Adam Małysz reacts to Joanna Szwab’s farewell letter

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Adam Małysz reacts to Joanna Szwab’s farewell letter

It’s been almost a month since the end of the winter skiing season, but the weather in Poland is still hot. Joanna Szwab’s farewell letter caused great confusion when it seemed that the storm had calmed down after hiring Thomas Turnbichler, who had already started working in Poland. The former jumper savagely settled his sports career, and the complaints, among others, went to Łukasz Kruczek. Not surprisingly, Adam Maisz reacted to his remarks as director of the Polish Ski Association.

The warm atmosphere around the men’s team with the departure of Michel Dolezal overshadowed the fact that the relations in the women’s team have been tense for a long time. Completely unsuccessful Olympic season, among others, increased the negative emotions heard about. Thanks to Kamila Carpiel. One of the team leaders, Lucas Kruczek, made no secret of his displeasure, and the dirty clothes coming from the locker room indicated a clear division of the team. The wall behind the coach, among others, with Nicole Conder, who owes a significant advance to the old male coach.

Thomas Thurnbichler did not hide anything! The new coach of the Polish athletes has announced a behind-the-scenes plan for talks with Małysz and the secretary.

A dramatic farewell letter from a Polish skier

However, Kruczek did not make any significant progress for Karpiel, Kinga Rajda and other talented competitors in the mixed competition context – especially after their promising performance at the 2019 World Championships in Seefeld. Meanwhile, on Monday, Joanna Szwab poured oil on the fire and published a farewell letter covering all the difficult situations since the end of her career.

You can see Kamil Stoch’s approach to religion in the gallery below:

Szvab decided to end his career shortly before the start of last season. It was only after the end of winter that he explained how long he had been suffering from bad emotions. However, this was not his first ski break! – I thought that skiing was forever for me, or at least as long as Daniel Irashko-Stolz. Although I heard at the age of 18 that I was much older and less promising than the PZN officials, I thought I could live as long as Noriaki Kasai. It was the spring of 2016. It was the first time I said goodbye to the hill – The 25-year-old admitted.

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Cruel settlement with Lukasz Kruczek

The 2019 Polish Champion did not give up and continued training, which led to his return to the national team. Lucas Kruczek appointed him to the team, and this was the beginning of the end of the jump. – Tears well up in my eyes as I think about it. Only now do I realize that I hated jumping for a new coach. I don’t want to think about them, I don’t want to see them with my own eyes. I wish I could cope with it. Lucas still thought I could do nothing but jump – Swab found.


Was Lukas Kruczek a good coach?

Although I felt different, I did not talk about it. Classes were light and forbade everything else: work, personal trips, the life of a young girl. I talked to him more with psychologist Basia. I will always thank him – honestly admitted his former rival from Chochołów. – I apologize to everyone who believes in me. Although I have to apologize to myself first. I will love them again. Once he finished his farewell letter.

Adam Małysz reacted to the farewell letter

His words were soon quoted by Adam Małysz, director of the Polish Ski Association’s Ski Jumping and Nordic Combinations. He was a guest on “Mission Sport” on “Przegląd Sportowy” and could not avoid the hot topic.

Adam Małysz answers Kamil Stoch openly. It’s hot! “I don’t know where he got it from”

I learned about what happened in the framework from the media or only now, after the season, when I had the opportunity to have a candid conversation with Lucas Kruczek and his assistant Marcin Bachleda. In particular, during the conversation with Marcin, there were some things that I felt sorry for him, because if that really happened, he could have said it earlier. He also contributed to everything that happened said Orzełz Wisla.

Michael Doleżal is about to say goodbye to the jumpers team

There had to be more to play there. It wasn’t just Lucas’ fault. Of course, I do not want to defend it, but I think it did not work – PZN director added. There is a lot of talk about leaving Kruczek, and Małysz’s words confirm that. – To this day, we know that there will be no female staff. Zakopane and Beskidy parts will be built. And according to the results and instructions, they will be eligible to participate in the competition – The legendary jumper finished. The national teams for the 2022/23 season will be announced on April 20, and then the future of women’s skiing in Poland will be officially announced.

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