She is four months old.

But it is not possible I stuttered and looked at the sleeping baby. – It doesn’t look like me at all!

– It’s hard to say at this age! He laughed. – But, of course, we can do tests. I’m sure of fatherhood, but understand your doubts.

“It’s impossible,” I repeated.

“Such things happen when two people have sex.” He looked at me with irony. – I do not want to take my money. But I have nothing to support the child.

I did not throw it I agreed to do the tests. I was sure he was just cunning; he will quit when he sees that it will not be easy for him with me. I was even amazed at how cool he was.

The results came a week ago. There is no doubt that Michal is my child. The son I’m waiting for, the crown moment of my life, the dot on the “and”, the fulfillment of everything I’ve got; pride and hope … But how can I tell this to my wife ?!

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