We know which smartphones in Poland offer the fastest internet [TOP5]

Ookla’s Speedtest service yesterday published the Speedtest Global Index ranking, which allows us to check internet speeds in 44 countries around the world, including Poland. It is interesting because it provides average speed and therefore more reliable and realistic data without excessive values ​​that distort the results.

The general data show how the average results differ from the median, so the average speed of data downloads on Polish mobile networks was 57.86 Mb / s, sent 12.87 Mb / s, and the average delay was 31 ms.

On the other hand, in the media, these data were 40.14 Mb / s, 9.20 Mb / s and 27 ms, respectively.

The fastest mobile networks in Poland – the 1st quarter of 2022

Now let’s look at the detailed medians of these velocities. We start with the operators in Poland, whose results for the first quarter of this year are as follows.

Operator Uploaded data rate (Mb / s) – median
T-Mobile 43.74
Orange 42.86
To play 35.84
in addition 28.10

The highest average speed with downloaded data was achieved by T-Mobile in Poland – 43.74 Mbps, Orange showed a slightly worse result, while Play and Plus lagged far behind. While the delays were media, Orange switched locations with T-Mobile.

Operator Delays (ms) – median
Orange 22
T-Mobile 26
To play 27
in addition 31

However, the situation is different in the speeds achieved in the range of the new generation 5G network. Here Plus 167.37 Mb / s is far from competing with the median speed of the downloaded data, which is 100 Mb / s faster than the second at Orange. T-Mobile closes the podium at a slightly lower speed, while Play is in fourth place with a result of 59.25 Mb / s.

Operator Uploaded data rate (Mb / s) 5G – median
in addition 167.37
Orange 65.68
T-Mobile 63.12
To play 59.25

These results should not come as a surprise, Plus, as the only operator, has allocated a separate 2600 MHz band in TDD technology for 5G users without sharing with LTE users, and Orange, Play and T-Mobile have launched 5G access on their networks. 2100 MHz band, using the technology of dynamic sharing of this band by users of 4G and 5G networks – Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS).

However, the most interesting and useful is the Sequence Account, which shows how many percent of the tests end with a result of not less than 5 Mb / s for downloaded data and 1 Mb / s for sent data – ie the absolute minimum for use. including watching a movie.

Operator Sustainability Account
T-Mobile 90.9%
Orange 87.1%
To play 78.6%
in addition 74.8%

T-Mobile was the best here, with Orange taking second place with more than 90% of such tests, Play third and Plus shares closing – every fourth trial ended with a worse result than the operator could afford. given minimum.

The fastest smartphones in Poland

We are going to the devices themselves, Apple smartphones dominate in their TOP5 rating, but the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone was the fastest.

Smartphone model Producer Uploaded data rate (Mb / s) – median Speed ​​of transmitted data (Mb / s) – median Delay – median
Galaxy S22 Ultra Samsung 76.48 14.74 25
iPhone 13 mini alma 75.64 11.01 25
iPhone 13 Pro Max alma 75.49 12.25 25
Redmi K40 5G Xiaomi 74.40 13.17 27
iPhone 13 Pro alma 72.97 11.27 25

Considering all the smartphones from the given manufacturers, Apple devices are the fastest, we still have Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei.

Producer Uploaded data rate (Mb / s) – median Speed ​​of transmitted data (Mb / s) – median Delay – median
alma 48.47 9.05 27
Samsung 39.95 8.55 26
Hiaomi 31.60 7.83 27
Huawei 28.43 7.26 25

When it comes to processors, smartphone owners with Quad and Snapdragon can use the fastest internet.

Processor Producer Uploaded data rate (Mb / s) – median Speed ​​of transmitted data (Mb / s) – median Delay – median
Exynos 2200 Samsung 76.69 15.17 25
Snapdragon X60 5G Qualcomm 73.26 11.50 25
Snapdragon 870 5G Qualcomm 70.18 12.32 27
Snapdragon 888 5G Qualcomm 65.68 11.77 26
Snapdragon X55 5G Qualcomm 64.88 10.86 27

Finally, let’s take a look at the Polish cities with the highest average speeds in the downloaded data.

place City Uploaded data rate (Mb / s) – median Speed ​​of transmitted data (Mb / s) – median Delay – median
1 Lodz 47.86 11.62 22
2 Poznan 43.38 10.23 22
3 Krakow 41.99 9.84 28
4 Warsaw 41.26 10.76 22
5 Vroslav 40.70 9.92 24

Lodz is the winner here, Poznan is in second place, and Krakow closes the podium.

Source: Speedtest by Ookla
Stock image Depositphotos.

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