Cat outside? They want to ban it in this city

Although they are associated with cute, glittering creatures that occupy sofas and other spaces in our homes, cats are also major pests. This only applies to so-called stray cats (ie, left by their owners), but the losses to nature are still huge. At Interia ZIELONA, we have repeatedly raised this issue – the domestic cat is an attractive companion, but also a killer of biodiversity. Of course, cats are carnivores and predators by nature, and a global study published in March 2020 found that they killed 4 to 10 times more wildlife per hectare than comparable native predators.

“Forget the common argument that domestic cats play the same role in the ecosystem as natural, native predators,” he said. Arie TrouwborstAssociate Professor, Department of Environmental Law, Tilburg University.

For this reason domestic cats Listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as one of the 100 most invasive species in the world.

It is estimated that this is due to the activity of free-ranging cats in Australia 230 million small animals are killed every year hunted by these four-legged animals (birds, reptiles, mammals). Based on this information, the city of Fremanl, on the west coast of Australia, has banned domestic cats from living in green areas such as parks, beaches and golf courses. Owner of a pet caught in a prohibited area He must pay a $ 200 fine Australia (almost 600 zlotys).

Australian Fremantley members of parliament want to go one step further to protect the city’s biodiversity from cats. was invited to enter Cats are not allowed anywhere in the city. Under the new rules, cats are not allowed in any area of ​​the city. Therefore, we are talking about places such as roads, sidewalks, roadsides or parking lots. Additional rules should be applied to feral, stray cats.

When will the only exception be to a new law banning domestic cats from being outdoors? the owners will carry them by rope or they will be set free by their own schemes. It is a solution that invites other Australian cities to look after pets, encourages the construction of special podiums in the form of birdhouses, or provides a garden or terrace network. Such devices are becoming increasingly popular in Poland. A lot of information about this can be found on the Internet, where the owners Felis catus Discuss how to cover a balcony or area to keep cats safe.

Take care of your cat. Tetrapods have led to the extinction of dozens of species

Outwardly, cats are a danger not only to nature, but also to themselves. Veterinarians and behavioral experts generally recommend keeping pets at home and did not go out. Outside, a cat can be infected with a variety of diseases. They include:

  • FIV (Feline Immune Deficiency Virus, HIV equivalent),
  • FELV (cat leukemia),
  • FIP (cat infectious peritonitis),
  • FPV (feline panleukopenia) toxoplasmosis.

Outside cats are also at risk of being bitten by other animals, contact with parasites, poisoning, falling from heights, being hit by a car and other injuries.

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