What influences the placement of the website?

What affects the position of the page in search results?

No matter what industry you operate in, what you sell and what services you offer, the company’s website has become a necessity. However, just owning it is not synonymous with gaining customers. It turns out that the key to success website hosting.

Behind this term are all the practices that allow a website to rank higher in organic (free) search results for specific keywords. This is not a one-time, but a long process, the effects of which are measurable and lasting. With proper optimization of the company’s website, you can get better visibility on the Internet.
Why is it worth being high on Google? First of all, because it is the most popular information retrieval tool used by both content-consuming users and online entrepreneurs. Search engine robots evaluate the value of a website and decide which website will be at the top of the rankings. Remember that the higher the position of the website, the better the brand recognition.

Analyzing, sorting and evaluating websites is the main goal of Google algorithms. The task before them is not easy – there are many addresses for each user request, which must be correctly classified according to many ranking factors. Therefore, effective hosting requires the website to adapt to ever-changing search engine rules.

Website placement – key Google ranking factors

Thanks to the high position of the site in the search engine, you can reach customers when they are looking for products and services offered by your company. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of placement over other forms of internet marketing. But keep in mind that only a high-quality website that meets Google’s strict requirements and user expectations can be in the Top 10.

So what factors influence a website’s position in search results?

1. On-site ranking factors
We have long known that Google robots only place valuable websites in the top 10 for users. Most Internet users choose this search engine because the returned search results give them exactly what they are looking for. To get a higher position, you need to start optimizing your website from the elements on the website – including. from the ones listed below.
• Key words
Google’s algorithms search for pages that best match user queries, so it’s important to choose the right phrases for the topic of your website. Keywords should be included in headlines, headlines, descriptions, articles, or metadata.
• Unique and valuable content
The key to a website’s success in search engines is high quality texts for SEO. To be high on Google, you need to write meaningful, relevant, and comprehensive articles. One of the most important factors today is the EAT, which defines three indicators of effective content: authority, experience and reliability. This means that your content should be based on professional knowledge and proven sources, which will inspire the trust of users and search engines.
• Basic Web Vitalies
Another very important ranking factor is Core Web Vitals. The new algorithm focuses on three aspects of the user experience on a website: downloadability, interactivity, and visual stability. As you can see, Google pays more attention to the so-called User Experience. To put it simply, the more friendly a website is to Internet users, the more robots value it.
• Metadata
Properly optimized metadata, ie meta title and meta description, also have a significant impact on website placement. It is up to the user to decide whether to use the website or not. It should be noted that the name of your website that appears in search results is one of the most important ranking factors.
• h1-h3 headers
Proper heading structure makes it easier for the reader to accept and navigate the text. However, not only that! Headings from h1 to h3 (containing keywords) make it easier for Google robots to understand the hierarchy of published content.
• Internal switch
Using built-in links makes it easy to navigate the page comfortably and correctly. As you can see, this kind of connection is also important in terms of website optimization – however, it requires attention to the right anchors. Links help users and robots access all content.
• Page loading speed
To determine the location of the page in the search results, Google also takes into account its download speed. Verified based on file size and website code. Keep in mind that a website that takes a long time to download will have a higher bounce rate.
• Mobility
Adapting a website to all devices, including smartphones, is one of the most important SEO activities. According to the idea of ​​Mobile-First Index, bots first rate the website according to its mobile version. Thanks to RWD technology, you can ensure the accuracy and functionality of the site.
• SSL security certificate
Although it is difficult to assess the extent to which a website’s security affects its position on Google, it has long been said that search engines prefer pages with an applied SSL certificate. Importantly, this network protocol also increases the credibility of the website in the eyes of users.
As part of the fight for a higher position on Google, also focus on website usage, intuitive menus, structured information (elements embedded in the code), and optimization of the sitemap, URLs, graphics, and visual content.

2. Off-site ranking factors
You can also compete for a position in the search results through activities outside the company’s website. As you can see, the most important ranking factor next to high-quality content is link building, ie building a link profile. Valuable and various external links increase the credibility of the website and thus its visibility on Google.
In the case of external communication, the quality is important, not the number of connections obtained. The following are the places where you can get valuable links:
• company catalogs,
• sponsored articles,
• Social Media,
• thematic websites,
• Internet forums.

When creating a link profile, you should pay attention to the value, content and updates of the links, as well as the authority of the website. It should also be noted that the company’s presence on social media indirectly affects the position of the site. There you can promote and link directly to your products, services or the latest entries on the site.

I wonder what else influences the placement? As you can see, the search engine pays great attention to the age of the domain and the registration period. Google generally relies more on long-standing addresses. The same thing happens when you pay for a domain a few years ago – a signal that the website is valuable and will not end soon.

What determines the location of a website in a search engine? Summary

It takes time and expert knowledge to pay attention to all of the above ranking factors. In addition, the algorithms are constantly updated, so the instructions and requirements of the search engine are constantly changing, so you should always be aware of updates.
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