What is a VPN, how does it work and why? Better free or paid VPN?

VPN means “Virtual Private Network”, ie Virtual Private Network. The word personal is not accidental here, because the VPN guarantees it at the same time Safe use of the Internet. Thanks to a special technology, the user connects to the network through an encrypted “tunnel”, a VPN blocks transmitted data, real IP address and user location.

VPN isThe “tunnel” between the user and the VPN server and the Internet is there only available to users of this network. Therefore, VPN guarantees easy exchange of documents, files or attachments that no one can use. When checking emails or entering passwords, the risk of someone stealing your information is negligible. Therefore, it has gained popularity among companies, organizations and home users.

For personal VPN operationis important user device, VPN client and server and in an understandable way Internet connection. This is the first step in the operation of a VPN Device connection to VPN server. The connection has already been encrypted during this period. This is also the “tunnel” moment of the Internet provider no one else can see our IP address.

This is the first step in the work of a VPN.

The second is to create a personal network connection to the Internet, which is the responsibility of the VPN server. It has its own IP address, thanks to which it “presents” on the network, and this address is visible, not the user. The VPN address is the user IDand the content sent through the “tunnel” is invisible to others and the user can use the Internet anonymously.

This change of the user’s IP address to a VPN IP address guarantees security. The user can connect to the VPN from Krakowand its IP address would be, for example, Italy. VPN uses AES-based algorithms for encryption, including Used by the US military, banks and government agencies. Network providers usually use password length 256 bitsthis means that the number of possible compounds is 2²⁵⁶.

In addition to the security provided by the VPN, the private network offers many features. One of them access to company fileswhen performing employee duties remotely or during a business trip. IP address masking by VPN allows you to work peacefully and exchange business information from virtually anywhere. With encrypted VPN operations, you have some protection against hackers and cybercriminals.

VPNs are also used to access the Internet in countries where they are censored. You can choose China or Russia by setting your country as the location Move the limits predominates in these countries. Not surprisingly From the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine the occupying citizens began to install VPNs en masse. You can do it with a private network check messages or use blocked social media.

When we are not connected to a private network, our place seems to be for corporations and concerns. Depending on where we are, they are often shown to users more expensive services and products. This is the case, for example, in large cities. Thanks to a VPN that does not show our location, you can buy some products cheaper.

This also applies to air ticketswhich of the weaker economies can be obtained cheaper. The ability to change your location with a VPN also allows you introduction to the premieres of movies and serieswill later appear in Poland. by accessing popular websites such as Netflix or HBO Max You can watch the desired productions from the country of your choice faster without waiting.

To use a VPN, you just need to install the appropriate software On your PC, Mac or mobile device. You must do so after logging in select the server where you want it to be “actually”.

Which is the best VPN services? Of course, those who guarantee maximum security, so it can be assumed The more expensive a VPN, the more protected we are.

Unfortunately, as the example shows in 2019, there is no absolute certainty NordVPNis one of the popular VPN providers one of the servers is broken. However, VPN ratings start with NordVPN.

  • NordVPN has the highest ratings for most faster data encryption than competitors.
  • This time another paid VPN The best for families is Surfshark. This will work with a large family, as Surfshark allows you to connect to an unlimited number of people at the same time at a good speed.
  • ExpressVPN is the best VPN for playersAvailable in 93 countries.
  • Down CyberGhost is the recommended VPN for streamingprovides unlimited access to streaming platforms.

Free VPNworth choosing Atlas VPNallows use an unlimited number of simultaneous connections and allows you to use any amount of information.

Free VPN to hide your IP address Chrome offers With ZenMate Free VPN plugin. This guarantees complete protection against leaks and ensures your online activity. A similar function Mozilla VPN extension for Firefox.

You need to be careful when choosing a free VPN. This is because some free services force users to share IP addresses. As a result someone can use our address. That’s not all, because free VPNs often come from the country where they are jurisdiction allows us to pass information to a spy agencyif required by the government.

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