Grniak Dod, Sablewsk, Rusin donated cats. This is the beginning of the black list. Bad tendencies and dirty laundry are not enough

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Public laundry, mutual accusations, causes of concern and pins are pasted. Edyta Górniak is second to none when it comes to conflicts with other people from the local show business. He argued with so many people in the media that it is difficult to name them all. Let’s remember the most popular misunderstandings and diva scandals, both ending with a handshake and still unresolved.

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The verbal shootings that Edyta Górniak and Doda sympathized with us warmed the media for several years. The confrontation between the prominent figures of the Polish scene began in 2005 when Gorniak spoke quite indifferently about the 24-year-old singer on Cuba’s Wojewódzki program:

And have you seen what the trend is now? That identity is destroyed, ideology is added to impersonality. Look! Doda – a cow.

In the years that followed, both ladies pinned at every opportunity. Gorniak noted Doda’s bad words and bad repertoire, while Dorota accused the singer of frustration, childhood and not hitting for many years. When Rabczewska announced her divorce in 2021, Górniak expressed unexpected support, but it did not particularly improve their relationship.

Dorota Rabczewska KAPiF

Justyna Steczkowska

Justina Steczkowska and Edyta Górniak have been rumored not to love each other for years. The official confirmation came only after the fifth season of the Voice of Poland program, in which both divas played the role of coaches. When Steczkowska refused to appear on the next episode of the show, Gorniak commented on this fact in an interview with Super Express:

I do not regret that Justina will not be there. I try to choose pure relationships in my life, I am against intrigues. I try not to bully anyone.

We witnessed the last performance between the singers at the concert “Solidarity with Ukraine” organized by Polish Television and Karitas. Steczkowska later announced that, unlike other stars, he donated his entire salary to help war victims. For some time, the two women have been “liking” each other on Instagram.

Justyna SteczkowskaJustyna Steczkowska KAPiF


The conflict between Edyta Górniak and Paul is primarily due to the latter’s constant comparison with a more popular friend. Similarities were found both in the vocal conditions and in the style and appearance of both ladies. Gorniak Krzysztof tried to ignore this fact before the concert dedicated to the memory of Krawczyck. In an interview with the Jastrząb Post, Paul said he did not like Edyta Górniak’s performance due to the overly complicated interpretation. In response, Gorniak accused his friend of lacking the appropriate level of sensitivity, and he returned the ball, claiming that the divan’s morale was unscrupulous. Will the conflict finally be resolved? Rather suspicious.

PaulPaul KAPiF

Robert Gawliński Edyta GórniakGawliński crushed artists performing on Wiktorach. About Górniak? Oh, it hurts

Karolina Korvin Piotrovska

Another person on Edyta’s list of enemies is Carolina Corvin Piotrovska. The sharpest scandal among the ladies took place when the journalist commented on the holiday photo, in which the singer greeted “all the drag queens and gays of the world.” Korvin Piotrovska summed it up by ridiculing attachment to sexual minorities in order to maintain a rotten image. However, Gorniak’s response was extremely disgusting and uncivilized:

Carolina from Piotrkow is the so-called ugliest girl in the class. See how jealousy is ugly. Barren, without a wife, without children. He will never be an authority.

The case was close to court. There is no sign that the ladies will suddenly sympathize with each other.

Karolina Korvin PiotrovskaKarolina Korvin Piotrovska KAPiF


The sooner the argument with Cleo began, the sooner it ended. The bone of contention was the young singer’s participation in the program “The Voice Kids”, in which Edyta Górniak had to resign. The diva accused the singer of never hearing gratitude, she completely rejected Cleon, admitting that she regretted thanking him many times. The conflict did not have a chance to escalate, as both stars resolved the situation quickly.

CleoCleo KAPiF

Maryla Rodowicz

Edyta Górniak also has conflicts with our stage queen Maryla Rodowicz. In 2015, he was subjected to a controversial diva, claiming that his repertoire was highly undesirable, despite having the best voice in Poland. Although she said in the statement that she appreciated and liked the singer, the singer decided to answer such words as “not suitable for a lady” and return her to a deeper understanding of her work.

The old conflict has been revived due to the above-mentioned scandal over concert fees for Ukraine. During an Instagram post, Gorniak mentioned Maryla Rodowicz’s age, to which she replied:

I did not need to tell the public about it [mowa o oddawaniu gaży na cele charytatywne – przyp. red.]Just like my friends Justyna Steczkowska and Edyta Górniak, you may not have enough money for oscypek and mountain hearts.

Maryla RodowiczMaryla Rodowicz KAPiF

Yakub Żulczyk

Yakub Żulczyk was the target of the sofa while commenting on his unconditional performance of the song “Dziwny gest ten świat” at the concert organized by “Murem za Polyak uniforma” TVP station:

He sings about people with good intentions for Kurski, Morawiecki and Duda, who will change their socks and give thermos balloons to the Kurds and Syrians who died of the cold and give them to the filmed young men of the territorial defense forces. Turn Gorniak’s word to him – it’s a crime I’m not ready for and probably never will be.

In response, the singer sent a “light and prayer” to the journalist in a unique style to “restore values.” And in response to these words, Żulczyk, referring to Gorniak’s controversial views on medicine and other issues, wished him “health in the broadest sense.”

Yakub ŻulczykYakub Żulczyk Instagram @jakubzulczyk

Kinga Rusin, Edyta GórniakAt one time, they did not know what class and style were. Thank God, time has changed them


To the surprise of many in 2017, the world learned about the collaboration between Edyta Górniak and the controversial producer. Although working together on the song “Andromeda” resulted in a friendship between the two, during the festival at the Opole in 2018, Donatan definitely crossed the line of pleasure. While posing for photojournalists, he suddenly put his hand on the singer’s thigh. He slapped the musician, who has not yet apologized for his vulgar behavior.

DonatanDonatan KAPiF

Maja Sablewska

The two women crossed paths in 2010, when Maja Sablewska ended her collaboration with Doda and became the manager of Edyta Górniak. Everything looked perfect, and they had many common plans ahead of them. Unfortunately, the issue was broken by Edward Miszczak, who nominated Sablewskaya to be the chairman of the jury on the X-Factor program. From then on, the two ladies began to fall apart, and finally the stylist announced the end of his collaboration with the diva on the program “Dzień dobry TVN”:

I don’t feel very comfortable … I learned about Edita’s decision from the websites in the morning, she was unprofessional.

Mass washing of dirty laundry in the media did not take long. Gorniak accused the former manager of unprofessional behavior, professional negligence and even embezzlement. It was also reported that the court owed Sablewskaya 100,000 zlotys. Although many years have passed, relations between them remain tense.

Maja SablewskaMaja Sablewska KAPiF

King Rusin

The conflict with Kinga Rusin dates back many years. The journalist dared to ask the singer on the couch of the studio “Dzień dobry TVN” when she will get married. Edyta Górniak was extremely angry at this question, so the media for a long time wrote about the tense relations between women. However, a reconciliation took place on the set of “Agent – Stars”, in which Kinga Rusi appeared in the lead role and the singer participated. The ladies managed to bury the battle ax, and today they both claim to like each other very much.

King RusinKing Rusin KAPiF

Who do you think will join Edyta Gorniak’s blacklist next?

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