Dog migrants. Talk about how Poles adopted animals from Ukraine

Russia’s intervention in Ukraine has been going on for almost two months. During this time, millions of Ukrainians fled their homes. However, the fate of the refugees also fell on many animals. Belsat spoke to a Polish woman who received a dog that had been evacuated from bombed Kiev.

Animals are also victims of this war. Every day, new photos of people deporting a four-legged “family member” appear on social networks. Ukrainian soldiers who have liberated other places often show how they have been greeted by animals guarding their empty homes since their owners fled there.

There are also influential stories in the media about loyalty to animals in these darkest times. Its symbol is again a Japanese Akita dog. Loyal to Tokyo a hundred years ago Hachiko waited for his late master for ten years. More than a month in Makarow, near Kijów Rini waiting for his mistress, who was killed by Russian invaders, to return home. It is impossible to take an old dog down the stairs of a house fed by neighbors and volunteers.

However, for many animals, especially those in shelters and dog houses, war and occupation mean death. According to media reports, the Russians deliberately set fire to the buildings where they did not allow the caregivers to feed the animals or kept them. In many parts of the country, karma is also low.

Shelters and shelters decide to take their animals abroad to save them from such a fate. Since the beginning of the war, volunteers have been traveling to Ukraine to help evacuate pets from the most endangered areas.

Lori is a refugee dog

Carolina He is an employee of one of the museums in Warsaw. With him and the dog Lorim we met Lany on Monday in her hometown of Leipzig.

Carolina and Lori. Behind them is Lipsko on the border of Mazovia and Świętokrzyskie. 18.04.2022 Photo:

“Lori has been living with you ever since.” months, but for our interview, you decided to rest your pet after the evacuation and get used to you. Did you plan to adopt him or adopt a dog before you adopted him?

– I have been thinking of taking a dog from the shelter for many years, but in the end I could not decide. It’s funny, because exactly one month ago, when the day started, I thought that even if I couldn’t take a refugee to my apartment, a dog would fit next to me. And when I was at work, a friend wrote to me that there was a dog in need. He asked if I wanted to adopt a dog from a Ukrainian cat house that went to Poland. He added that this is a naked Mexican dog, only furry, he sent me this picture. I said okay.

Lori says she is waiting to be adopted. The interlocutor was provided by

– How did you know that you can adopt a dog refugee from Ukraine?

– My friend learned from a friend from Krakow who took a dog from the same vehicle. But how did he know, I have no idea.

– Who decided to whom the animals would go?

– That’s it Alisa, the owner of the house chose the guardians himself. He adapted his family to the character of a dog. For example, my brother ended up in a house with a child, a cat and another dog Lori He came to me because he did not cling to children and other animals, preferring to be alone.

Another friend had to buy a dog from him at first, but the owner said it was not suitable for a house with children. Finally, he adopted a very light and hairy woman. It looks like a coyote.

– Why does the owner of the kennel give breeding dogs for free?

“Alice really wants the animals to survive the war.” He wants to flee to Poland, but he can’t do it with the whole group. He will not leave them and no one will take a dog during the war. So she decided to give up the men and keep a few women to restore the livestock. I also think it gives funny pooches [nagie psy meksykańskie czasem nie są nagie – przyp. red.]and remains bald. Maybe they have more value, better genes.

Lori is a naked Mexican dog, but furry. Leipzig, 18.04.2022 Photo:

– Are these animals really endangered?

– When Lori came to me, there was a battle for the territories around Kiev. As far as I know, there was no fighting in the immediate vicinity of the breeding farm, but so far the city has been bombed. Only recently did Alice write that she was no longer afraid to go out.

However, the owner of the kennel is worried that the dogs may starve to death. He writes that dog food has already been purchased all over Kiev. For a while, her pets ate cat food, because that was the only thing she could get.

The owner of a zoo near Kharkov plans to kill the animals

– Is the adoption campaign carried out by any organization or is it a mass initiative?

– The initiative is completely bottom-up, because it is only about helping one woman. I had to contact the activity coordinator to adopt the dog. I learned from him that this is not an organization, only private people help a private person. A year ago, the coordinator himself bought a naked Mexican dog from Alice and now helps her. He started arranging transportation, and each time two dogs came from Kiev.

We also pay attention to the food of the dogs left behind. However, there was an unpleasant situation when a person who said he would buy karma and take it to Ukraine took the money and disappeared. It was later revealed that he had robbed many people and groups who trusted him and wanted to help him. Also, you should always check to whom the money is entrusted.

My schnauzer, whose new friend’s “nation” is not obvious, also went for an interview. Leipzig, 18.04.2022 Photo:

– As they said before our interview, now a person who could not disappear was engaged in the evacuation of dogs.

– Yes, a voice on the radio betrayed him – he once walked a dog Michał Miqala One-third. And as far as I know, he doesn’t do it for advertising.

– How did Lori come to you? Were there any formalities?

– After Alice chose me, the volunteers brought the dog to my apartment, and that’s it. There was no formality for the situation. I have not signed any contract. I have already started my dog ​​in Poland with a new book and chipped it. I was told that the Ukrainian vaccine is not accepted in Poland, so he was vaccinated against rabies.

– Do you plan to allow your dog to breed? After all, it is a representative of a rare breed, comes from a well-known breeding farm?

– I never thought about it, because I never planned to take a pedigree dog. For now, she lives with me, relieves stress and learns a new reality.

Carolina and dog Lori – refugees from Kiev. Leipzig, 18.04.2022 Photo:

If I were to multiply it, I would like to do it according to the rules. I know the dog is a pedigree because I found a tattoo on his groin to prove it. I also do not have all the documents. I only got his passport and a photo of the Oro Bello dog house registration certificate at the Ukrainian Kennel Club. But I didn’t get a health book or genealogy, it was probably hard to get out now.

– How was your dog when he came to you? Is there a trace of war after that?

He was physically fit, did not look thin and was not offended. For the first few days, however, he was terrified of planes and hung over the city as if something were flying. Although a month has passed since his arrival, he is still quick and cautious with new people. But I think that’s his character.

– Is there a language barrier between a Polish guard and a Ukrainian dog?

– Absolutely not, because it reacts to intonation rather than the content of words. I could call him a “soil builder,” and he would still react. The girl who coordinates the adoption says not to play with dogs in Ukrainian or Russian, because it does not make sense. The refugee dog will learn Polish commands over time anyway, so why are you delaying learning?

What did Lori’s adoption give you personally?

– Everything, my friend. He also allowed me to help him and Alice when they were really poor. Because helping refugees from Ukraine does not mean accepting people under your roof. You can also help them by making a donation. Or simply by adopting animals.

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